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Photo TR: Astroland's Closing Day 9/7/08

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A CycloneMan History Lesson

Just a few days before 9/7/08, the "official" announcment had been made that Astroland was closing it's gates forever. When they first announced the closing a few years ago, I grew very skeptic, and didn't believe it (and part of me still doesn't). Astroland makes millions a year, mostly through the kiddie park and the Cyclone. So, when the "officia" announcment was made, my brother, grandfather and I decided to go. Astroland (Coney Island in general), is the first place I went to as a kid. My grandfather used to take us there every week. In fact, it's my oldest memory, and it's where my enthusiasm started. My family is from Coney Island, and this was where I operated my first ride (Cyclone), so this is a very important place to me. I don't feel it's necissary to write an entire report, so I'll just post the pictures with captions explaining the day.



It was pretty bizzare walking down the street, and thinking this might be the last time I get to ride the rides I grew up on.


I wish I had a dollar for everytime I walked under this sign.


So, Astroland wasn't selling wristbands today, and the employee wristbands weren't being used, so we couldn't get any. That's fine.


This is completely ridiculous!


Operating, yet being taken apart allready!


They were selling these for $13, as well as left-over Astroland Employee shirts... yea....


We walked down to Deno's, and Anthony desided to play DDR


Our grandfather just laughed at him


Spook-A-Rama used to be so much better. But it's still the scariest out of any of the three Coney Island dark rides!


Just clear things up. The Wonder Wheel (as well as Spook), are NOT in Astroland. And they will NOT be going anywhere!


I see you Bill!


My brother Anthony, grandfather and I with our Dante's Inferno tickets! This ride ment alot to me growing up. I thought it was coolest thing, next to the Cyclone. (After Dante's, my grandfather went back home)


We ran into Chris, AKA: Wood Dragon 1988 on various coaster forums.


The Bowery has seen better years...


This is still the future of Coney Island, right? This spot has been bare since 2003


Andrew joined in on the festivities


Yea...I'm so cool


It's a bit crowded for, after Labor Day...




Tom was busy taking photos


Circus Ahoy is here...


Seriously, I've worked at Astroland on Memorial Day before. I have never seen Coney Island this crowded in my life!


Ah, my baby


She was running much better than the week prior! AND, with two trains...


At least no matter what, Cyclone will be here...right?


Right before this photo was taken, Anthony ran off to work, so I was left with these losers...including a few others


...okay, I lied...Chris left right after, but then our buddy Paul met up with us


Failed Shot #1


Musik Express was being rented by Astroland in 2008


The funny thing is, on the same exact spot, there was a "Himilaya" until 2001.




We were going to go on the Wonder Wheel...


Except the line was flippin insane!


Thunderbolt seemed to have lost it's canopy...


Can you tell that it was a bazillion degrees out!?


Some one seems to be having too much fun


We went back to ride the Cyclone, and I almost got the shot. Failed Attempt #2...sigh


The final ride of the day for me was on my baby, the Coney Island Cyclone.


...I realize that I've reffered to it as "my baby" way too many times for comfort. Sorry


Group shot


On the train to China Town to meet my brother for dinner. Paul wanted me to take a picture of him wearing my "Le Vampire" hat I bought at La Ronde back in 2003.


-Dainan "It was a strange day, and a unique good bye" Rafferty

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Man, those of us who'll never get to see Coney Island really appreciate the tour. It's cool that a few things ar staying, but still a shame.


And there's no shame in having a soft spot for a particular coaster. That's why we're all here.


Good report and thanks.

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Nice photos!


I got to visit for my first time (and last I guess) 2 weeks ago and the Cyclone was rough! I mean it was worse than Psyclone at SFMM or Windjammer at Knott's, but for some strange reason I paid $5 for a re-ride and then after my second go in another seat was exiting the ride when they where advertising $3 to re-ride. That made me mad...


Still a fun place to go. I like Nathans!


The one thing I wish was the thunderbolt was still running


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