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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Time for the Haunted Houses!


First house of the night was Midnight Mansion. Guests are invited to celebrate the life, and death, of the murdered owner


After being welcomed into the house you are asked to pay your respects to the gracious host


After a brief stint inside, we make a visit to the backyard. Those shovels are loud on the pavement!!


Pick a door, any door. 13131313


Nice stuffed animal collection you have there. Neon and blacklights are put to good use here and in Slasher Circus


I've stabbed myself and I can't get up


Me: "What's on the menu tonight?" Butcher: "You!"


He hasn't washed his hair in two weeks, dedicated to the cause of scaring guests!


Back at Rivers Edge Picnic Area for the newest haunted house, Psycho-Path Haunted Asylum. Guests are grouped up into parties and travel through the house with a smart flashlight and a rope. The flashlight switches modes depending on the part of the house guests are in


Unsure if the medicine administered or the strobe light gave this haunt their siezure


Shhhhh just sleep, it will all be okay


I believe this clown received that lovely facial reconstruction right next door from the Haunted Asylum's Doctor


Like in the Midnight Mansion, Slasher Circus has an introduction portion of the house to prepare you for the horrors within


Would you like to play a game?


All of the sets and lights within this house are designed to disorient and confuse! This clown has a green light that, combined with the 3D glasses, will obscure your vision as you search frantically for the exit


Did you bring your hiking boots? Too bad solider, you've got a zombie problem to take care of!


The Aftermath takes you through the woods on property at SFNE. This and the Wicked Woods were fan favorites with everyone we spoke to


While this trail map is posted it won't help you fend off the zombies


"I'm here to help make sure you make it through these woods alive"


"mmhh redneck brains" welp there goes our guide


No need to break trail or set up camp, its already been done! Nothing but five star service at Camp Killya


Officer Smokey the Bear here to say "If you see green goo, don't drink it. It'll turn you into a zombie."


Plenty to see outside in the woods


Fog is put to good use as there may or may not be something hiding within this tunnel


Wicked Woods is the only haunted house that has a sponsor. I will leave this house unspoiled as there are certain elements and surprises that you have to experience in person!

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Trip Report Write Up


My friend and I arrived at the park just before 3 pm on Sunday afternoon. Fall is finally here in New England and it was a beautifully clear day with a high of 66. We parked at the preferred lot by the entrance and then checked-in and received our "VIP Guest" badges.


Now prior to this trip I have only been to Six Flags New England once, back in September 2013. Then Superman was still Bizarro and Cyclone was yet to become Wicked. Besides SFNE, I have only been to two other Six Flags parks although they are no longer owned by Six Flags (Darien Lake and Elitch Gardens). Like most, I'm a big fan of Disney. (Land>>>>World ).


Entering the park was a breeze as it was mid-afternoon and we were greeting by the carousel and an arch letting us know we were passing into the "Graveyard." From here and throughout the park there are the usual Halloween decorations, including carved pumpkins, gravestones, headless hunch-men, cobwebs (both real and fake), coffins, zombies, fog machines, bloodied trucks, animated ghoulish looking things and more. Since most of the fun wasn't starting until 6 pm, we headed to Wicked Cyclone to get some rides in.


Thanks to the VIP badges we had, we were able to walk right up to the exit gate of each ride and got to choose our seats. This treatment was the best at WC because the attendants let us on the next empty train. While Wicked Cyclone is not the tallest or the fastest of RMC's installations, it is still an incredibly fun roller coaster. To be clear, besides that one time I was standing outside of Neiman Marcus on the edge of a Texas Quarry to catch of glimpse of red topper tracks under construction, this is my first time up close and personal with a RMC machine. During our six hours at the park we rode WC four times, once in the front row and three times in the back. I preferred the back for as soon as you crest the lift to the brake run you are floating between your harness and your seat. The hangtime on these barrel rolls are unreal, the pop that first drop gives you in the back is impressive and the smoothness of the whole experience is only matched (again in my experience) by a B&M.


We then moved to ride Thunderbolt, if only out of respect for history. Its almost as slow to load each train as Superman with VR and is more bumpy than trying to ride a unicycle over cobblestones. But it is the oldest roller coaster on Six Flags property so it is worth a ride.


