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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Also at the park now. Wicked Cyclone is glorious. Full thoughts later but after four rides, it's firmly in my top 10. Just not sure where exactly yet.



If you see me around say hi. I'm in the Legends of the Hidden Temple blue barracuda t-shirt.

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^Funnily enough I did see you today. I noticed the Blue Barracuda t-shirt in the station for Batman. I was going to say something because I loved that show. Shame I didn't see this earlier; I surely would have said hello.

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Made the annual trip up to SFNE with some buds today. Overall it was a very solid day, the crowds were light and we were able to get plenty of rides in. I know sometimes people give this park a bad reputation, but both times I've been here I've been very pleased with the place. The park itself is a nice size, has a solid coaster collection and is just a pleasure to walk around in. There was some minor stacking in the stations but we lived with it. Now on to the coasters:


1. Wicked Cyclone (4x): Okay my first RMC. I now know what all the fuss is about. This coaster is just one solid fluid motion, the transitions are just unlike anything I've experienced on a coaster before. At the beginning of the day it was a bit sluggish through the course, but when we came back to ride again in the afternoon it was hauling throughiy. I got to ride in the front and back, while the front is by no means a bad ride, the back is insane. Another thing I noticed about the ride is that it is just plain fun, not over barely intense. It is very re-ridable. I noticed plenty of younger kids on the line for it. Im going to give this coaster a nine rating because it gave me a taste for RMC coasters (which was awesome) but I know there are better coasters from them out there. 9/10


2.Pandimonium (1x) : Always a fun ride, it really packs a punch as we usually ride it once. 8/10


3. Bizzaro (2x) : Still the best ride in the park in my opinion. I know a lot of people say it is a front seat coaster, but I have no idea where that was coming from. The last train was absolutely insane today, it was so forceful. The ejector air on the return hills and the hills before the brake run where bonkers. 10/10


4. Mind Eraser (1x): I usually don't hate SLC's but this thing is shaky. Ow. 5/10


6. Dark Knight (2x): I like this little floorless, it is short quick and to the point. Thats how I like most of my B&M's. 8/10


7.Blizzard River (1x): The mist machines weren't as strong as last time (boo). 7/10


8. Flashback (1x): I did it for the credit. (4/10)


The Arrival.


Goliath was down today which was a bummer. I love this Vekoma torture device.


Wicked Cyclone looking wicked.




Six Flags does theming.



Finally seeing an RMC in person was pretty cool I must admit.


The front of the train's were really elaborate.


Hauling around the first overbank.


This was the biggest 'wtf' moment of the ride for me. It was ungodly and otherworldly. I loved it.


Some ejector air for the fans.


Next up is one of my favorite "family" coasters. If you want to call it that.


I find it to have a little too much of Satan in it to be a family ride.


I mean look at it.


Bizzaro is one of my favorite looking coasters. So here is a quick tribute.






I hear they use these to torture Dutch prisoners in the Netherlands.


Pray for them


For they do not know what they have done to deserve this.


Dark Knight is an awesome little ride tucked away in the back of the park. Kind of like Bizzaro at Great Adventure.


I love this shot of Biazzro, Mind Eraser and Dark Knight.


My favorite part is the Zero-G.


Going to leave you all with a "twisty" picture of Dark Knight.

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What do you think is the best option for visit the park and not waste time in the queues, go to the right and first go to the Roller coaster of Batman, or go to the left and go to Wicked Cyclone,Goliath.I pretend to be early, when the gates open to the public And then run to the best option

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It looks like Batman is in need of a fresh coat of paint! Mighty faded and grimey judging from those pics.

I was thinking the same thing!!! Looks like it's been coated in cake flour

I personally think they could make it into an Arkham video game Batman ride if they wanted, since he is one of the coolest

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Wicked Cyclone gets long lines because it's the new hotness, so go there first. If you can afford it, get the Platinum Flash Pass and avoid the lines completely.

Lol when do you go, and define "long"


I went on a Saturday and the line for it was long.

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So as previously mentioned, I was at the park yesterday to finally tackle Wicked Cyclone. The ride exceeded all expectations. Got four rides in, scattered throughout the train, including once in the front and once in the back.


