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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Quick TR.....we did water first today arriving around 12:30....temp was struggling to get 80 and pretty dry so the crowd was pleasantly light....spent 4.5 hrs riding whatever we wanted....refreshing....


Then left water and changed and headed for some rides....Superman is still running red train only....such a bummer....crowd was noticeably increased since when we entered....but my sweet ass passes I secured earlier trips combined with my diamond elite skip the line passes served us well to get on supe.....they were turning fools away at the locker room but we showed our passes and they let us by....waited 4 cycles and boarded car 5 front row....easily the best ride I’ve had this season on Supe....floater was tremendous and the ejector on hill 3 was amazing as usual....running great


Headed over to WC as my 8-yr old decided this was his man up trip.....he’s been eligible for WC since last year but today he finally was ready....used sweet skip the line passes to skip the 1 hour line and boarded in 15 min....not gonna lie - even with the seat belt and the restraint all the way down I still felt like it wasn’t enough....we departed the station and headed up the hill....he was nervous but as we rolled over the hill and gently fell into the drop and first overbank he was already screaming “Ahhhhhh I love this ride!!!!!”.....luckily the slow mo barrel rolls didn’t deposit him on the ground below lol.....he came off loving it


Then we left and found Goliath stuck like A truck in the muck.....lol

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Quick update on Superman.


Due to the one train operations, they have a sign out saying they're requiring a boarding pass to enter the line. It's not super crowded yet, so they aren't handing them out yet.


The blue train is currently sitting on the brake run. Not sure if that's where it has been the past few weeks or if that's recent.


Edit- They're now handing out boarding passes.


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  • 2 weeks later...
Anyone going to be at the park this Saturday?


Actually a very good weekend to go to the park with the Big E in town. You should have it to yourself. Just be warned that traffic will be absolutely horrendous all around the area.

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Hey everyone! So I’m in Springfield Mass. for the last night so I have some time to post my review about Six Flags New England. First off, I have to say, this park is beautiful and kept up really well. Sure it’s the oldest park in the chain, but it is maintained really well and every restroom that I want to was very clean.


Since The Big E was in town, crowds Saturday were very light until about 6pm when Fright Fest Started. With that being said, I was able to smash out the entire park within the first 3 hours and the park was open form 12pm to 10pm Saturday.


For the coasters:

Superman The Ride: I found this ride amazing, I can see why it consistently competed with Millennium Force for the Number One Steel Coaster on the planet. It would have beat out Millennium Force for me had it not been for the trains. The restraints rest on your legs in a weird way so a couple of the airtime hills are a bit painful. Had it had the T-Bar Restraints this would be my number one steel coaster. Also, Superman was still down to one train operations, the blue train was still sitting on the transfer track. Later in the afternoon, they started giving return boarding passes and I waited for about 35 minutes for my last ride of the day. Overall Superman is the best ride in the park.


Wicked Cyclone: what can I say RMC has done it again. This is a solid super fun coaster and a non stop airtime machine. Second best ride in the park in my opinion.


Pandemonium: awesome spinner not too much to say here.


Flashback: Boomerang, need I say more? Funny though, this was the only ride to break down on Saturday, the train skipped a chain dog and got stuck on the second lift, ride was only closed for about 20 minutes.


Goliath: I personally called the ride Goliájà Vu since it was Déjà Vu From Six Flags Magic Mountain. Personally I miss this ride at SFMM but glad they got it up and running this season. Goliath had no downtime on Saturday and consistently ran, the ride was a walk on most of the day. Now, the coaster has new trains from Premier and honestly I had no issues with them. I sat in the back row and I noticed the train completely hugs the track now, there are no gaps between the track and the upstop wheels anymore, no jackhammering! I ended up riding it a few times Saturday.


Thunderbolt: The park’s oldest coaster and a classic. Just a fun figure 8 woodie!


Riddler Revenge: standard Vekoma SLC, vest restraints for the win!


Joker: S&S 4D Free Spin- awesome ride, always get off laughing, one thing I noticed is that where are no fins that intentionally spin the cars, you are truly free spinning on this ride.


Batman: The Dark Knight: surprise of the day for me! Fantastic B&M flourless coaster, snappy quick transitions and a compact layout. It may be my favorite floorless coaster out there.


Catwoman Whip: reminded me of jaguar because of the long trains.


Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape from Arkham Aslyum: seriously one of the longest ride names out there! Run of the mill wild mouse, fun but a little rough for my liking.


