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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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According to the SFNE online forum, there is now assigned seating on Mind Eraser. That leaves Catwomens Whip as the only coaster in the park without assigned seating.......


I don't know if that only applies on weekends/busy days, or what, but I was just there yesterday. Wicked Cyclone and Batman did have assigned seating, but Thunderbolt and Mind Eraser we chose our own seats. Neither had much of a line, so maybe they were just relaxing policy a bit. Superman, we were sort of generally waved towards the middle of the train to try the VR.


Awesome, another practice from back before Premier bought the dump returned to life. What's next, they reopen the race track and install a Huss Tristar for 2018?


I don't know about anyone else, but I'd be just fine with that.


Just gonna toss out there too that while I'm anything but a Six Flags fan and have thrown more than my share of hate towards SFNE over the last decade or so, overall, the park was a generally positive surprise yesterday. Best day I've had there in over a decade. Everything except Goliath was running, and running well. Staff seemed organized and pleasant, most were quite good. Operations were for the most part more than acceptable, apart from Superman, and that was really guests causing problems, not the staff. The whole place was clean, well kept (with the random exception of the Scrambler, which really, really needs a little bit of love), and looked great. It was no Knoebels, but it seems to have gone from complete hellhole to at least enjoyable now.

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^^ Agreed. Lake Compounce has boulder dash which is amazing, along with free drinks and phobia.


Canobie has free parking, Yankee Cannonball, a fantastic flat ride collection and the nicest landscaping out of all the big NE parks.


SFNE was a disaster yesterday. The park looked disgusting and the rides ran like crap.

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Quassy Amusement Park is very close to Lake Compounce, and it's a tiny park but it's wonderful. It's next to a nice lake in the woods, and it has a nice charm to it. Wooden Warrior is epic, and their newest flat rides, Frantic and Reverse Time are great. Their water park seems nice for a small park, and there are so many family flat rides in such a small space.


Edit: I forgot to mention that there are like 7 or something mountain coasters around the New England area. Mountain Coasters are awesome!

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Bye Felicia...



I wonder what this may be. Hopefully an S&S 4D Free Spin or a Flat Ride package. This has been a very common rumor for years and it's finally happening. The new coaster would really complement the line up and be the 3rd or 4th best coaster in the park. I really wish this park gets another B&M Coaster too like a Flyer, Wing, or Dive. What do you guys think is coming to this park next year. Also maybe JLBFM.

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I'd definitely have to agree with the previously mentioned line of thought that an S&S Free Spin will be what is replacing Splashwater Falls. Looking at that footprint left by its removal, it would be the perfect size, and area, for one. Considering both SFoG and SFStL are rumored to be receiving one as well, it could be this year's BIG addition for the the Park Chain that just loves BIG additions!

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I can see SFNE getting a S&S 4D coaster in splash water falls spot. I could also see them themeing it to Joker like they did in SFGAdv. If they wanted, they could paint the Mind Eraser and maybe call it Riddler's Revenge and have a full on Gotham area right there on that side of the park since it's next to Batman. The only rides that would be out of place would be Catwoman, Gotham City wild mouse coaster and Joker's wildcard which they could retheme later maybe and make a metropolis area over close to Superman when they add their JLBFM. It'd be nice to see Six Flags start to theme their parks better...SFNE just seems all over the place. However, I know I am talking about Six Flags so I'm not going to get my hopes up. Maybe this is what they have in mind at SFGAm too, Joker 4D besides Batman. Is Six Flags really this predictable?

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I was just at the park yesterday.


A 4-D would make a whole bunch of sense for SFNE. Especially seeing that space is limited there and a 4-D has such a small footprint.


But let us remember, Six Flags and "makes sense" doesn't always walk hand in hand.

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Went to the park Friday and had a great time! Just going to list some highlights and lows! I went to the park in 2011 so its been awhile!



1. Wicked Cyclone was AMAZING!!!! Night ride was even better!

2. Superman was still good! I rode it first as Bizarro, so was glad to ride it as the original theme. (only 20 min wait early in the morning)

3. Lines weren't bad but the park was crowded!

4. Thunderbolt was filling every seat!

5. Summer Shandy

6. Very nice guy at the bar by Macho Nacho



1. Waterpark was packed (I know it's not the parks fault) but they definitely need more slides (3 hours and rode only 3 things)

2. Empty seats galore on Wicked Cyclone and Superman, which could have made the line go much faster if filled.

3. VERY rude employee at Macho Nacho??


Overall I had an great time!

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I probably have my hopes set far above the mark but I do wonder if there's any possibility that they'd surprise us and introduce some new type of ride instead of a Free Spin at any of the three parks rumored to get one (new to SF parks, not new in general).


That said, probably not because a free spin makes sense at pretty much every park and they don't seem like bad rides at all.

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