I was amazed at how fluid the train is throughout the course. Not one jerk or shuffle at all, which is to be expected from a new ride, but it's still a wonderful feeling. The elements are crazy, but not overwhelming, which makes it very re-rideable.


The stall was unlike anything I'd ever experienced, and it was great in the back. Seeing the front of the train exiting the stall while the back is entering contorts the train in a way that just shouldn't be possible.


The airtime humps, especially the one nearest the camera are excellent. The ejector air is noticeable, and the twists of the hills are so disorienting.


The only minor quibble is that it seems to lose some steam into the last barrel roll and onto the brake run. However, this slow down provides great hangtime through the roll, which is always a welcome treat.


Finally getting an RMC under my belt just makes me want to get out there and conquer the rest of them. I now know what the company can offer, which is plenty of fun, disorienting, cutting-edge ride experiences.

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My family had a blast on our annual coaster trip. This year was New England. Boulder Dash apparently got hit by lightning, so the trip to Lake Compunce and Quassy was cancelled for another day at Six Flags. For any Basketball fans, be sure to visit the Hall of Fame in Springfield. It was a big highlight on our trip, very fun.


On to the Coasters! The extra funds made buying platinum passes a little more bearable, but $360 for four hurt the stomach. Alas, it is true that at that price, you usually find yourself at the front of the line with zero wait for WC all day. FP users enter the station first, which guarantees a first row ride every time. Pretty awesome, but after 4 rides, I really wanted to try the back seat. I ended up switching someone for the front, LOL. People must have thought I was crazy. Wow, what a ride! My 397th coaster and instantly entering my top 10. Extreme airtime, hang time and speed on a compact layout, make a great combination. RMC coasters do not get much better than this.


Bizzaro was hauling ASS! It's as good as I remember it when I first rode in 2008. A few nighttime rides in the last row, cemented its place as my favorite ride in the park and my #3 favorite steel coaster. As a previous poster mentioned, last row is extreme air on every hill after the initial camel hump, including the drop. I waited 30 minutes for the front only once. It was smoother, but it's a back row ride, no question.


Batman and Pandemonium were solid rides that we rode twice. All other coasters were disappointing, as expected though. Goliath was closed. I don't understand why they moved this thing. It was unreliable in California, now it barely runs here. Should have sold or scrapped it. The Sky Screamer is a nice addition to the park. Very high, but graceful and not very scary at all.


I would also like to mention that I never had a problem with anyone all weekend. Never saw one line jumper. I actually talked to a few people in line, which I rarely do. I even let a fellow ride front row on WC with me, as he wanted to so bad. People were cheering me on as I played the 3 point challenge. Some stranger, fist pumped me after riding Bizzaro! Six Flags and the Springfield area gave me one of my best coaster trips ever. How about that!!

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Thanks njcoasterguy34!

What an excellent review of the park ArgoZ and Genx24 !!!I´m counting the days to visit the park!


I didn´t know that near the park is the Hall of Fame. I´m planning to visit the park at the end of August and now i will visit that place thanks!


So, with the recommendations i think i will go to the left to visit first the Wicked Cyclone coaster

Sorry for the question, but what happen with Goliath? How many days will it be close?


I will go by car and i was looking for the map that show the web of the park and in some part says "preferred parking". What means that?

I´m thinking to get the gold pass, but to acces to that parking i have to pay an extra?


Thanks in advance

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I'm visiting SFNE for the first time this year on August 9th. As always I try to get on Bizarro after the park opens, but with the new Wicked Cyclone, I'm not sure which one to tackle first. Last year the park ran only one train on Bizarro until around 12:30 pm. I'd figure more people would run over to the cyclone this year than Bizarro after opening, so it might be worth running to Bizarro early on. What did you guys first ride when you all went this year?

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For anyone who was at SFNE today, I was the tall-ish dude in the glasses and the Arkaik shirt. Pretty typical Sunday, maybe a little lighter than usual; it actually looked like it was going to rain at various points, but the sun crept back out after a bit. Goliath's still down and will probably continue to be down for the rest of the season; here's hoping that they're working on finally making those wack trains good.

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