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Photo TR: Loudoun Castle Theme Park, Scotland, UK Aug 31 200

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Loudoun Castle Theme Park is our local park - a small family aimed park, we don't have big theme parks in Scotland. Perfect for our eldest to go to with his friends for 10th birthday party.


My first posting (other than in the welcome topic), and if I get this right I will do a photo TR from our visit to Yorkshire.


Carousel - our last ride of the day, cause by know it was miserable in the rain. Nice ride, gentle rocking on the horses.


lots of twist


and the other side of pirates cove


so much for it being summer - we were dry on the horses - you see twist n' shout in the distance


One side of pirates cove area


Rodeo Rider - a nice old ride


Loggers Leap - its one drop gives a nice splash


milk churn - turns your legs to butter


pirate ship beside the plough


the plough - a big chairswing


black pearl about to loop


regatta takes you a sail


view to drunken barrels, kiddie coaster and kiddie tower


if shorter you have a laugh on this tower


if your 1.40m you can be shot out a Barn


the flats like to twist you


family park = got to have a family catapillar coaster


the kids like it


The Rat is the other main coaster


time to be dizzy


no OTS pain - just lap restraints needed


Twist 'n shout train heads for the loop


looking the other way - the other 'big' coaster


The main coaster

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This is great! Thanks for sharing pics from a very little heard of park. Any park with Drunken Barrels and a looping Schwarzkopf gets my two thumbs way up.


RCDB says they have a Schwarzy City Jet in storage but it operated for 2 years until 2005. Any idea why they took it down?

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^^ I'm pretty sure they took it down because they thought the gs were too high. I was there when they were taking it down, and then again when it was gone but I stole a bit of the coaster left over. I think it was part of a support I took.

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Love the names of all the rides! I believe The Plough is a converted Schwarzkopf Apollo 14 ride (very rare Schwarzkopf flat), with original cars removed and swing chairs added. Very cool!

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^ the last 2years they have made it look better with the small touches on the landscaping - well they do have a better start on Scotland's other 'theme park' by not being a concrete car park with rides.


I think the park is great for what it is - small family aimed park for a relaxing day out. There is not much for the older teenagers, but plenty for the younger kids.


I think rather than comparing to the big UK parks - people should compare to the travelling fairs. Last fair at Ayr low green, for the same price as a day at Loudoun Castle our kids got about 20minutes entertainment and had fewer rides to choose from.


in response to some of the other comments:

ride names - in context that it is in the Dougal McDougal's Farm part of the park, The Plough is a good name - but yes to call the moon a plough can seem strange. other names in here: Milk Churn, Barnstormer, Pony Trek, McDougals Tractors

drunken barrels is in Pirates Cove which also has Black Pearl, Crows Nest, Regatta

so some thought into the names in these areas.


looked empty - it was! The weather forecast was very poor but they said we would get 4 dry hours and we did then it was wet!!!! Even though its just 20min away, we have only been 4 times, and the worst q was maybe 2minutes and that was cause the ride op wanted more than 3 people on twist n' shout before running it.

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I was there a few months ago for the first time in almost 4 years and it's looking a LOT better than I remembered. Plus Barnstormer is a great addition to the park. The best Shot Tower I have been on. The park just needs a few more attractions to in some of the forgotten about areas.


Great TR btw!

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Love the names of all the rides! I believe The Plough is a converted Schwarzkopf Apollo 14 ride (very rare Schwarzkopf flat), with original cars removed and swing chairs added. Very cool!


I wonder if this is the apollo 14 ride that used to reside at dreamland,margate. Spent many a happy day there as a whippersnapper.

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^^ Yeah it was at Margate at some point. Pretty much every ride at Loudoun has been at another UK park at some point or another. It's a nice little park for what it is. Just wish us Scots could boast something better for our top park.


Still, great TR DandAyr. It's good to see more Scots posting on the boards.

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