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Ever been on a coaster when it vallied?

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I've never been on a coaster when it vallied. But I have operated a coaster while it vallied. Invertigo at CGA. The train didn't catch onto the lift at the end so we had to E-Stop it. Luckily no one got hurt, and the coaster was back up later that night, but I don't remember how long.

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Well, i was on Lost Coaster during the GOCC coaster event and the tires to bring the coaster into the station had a little water on it. Ran fine when workers tested it, but with 4 adults, it didn't make it up up into the station. Took four workers to push us into the station and about 5 times to finally get it. Didn't have nay trouble after the first run.

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The Mine Train at Six Flags Over Texas at least 25 years ago. Couldn't quite make it up the last incline into the station. Rolled back and forth several times until it finally came to a stop in the Western-themed tunnel. The ride reopened later in the day and my next ride was normal.


Loch Ness Monster about 1990. I was riding in the first car. We had a normal ride but the first car overshot the station upon returning. They emptied the rest of the train and sent us around again. After the first loop I suppose there wasn't enough momentum to carry us up the incline into the helix tunnel. The train rolled back s-l-o-w-ly to the base of the loop. It took about a half hour to evacuate us in a "cherry picker" type utility device. This was shortly before closing and the park was closed by the time we were evacuated. Busch Gardens gave us a free return pass for another visit.

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^Same here. I was at Riddler's on a windy day, and as we sent a test train it vallied between Incline and Mid Course. That's when I got certified for Tatsu.


Riddler's Revenge?


I can't believe a B&M valleyed, that surprises me.


What I hoped to find out when I was reading this thread is, how do you move a train if it valleys somewhere that isn't near a block zone?


Do they need to get a crane and disassemble the train, then put it back together in the maintenance shed?

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^^ It depends on how far the train is from the brake block and/or what elements are in between.


In many cases, they will use a crane, tie a cable to the train and do a pull through to the next block whereafter gravity does the rest. Though in some situations, they simply take the upstop wheels off the train and use the crane to move the train completely off the track and back to the station.

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