We then headed down to the river to ride Superman and attempt to figure out the hype surrounding Virtual Reality on a roller coaster. Personally, I was very skeptical of the benefit wearing a headset while riding a roller coaster. I do have some experience with this technology as I "own" google cardboard and I have demo'd both of the high end headsets on the market, the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Those expensive headsets are very cool, and while the cell phone VR headsets do mimic this experience it is limited in its quality.


First we got a baseline for the ride by going without the headsets. Thanks again to the VIP badge, we only waited two minutes before taking our seats. Everyone else waited upwards of an hour and a half and the queue was rather empty. This ride is great, and the beautiful views it offers of Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut really add to it all.


Superman VR uses a Samsung Galaxy S6 as its screen and when we rode with VR it took over five minutes to load the whole train with only half of the train taking headsets. Both my friend and I experience blurriness, even after adjusting the lenses. In the row behind us, the couple who waited in the regular line actually returned their headsets due to their perception of the quality. The blurriness ended up being a minor issue for me, as I found when the ride was in motion and I was moving my head the image was mostly clear. Speaking of the movement, it is very smooth and tracks your head very closely even as the train is flying down the track. VR is honestly a lot of fun to experience while riding a world class coaster. I sat with the headset on for five minutes and practically forgot where I was sitting by the time the train started up the lift hill. I knew in my head what to expect in terms of the forces of the ride, but with the surreal action in front of my eyes really distracts from that knowledge leaving it to become a surprise. I may be mistaken, but the visual experience within the headset is tracked to the rides course for all but the long left turn and crest before the final tunnel. During this section the ride is moving through one of the most tame elements, but in the VR experience you see, and to some degree feel, your world tumble through a barrel roll. With this disconnect between the actual forces and the visual element, it was the only time I "got lost" as to what point in the ride I was on. Overall I am now convinced that VR is not a gimmick on roller coasters and does distinctly change the experience of the ride. As the quality of the headsets increases the VR element will add more value so to speak. That being said, I still felt as though I needed to wash my face after wearing the headset and do enjoy seeing the speed of the ride along with feeling it.


By the time we got rides in, it was time for food! Now this being only my second time visiting SFNE, I had not been to Rivers Edge picnic area before. Now this is where four of the five haunted houses are and was also the location of the buffet for the Media event. The food was good and I enjoyed the parmesan chicken with clam chowder. They also had an open bar which is never a bad thing. This area is beautiful and separate from the main area of the theme park. Now that we had food in our bellies it was time to watch the opening ceremony for the evenings haunts.


We arrived to find plenty of security and the character Mort counting down to The Awakenings start time at 6 pm while keeping the crowd entertained. Mort is a use coffin salesman with his own show, but here was his chance to launch his campaign for mayor against the incumbent Mayor Slayer. With comments such as "I don't build walls, I tear them down!" and "I don't delete emails, I send SPAM!" he was a great way to make sure people walking by understood why people were crowding this area of the park.


The Awakening has Mayor Slayer being brought to the stage in the back of a hearse where he proceeds to welcome all of the ghouls, zombies and monsters to come out. It really is a fun moment when all of these actors come running from all sides through the crowd to scare the guests. It was really chaotic and between the actors and the guests lots of people were running and screaming!


Now at this point I had taken plenty of pictures and used my phone to the point where it was dead. But it was already after six and the park no longer allowed reentry!! No problem, we had Patrick from security to ensure that I could get my portable battery from the car (along with my jacket brrrr) to keep updating the outside world to each minute of my life.


After making sure we were ready for the night we headed towards Midnight Mansion. This house actually opens at 4 pm and is the most tame out of the five houses. Entering into the house in groups of 5-7, we are greeted and told the rules about not touching the actors or sets then screamed at to leave and enter the house. Quickly you are asked to pay your respects to the deceased owner of the estate as you pass by his coffin. The path then goes through a portrait hallway, quickly out into the graveyard in the back and then back inside. My favorite scenes here were the hallways of doors, as they actors run through opening them and slamming them shut behind them, along with the butchers room with some gruesome meat hanging everywhere. MM is fairly standard and really the tamest experience.


