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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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SFNE 6/25:


Wicked Cyclone: 9x

Bizarro: 10x

Batman: 2x

NESS: 2x

Typhoon: 2x

Bonzai: 1x

Thunderbolt: 1x


Pandemonium: 1x

Gotham City Gauntlet: 1x

Mind Eraser: 1x

Goliath: 1x


Wicked Cyclone: As I mentioned yesterday, incredible ride. After 7 more laps today, I'd have to say it is tied with El Toro as my #1 overall. On its strongest rides, like my last ride in the front row after it rained pretty heavily, it is the greatest coaster I have ever ridden. Relentless, smooth, insane ejector and great variety of elements. I did, however, discover the tempermental nature that has divided enthusiasts during its first month of operation. The blue train was phenomenal, but the orange train was vibrating badly and gave a more sluggish experience. Because of this, it just tied El Toro for me, and didn't edge it out. Then again, my home park homerism might be getting the best of me. Either way, WC is unbelievable.


Bizarro: Once again, it was hauling today. Also once again, operations were terrible, with operators/attendants fooling around and coming across as immature. I finally got in a ride in the back, and noticed lots of rattling in all the valleys. It also reminded me of what I said 11 years ago...this is one of the few airtime machines that delivers much stronger forces in the first 2 rows. Something new I noticed with the botch-trains are how uncomfortable the headrests can be on the shoulders during strong lateral force moments. Despite the obvious need for re-transformation, the ride kicked major a$$.


Goliath: How in the holy hell did SFNE manage to butcher one of Vekoma's best designs this badly?!? I rode Deja Vu at SFGAm back in 2006 and had a very enjoyable ride. This was just unbelievably bad. The runs through the station and the valley between the vertical loop and cobra roll almost felt and sounded like a train wreck. It's a damn shame because this ride is quite fun and thrilling under normal circumstances. Yet, this was the 3rd coaster at this park I noticed having some signifant train issues.


NESS: Having a skyscreamer at GAdv, I knew what to expect from this ride, but the 200ft difference definitely turns a fun/slightly unnerving experience into a thrilling/very unnerving experience. The view is beautiful from up top, especially with the bird's eye view of WC ripping through it's course right down below.


Batman: Fun floorless coaster. It's still my 2nd least favorite floorless, but it is sort of unique in its compactness and lack of MCBR. Also, besides Talon it has my favorite color scheme of any coaster in the world. Makes me hate the nasty schoolbus yellow of my homepark's B:TR.


Thunderbolt: For its age it runs beautifully. Very smooth for a wooden coaster and has some nice pops of air in certain spots. The 1 train ops are brutal, though, even with my flash pass.


Mind Eraser: Garbage. Even by SLC standards, garbage. Also, it won the Nitro1118 award for most disinterested op's of the year.


Scream: Been a long time since I caught an S&S tower on combo mode. Loved it, especially since I've gotten used to the airtime-less Zumanjaro. Of course it's not as forceful as a Larson, but these things always deliver a very solid ride.


Random notes:


-As I said yesterday, SFNE is a very pretty park riddled by poor operations. On Pandemonium, I encountered an employee who answered my "How are you?" with "I wanna go home." With that said, she was putting that gloom aside and did show some energy, while many of the employees felt so disinterested. The employees at games were not engaging employees at all, ride op's were constantly talking to only themselves, and the op at NESS got pretty snippy with me at one point as well. Hats off to the WC team, though, as they showed some personality and enjoyment while working.


-Speaking of operations, the procedures on the coasters is very irritating. On every coaster they wait until basically every guest is off the platform before opening the air gates, which slows things down immensely. On WC this is compounded by the team making 2 separate runs to check seat belts and lap bars. On Bizarro I believe they made 2 runs, but at least you could lower your own lap bar.


-Story time...So, normally I am very careful with my loose articles on rides. I keep everything in buttoned pockets and never have issues. Today we hit HH after a quick ride on WC, and did not fork over the crazy charge of $14 for a "small" locker. So, I took the car key off my GF's keychain and put it in my bathing suit's velcro pocket...big mistake. On the trap door waterslide it slipped out of my pocket, and after 1.5 hours of searching and pinballing between different customer service buildings, I had to pay $80 for a locksmith to make us new keys. Lesson learned- NEVER be too careful with loose articles and don't be cheap on vacation!!!


-The platinum flash pass is amazing! Even though it wasn't very busy today, the slow ride op's and low capacity of many of the coasters made it a no-brainer. Due to the car fiasco, we didn't even get 6 hours of use out of it, yet still got on a ton of rides. Had we not taken food and rest breaks, and used the double-ride option on every coaster possible, our count would have been through the roof.


-Overall, had a terrific time! What a 1-2 punch this park has with WC and Bizarro. My thighs are borderline bruised from the 200+ moments of ejector I had on those 2 rides over 1.5 days. If they didn't butcher 2 of their coasters with terrible trains, and made a strong initiative to improve operations, the park would among my favorites. It is frustrating when you have the pieces to be great but can't use all the tools on your belt. Unfortunately, this is an chain-wide issue, as I find out every year at GAdv.


