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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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I wouldn't look too far into anything on that website. It seems like Six Flags has decided to make updates to their Holiday in the Park websites while the sites are live which is why Six Flags Great America seems to have a random combination of Six Flags New England rides and Six Flags America text and Six Flags New England seems to be promoting Fright Fest shows for Christmas.


I mean... I fully expect the frisbee to be added, but don't take that website as confirmation of anything. It's a CMS and they clearly just overwrite things completely.

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Glad to see Harley Quinn added.


Scrambler is pretty far down the North End. Maybe they can add Pandemonium too since it'd be perfect for families. My pipe dream is Wicked Cyclone but tgat would be getting greedy.


Oh please oh please add WC.....I get they need to control overhead and can’t open too much park but still....hopefully if HITP continues to succeed here they can get Supe open too.....if this December is more “normal” than it was last year it should be more comfortable more of the month....last years freezer box was a bit anamolous for December

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^Yesterday when I was at the park I asked about WC for HiTP. I was told that they aren’t ready to release any info yet but did confirm that more rides will be added this year. Interesting fact. They are using the old Sky Way building for doing all of the FF makeup.

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I was told that they aren’t ready to release any info yet but did confirm that more rides will be added this year.


That could easily mean the teacups and the Frisbee. Nobody should read too far into it.


Totally agree but I do think it’s expanding beyond those two particular rides which are natural fits based on their locations. Could easily have just said no if it was totally out of the equation. No confirmation officially though just speculation.

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Crime Wave is fully taken apart and listed as temporarily unavailable.




Meanwhile Goliath is listed as down for an extended rehab even though it reopened later in the day when temps hit above 50 degrees.




Overall it was a nice final day of Fright Fest and just found the signage funny.

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I was going to go yesterday since I was back in the area to work at MGM Springfield, the park's original hours were posted from 12:00PM to 11:00PM.

But mother nature had other plans, the hours were changed to 5:00PM to 11:00PM, I figured none of the rides would open and it would only be Fright Fest stuff.


I decided to go to a Springfield Thunderbirds Hockey Game instead, I am glad I did, because the park closed at 9:00PM.


Short ops day for SFNE yesterday!


Oh well, next time!!

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All the other New England parks didn't even bother opening with that forecast. I'm honestly surprised SFNE even opened.


^Lol @ "this ride will reopen later today/tomorrow"


The same thing was posted at Kryptonite Kollider which is also dismantled.



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All adult coasters are listed as "Closed for the Season" on the website aside from Batman, Fireball, Flashback, Joker, Riddler Revenge and Thunderbolt so it appears that the Holiday in the Park ride lineup is the same as last year plus the teacups, slingshot and the new Frisbee.

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All adult coasters are listed as "Closed for the Season" on the website aside from Batman, Fireball, Flashback, Joker, Riddler Revenge and Thunderbolt so it appears that the Holiday in the Park ride lineup is the same as last year plus the teacups, slingshot and the new Frisbee.


Harley Quinn? Still....I look forward to riding Batman multiple times in a row like last year when the crowd on those 25 degree nights was nada.......so fun......I will definitely add Joker and Riddler to my winter list this year as last year for whatever reason I didn't venture on to these.....I'll stay away from HQ cuz honestly that thing scares the SOOM......same reason I won't attempt Sky Screamer......who knows......I do love Scream though and hopefully this HITP Thunderbolt will stall on the lift hill like it did last December......adds a bit of intrigue to the ride......they said it does that in cold temps lol

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Last year we had three straight weeks where the temperatures didn't go above 20 degrees at all. Mind Eraser/Riddler showed everyone it's the lone survivor and won't go down even in those conditions.


ol reliable Vekoma! Hopefully they add more heaters this year to the other rides

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I heard Pandemonium got heaters added as well.


And according to the upcoming town agenda meeting, it looks like Hurricane Harbor is also getting a new attraction. I'm hoping for a mat racer slide. It's one of the few main slide types they're missing and it's a high capacity ride.


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I think the park was open today.....solid showing by only New England Six Flags park to start 2018 HITP where 2017 HITP left off....COLD AF.....looks to warm up next week after deluge overnight tomorrow.....hope to get up there tomorrow or Sunday.....

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This was opening weekend for SFNE’s 2nd annual HiTP event. Like last year the park looks awesome. Same basic setup but even more lights and decorations have been added. Harley Quinn and the Teacups are new ride additions. Even though it wasn’t included in the ride list Flashback was also running. There was a pretty good crowd but it was funny to see longer lines on the kiddie rides compared to some coasters. SF is doing a good job with attracting families with younger kids to HiTP for sure.


The park is selling a ton of the hot chocolate / coffee souvenir mugs. As we walked around it seemed like more people had them compared to those that didn’t. I bought one and with the 50% DE discount it was only $5. It’s also a good travel mug so not a bad deal at all. Tree lighting ceremony was the same and people packed in to watch it. Nothing officially announced yet but Panda Express has been removed. Maybe we’ll be seeing a Chop Six like some of the other parks next year. Before leaving we checked out the Frost show. Although it has the same name multiple sections of the show have been updated this year. I enjoyed it last time and thought this year was even a bit better.


Overall we had a great time and will be heading back again to get a few more rides in before Jan. 1st. Hopefully the weather holds out so that HiTP will be a success for SFNE and they continue to grow the event.


Here’s a few pics.


Would love to see the coaster behind it added to HiTP in the future.




A few pics from Frost.


Goodbye Pandy Express!



Thanks SFNE for another great Holiday In The Park!


Some real snow still hanging around from last week’s storm.


Not Harley Quinn.


Houdini looking good.


The unofficial HiTP coaster Flashback in action.


The tree is lit!





Our favorite flat in the park. Hi Harley!


New present light structure this year.



Welcome to HiTP 2018!


Light canopy as you walk down into the park.


I got mine.


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