Heading back to Rivers Edge, we went for the other two inside houses as we waited for the sky to go fully dark. Both Psycho-Path Haunted Asylum and Slasher Circus 3D are housed under the same roof, which is used normally for open air picnic tables. Equal in size, they wind through temporary plywood structures painted black.


First was Psycho-Path Haunted Asylum. Here, like the rest of the houses, guests are grouped up into parties. PPHA is unique here as the leader is handed a flashlight attached to a rope which they ask you to hold. The flashlight is rather dim, but it does change colors between white, red and green along with modes where it flashes or switches off in a dark hallway before a strobe light on the wall goes off. While the smart flashlight was cool, it was really only experienced by those in the front. The rope led to PPHA being the only Conga line experience of SFNE's Fright Fest.


Once we exited the Asylum, we headed right next door to Slasher Circus 3D. Like their other indoor houses, this experience includes the standard jump scares. What is nice about this house is the effects. Its very colorful and has a whimsical feel. Here is the video again showing this house. It was filmed just before the park closed at 9 pm and I think I was the first person to walk through the house in a while. I also think a couple of their actors went home as I tried to film walls where I knew actors would pop out of and scream.



Finally came the two outdoor "houses."


The Aftermath: Zombie's Revenge is a tour through the scenic backwoods of a wilderness park that has been invaded by zombies. Like I mentioned earlier, the Rivers Edge area is very scenic and although it is dark out it is nice to take a stroll through the wood and be chased by zombies. Here, the open spaces allow for more story telling. First you are greeted by a weapon outfitter who gets attacked by a roaming zombie at full speed. You continue along and meet deranged survivors and redneck zombies. Between the design of the sets and the way you are quite literally left in the dark as to where the next zombie will attack you from, this was my personal favorite house. That might also be the outdoor junkie in my speaking.


The last house is Wicked Woods. This seemed to be their "premiere" haunt, and it also has a corporate sponsor. I can spoil some of the key elements of the experience if there is interest, but know that this was the only house that actually surprised me. It takes a lot to make me even flinch (running up to my face and screaming definitely does not), but this house had two moments that caught me off guard and it was a lot of fun because of that!


With that I can conclude my first trip report for TPR! It was an awesome time and I have to give big thanks to Robb for making it happen! I've been following the craziness of this site for years and now I finally had my opportunity to participate!


Until next time!


Finally, there are the two outdoor


Beautiful both to ride and to look at


Thank you and goodnight SFNE!


Here is the Fright Fest guide with general information and the show schedule


Other side with the map showing where each show and house is located

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Went to the park for a quick visit today pretty much just for food, but managed to get a ride in on Superman. Got there around 3 and the cars were already in the overflow lot. lol


Here is some great news.. VR is done on Superman! 3 out of the 4 boxes they put on cars 3 and 7 on each train were removed. Should have ditched it sooner. My guess is they are moving it to Mind Eraser for next year, which I have heard is indeed the case.


The operator was also announcing that they need to send the train within 60 seconds to get people hustling. Awesome job SFNE. I rode once in the front on the red train and it was fantastic.


Splash Water Falls is pretty much gone besides a small piece of the station building. Looks like they may be keeping it.


I didn't go down to Cyclone but the app said the line was 85 mins. Superman was about an hour for the front row. Goliath still has two seats in the front row out of commission. That train is a complete disaster.

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At the park now, slightly windy but everything is running!


In line for wicked cyclone the person behind me wanted his friends to know that " if you sit in the front row you will get unadulterated views". Smh some people should have their college degree is taken away from them...



Having ridden Wicked Cyclone for the first time on Sunday (October 23rd), the front seat does offer an unadulterated view of the track. And lets not even get into the air time the front seat provides compared to the back.


BTW where should I mail you my English Education degree to

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I knew it was too good to be true.


Other than the usual Six Flags things (ride breakdowns, head scratching policies, dorm-like food), I had a good day. The park did a good job with their Halloween theming and wasn't overly crowded. My highlight of the day though was not having assigned seating on Wicked Cyclone. I haven't seen that before and it finally allowed me to get both front and back seat rides. The front was fantastic, but the back is definitely the best seat on this coaster.