Some pics I quickly shot while on the move today...


















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^^this year bizarro has had some really good days where it is not sluggish at all. When it's not a full train/hot day it gets really bad though.


Seems so. It was hauling when I last rode it to the point of being reasonably comparable to its S:RoS days, but it was always full and on a fairly hot day.

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In a couple of weeks I will be taking a work related trip to Boston and I was hoping to run to SFNE for a few hours if I get free on Monday 7/6. How are the crowds during the week? Will a fast pass be needed? Thanks


If you're going during the week, you may actually be able to get away with not purchasing a Flash Pass. Unless there's more than a couple church youth groups or outreach programs having outings, the crowds will be quite sparse. Also, if you're driving from Boston, there WILL be tolls if you want to get there in a timely fashion. You can take back roads to avoid them, but it'll add a fairly significant amount of time onto the drive.

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^Thanks for that as I was about to ask a similar question.


I believe the plan for us is to go Monday, July 13th and we had thought about getting the PP until we were sticker-shocked on their website. I know it would be worth it for someone that's never been, but other than WC and Bizarro, we have been on all of the other meh/horrible coasters they have there.


If I could get two rides on each of those two coasters, I would call it a good day.

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Sorry, but did they keep the skyride towers and just close the ride itself? I see what looks like them in one of the trip report pictures. (I don't really have the time to read back through the thread to find an earlier answer)

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Sorry, but did they keep the skyride towers and just close the ride itself? I see what looks like them in one of the trip report pictures. (I don't really have the time to read back through the thread to find an earlier answer)


Yeah, they removed the ride/ cables but kept at least 1 tower (probably all, didn't pay much attention on my trip).

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Sorry, but did they keep the skyride towers and just close the ride itself? I see what looks like them in one of the trip report pictures. (I don't really have the time to read back through the thread to find an earlier answer)


They kept both towers, it looks ridiculous.

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Got a platinum flash pass and took my first visit to SFNE this year and I have to say Wicked Cyclone and RMC is the real deal. Blown away by the airtime, the feeling through the inversions, and the comfort of the trains even when stapled. Rode 10 times on Saturday and could have easily done 40 more but the ride is exhausting... much in the way i felt on Voyage you just hit the brake run exhausted. Exciting from start to (almost) finish. Fir WC, shortest stand-by line was 30 min at the beginning of the day and easily hit 45-60 min (entrance?) based on what people were saying. Longest reservation time was 3 minutes, the walk around took forever (first world problems)


If i had to rank, which i hate doing, definitely up there in my top 3 coasters, possibly my new favorite. The platinum flash pass was amazing the longest wait was 1 train for Bizarro (so, 3 minutes for a double ride). Saved more than 10 hours in line and the reservation was always ready way before we got to a ride. Every ride you immediately walked on unlike cedar point. Hit front row and back row on many rides. Wicked cyclone is great because they are super strict on row designation but since you are in a separate line you can just ask grouper to let people in front of you (otherwise you almost always get front row! Which is not a bad thing!) Longest reservation was 7 minutes for Goliath and pandemonium, but you can reserve the second it gets scanned at another ride.


Awesome day. Though Bizarro and the state of Goliath were disappointing. Wicked Cyclone made up for both of them.

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I hate the sound of steel wheels on RMC track. The Georgia Cyclone's retrack sounds god awful and literally damaging, like nails on a chalkboard as loud as an old B&M. To be fair I dont know if its the same on the I-box track though.


And to think I am already half deaf. Yowzers.

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^ The old Cyclone made probably the same horrible noise when it was traveling over the sections that had been redone in the topper track. The roar that WC makes in much more like the B&M roar than the nails on chalkboard sound that the topper track made. (Its been a long time since I was at SFMM, but I think its similar to Superman's roar when you are standing on the path under the tower.)

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Went to the park yesterday for the last time before moving back to FL. Four things:


1. Platinum Flash Pass ... Totally worth it on a crowded day. Got on each coaster 6+ times. Hurray re-rides! Flash Pass Platinum works for WC, but didn't allow re-rides, but it didn't matter as we got 5 rides on it.


2. Goliath ... is AWESOME in the front row! Didn't ride any of the other rows, but compared to last year, there was no crazy vibration and each element was taken smoothly. Awesome ride! Second favorite ride in the park.


3. Bizarro ... was running alright. A bit laggy. The front row is tracking excellent! The back row... lots of shimmying. Also, the restraints, as always, are terrible! Unfortunate, because last year, this was my favorite ride in the park, but has since been dethroned.


4. Wicked Cyclone ... ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! Though, the vibration made my groin feel a bit... weird. Rode in the middle, back, and front; morning, afternoon, and night; no rain, and with rain. The ride got crazier as the day went on! At night, we rode the front, and back in the rain. The thing was hauling ass! Ejector air on every hill! My thighs still hurt... but I actually think that's due to Bizarro, as WC's restraints are super comfy! The back row gives an unrelenting ride, with stronger airtime than El Toro. The front row gives a fantastic ride without much vibration and the hang-time on the drop is fantastic! Hands down (Or .. up?), BEST ride in the park. My riding preference: Night, rain, front row.

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