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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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I don't see why they would


Probably because they're cheap and lazy... it might cost an insignificant amount of money to remove it which is way more of an investment than they're comfortable with.


That doesn't bother me though because it's hidden by the ride... just please remove the Skyway towers.

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Fresh Wicked Cyclone Pics! Looking great and there still is stuff that hasn't been announced! Twisted Colossus's train will also be at IAPPA, probably something to do with WC will be there too. Pandemonium is also being painted, either the same colors or new, not sure.


Photo credit: Mike





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I have yet to ride an RMC creation, unfortunately, but as far as their re-do projects (as opposed to original rides like Outlaw Run or Goliath) this one looks to me like it could very well give the best ride, with Medusa being close behind.

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