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I'm going to get hate for this but oh well


I love Wicked Cyclone, it's easily the best coaster at SFNE, and I'm sure all the other RMC Hybrids are unbelievable, but it's getting kind of ridiculous how many wooden coasters are being demolished. There's a certain charm and thrill factor incorporated in a wooden coaster a steel coaster just can't duplicate. On a wooden coaster, the ride will be different each visit. A steel coaster is neutral and doesn't change with the weather. I don't know maybe it's just me.


I understand some of the rides. Mean Streak, Rattler, New Texas Giant, etc. Those were unbearable. Cyclone was a little rough but even then all it needed was its original drop restored and new trains, not a total make over. That ride was built intense and should've stayed in it's true original form. Crowds would still eat it up today. Colossus may have had an average layout, but it was an icon and a decent ride. I was a lttle confused with that one, but understand the purpose as it was much more marketable and that had another wooden coaster in the park. Roar, however, was absolutely ridiculous. It was a GCI. No need to redo that. Plus, that park no longer has a wooden coaster.


Just my two cents, but Wicked Cyclone IS unbelievable.

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^^ When you really think about it, there have not been that many wooden roller coaster losses. Just a few scattered across the country and one in Mexico. I know its subjective, but those coasters had lived out their lives and were so expensive to maintain. Ridership was down and just throwing down some new wood and buying new trains would not have brought ridership back up that much at all. I do agree that some classics need not be touched by RMC Iron Horse. But for the most part, any subpar or rough wooden coaster deserves an RMC treatment.

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Aside from the Beast, wood coasters built in the 70's, 80's and early 90's before CCI really hit their stride are / were pretty much all mediocre at best (somebody's about to show up and pretend that Racer or Rebel Yell is awesome but seriously... shut up ). I have no issue with any of them being RMCed and for the most part those are the coasters that are being converted. Honestly my favorite wood coaster built during that time period besides the Beast might actually have been be Mean Streak. The pickin's are slim.


No, the Phoenix, Wild One and Comet don't count, smartass.

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Aside from the Beast, wood coasters built in the 70's, 80's and early 90's before CCI really hit their stride are / were pretty much all mediocre at best (somebody's about to show up and pretend that Racer or Rebel Yell is awesome but seriously... shut up ). I have no issue with any of them being RMCed and for the most part those are the coasters that are being converted. Honestly my favorite wood coaster built during that time period besides the Beast might actually have been be Mean Streak. The pickin's are slim.


No, the Phoenix, Wild One and Comet don't count, smartass.



I would like to add Screamin Eagle to the list of leave it be lol!

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I think the only coaster I've been the slightest bit disappointed to lose to RMC-ification is Roar at SFDK.


The rest, as has been said before, were mediocre at best or completely terrible. Cyclone was fun sometimes if you got it immediately after a re-tracking and sat in the front row. I rode it in the back once and I think I lost some years of my life to this decision.

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I think the only coaster I've been the slightest bit disappointed to lose to RMC-ification is Roar at SFDK.


The rest, as has been said before, were mediocre at best or completely terrible. Cyclone was fun sometimes if you got it immediately after a re-tracking and sat in the front row. I rode it in the back once and I think I lost some years of my life to this decision.


Roar was enjoyable, but as good as it was I'm betting Joker is better. Sad to see a coaster go in order to get the RMC but ultimately it's an upgrade.


I actually preferred the old Cyclone in the back to get the intensity of the first four drops. I never found it unbearably rough. The ride was more slow and jerky.

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I'm not surprised to hear random people here and there try to find a coaster from that time period (70's, 80's and early 90's) that stands out, but of all the ones mentioned none of them were overly popular as a whole. Sure we all can find a coaster that we like more than most people (like me with Mean Streak), but nobody goes to Six Flags St Louis to ride Screamin Eagle (a ride that still comes off as mediocre despite the mediocre coaster lineup of the park that it's in). I didn't hate the New England cyclone either but it was always a near walk on despite the long ride duration, slow ride ops and one train operations that were standard every single day for decades. The only time I ever say them use 2 trains was in the last few days of the ride's existence.

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NE Cyclone was okay at first but got rougher and rougher as the years went on; by 2010, the thing was legitimately painful to ride. I do recall having one of the wildest rides of my life in the very back during a rainstorm, however. Once it got Topper Track, it became a hell of a lot smoother but also seemed to slow down to a positively glacial pace in parts.

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