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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Too bad they are getting rid of the Bizarro theme and colors. I thought it looked cool, and there are so many Superman named coaters already. On another note, Six Flags is adding lot of non-coaster Larson Loops to its parks, and trying to pass them off as coasters. I don't think so.


Yeah, there's a hope of enthusiasts the Bizzaro will somehow return to it's iconic S:ROS glory, unfortunately, so long as those trains and bulky audio-system stay, I don't think so. Still, the purple looked wonky and GP still call it Superman. Bring him back!


Hooray! This park is actually adding a flat ride! If they want to call it a coaster that doesn't matter to me at all, it's still a flat ride and the park desperately needs it.


THIS! SFNE used to have a fairly impressive flat ride collection, but removed much of it over the last decade. Glad to see them finally get something added!

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All around a solid gain for SFNE. Super Loops are a lot of fun, and it'll be a great addition to the park's lineup ("coaster" or not). Great to see the Superman reconversion, but I'm going to reserve full judgment until I see what they do with the trains. I honestly don't care if they keep the audio, but I'd like to see something done with the restraints, too. Otherwise it won't be as meaningful for me.


I've got a question. Anytime season passes are advertised at other parks, perks are listed in the following way:


Unlimited admission to Six Flags New England

Unlimited admission to ALL Six Flags theme parks


Why is SFNE always listed separately?

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When the video said 'Double the feature, double the fun' I honestly thought they were going to announce interlocking Larson Loops.


That would be neat! The east coasts first high five element super loop! Call the advertising directors at six flags. We got a hell of an idea for them!

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Will they have blue and red trains like the original S:ROS? I don't want to see both those trains getting the same color like Bizarro did. Also I hope they work the restraints up a bit. It hurt a bit the last time I rode it a few weeks back.


I asked that question knowing that could happen. She answered it like the person that asked it was stupid and said of course they will be red and blue. So that is good I guess.


Looking back there is no confirmation of the physical headrest removal. The audio is going though, so I assume the headrests are going to. If not SFNE has no idea what they are doing.

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The headrests/audio will be removed for Superman! Hopefully more news comes out.


Interesting since the following was in the press release: To create an even better ride experience, Superman™ The Ride will offer Super Hero music and theming throughout this epic coaster.


I guess they will install monster speakers all around the ride.


I could give a crap about the name or the color...get rid of that God-awful audio.


As long as the ride ops don't start going Whoop Whoop on every dispatch.

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Not that this matters at all to 99.99999% of people out there, but it drives me crazy that they renamed it to "Superman The Ride" instead of "Superman Ride of Steel." I'm getting getting older, it's getting harder to keep track of all these coaster names, and this is name #3 for this ride.

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Surprised I seem to be the first to point this out, but another huge problem with Bizarro was the rattling, like the entire ride was one long unpaved road. I'm not getting my hopes up *at all* that this will be fixed (since the trains are staying the same and they were obviously the problem) but it sure would be nice. I didn't mind the restraints and I wouldn't even mind onboard audio, although I'm sticking to my theory that the sound system was a big contributor to the rattling in the first place.

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