Harley Quinn Spinsanity: Fantastic Zamperla giant frisbee! Super intense, long cycle and just plain fun!


New England SkyScreamer: Fantastic Star Flyer!


I know I rode more rides but these are the ones the stuck out in my head.


Was there by myself and had a fantastic day! If you’re in the area I recommend visiting! Now onto the photos! (In no particular order)


Superman, only running one train, but certainly the best ride in the park!




Goliath with SkyScreamer in the background


No one has ever taken a photo from this location!


Better with riders!



Goliath testing, this is a good sign!



Batman, surprise of my visit!






Goliath’s loading platform. Note, there are still loading gates for the old trains that had to v-shaped seating configuration. They just welded a railing in front of those rows.




My favorite photo of the day!



I noticed they covered the row where the audio equipment used to be for Bizarro, I wish they would put a row of seats here, same with Apocalypse at SFMM


Hey is that spider on Wicked Cyclone the one from SFMM? We haven’t see the spider on Colossus since the RMC conversion!

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Wait.....are you saying the train is different this season? Now that they have it running? It’s been down pretty much the whole season....I had ridden it once a couple seasons ago and have avoided it cuz the ride was so head jarring....I sat in last car.....I mean inseriously walked off the thing with a headache and that normally doesn’t happen to me....I have a decent tolerance for coaster shakes....anyway nice report....we haven’t gone up in a few weeks and need to get back during fright fest before the real cold stuff sets in and we have to wear ski clothes during HITP.....lolz

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Hi nice report. glad you enjoyed the park. I was there as well on Saturday. Yea when fright fest started the crowds were there. The food lines for dinner and late snacks were busy. It was busier during the Big E then previous years.


I also didn't realize they fixed the train on Goliath. I rode it a few years ago and it was very jarring and gave me a bad headache. I might have to try it again. I liked the original trains a lot. It ran smooth back then.


I have been going to this park for over 45 years as it has changed owners. I have to say they are doing a good job with keeping it up. The one set of bathrooms that was a problem by Take 6 are awesome now since renovation.


My family's one big complaint too on Superman is those darn restraints on the leg. Those bars hurt on the side of your knee. I would love Millennium's trains on this ride. I remember when they were not like that. It changed after several people were seen putting their legs out the side years back.


We enjoyed the outside buffet across from J B's. They are not sure how much longer it will be out because of the cold. Take 6 has really good wraps and I like Macho Nacho here better then SF Great Adventure.


Actually Scream is one of my favorite drop towers for air time if you get the shooting one. Overall it is nice to have this park close to my home and we go usually a couple of times a month.

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Nothing has changed with Goliath, it is still the same garbage ride it has been since 2014. The train jackhammers in every section that goes fast and the cobra roll bangs your head around. The only somewhat enjoyable sections are the spikes. I rode twice on Sunday and the ride is still trash.

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Goliath with it's new train ranges from "actually not terrible" to a jackhammering shitpile from row to row and seat to seat. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. There have been plenty of times where I rode with Brit and we both had wildly different experiences even though we were in the same row.


It's a shame, with it's old train it was an awesome ride.

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Ah yes, I didn't mention Scream, two towers operated Saturday, the original Turbo Drop only tower was running and the second tower was in combo mode until the afternoon then it was just a Space Shot. I still prefer the first generation space shots over any of the S&S Shot Towers.


Bummer with Goliath, I rode 4 times on Saturday and had no issues with it at all, must have been lucky!


I also have a feeling that the park got busy as The Big E had the highest attendance in record that day. For a single day Saturday saw 172,659 guests. That is insane!

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What is The Big E? I have never heard of it until reading posts on this forum thread.


I posted a TR of the Big E back in 2016. It's New England's largest carnival. This year they had 4.5 credits (depends if you count a gravity driven dark ride as a coaster), a drop tower, and some crazy inverting rides. Beyond that, they have vendors, parades, shows, music, and food. If it can be deep fried, you can find it there. Some of the oddest foods included deep fried shepherd's pie, deep fried Kool Aid, and a BBQ brisket sundae.


Big E

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Lol the Big E.....we went once.....gonna head up to SFNE tomorrow....haven’t been in a few weeks....kids were itching for rides on Wicked Cyclone and Supe.....gonna have to go early - like opening to 6 - cuz the kiddos hate FF....couple years ago we were late getting out of the park by like 5 min and I had to carry my then 9 yr old the whole way out of the park.....if you don’t know the exit is all uphill.....she’s not over it lol

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