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Six Flags New England (SFNE) Discussion Thread

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Bizarro and Wicked Cyclone are really the only ones. I guess Goliath, Batman and Pandemonium could come too...


No love for Thunderbolt? I think it's one of the best rides in the park personally.


Eh, It can come too. Yankee Cannonball would obviously crush it though.


My favorite was Chaos - very sad it isn't still around


Please don't post about Tomohawk... we need SFNE to forget it's there so they don't get rid of it. If they catch wind of the fact that there's still a family flat ride in the park with mass appeal they'll remove it immediately. Just keep quiet and hope they don't notice.



Six flags was one of the best parks in the chain with their full line up. Such a shame.

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Went to the park today and had a good time. Rode Sky Screamer for the and thought that it was better than the Windseekers. Also rode Goliath's new trains for the first time and while I found it rougher than with the old ones, I luckily didn't bang my head to hell like what I thought would happen. Finally here is some pictures of Wicked Cyclone:









New Wood!

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Wow this looks even longer and better than the original announcement lead to believe! Awesome!


I agree, this looks awesome. what i totally blanked on is that it actually goes upside down 3 times. lol, duh.


guess i was just excited for colossus cause it's near me. hope to ride wicked cyclone one day.

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