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Inverted Wooden Coaster

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^He's actually a really cool guy. He's incredibly smart from what I remember and went to school for engineering, civil or mechanical. Can't remember which. He has had a dream for at least the six years since I became a member on Coasters2k, and I think that it's good that he hasn't given up. And I'm not so sure his plan is to suddenly be in charge of his own company, but rather to have a website showing some concepts in the hopes that a major ride manufacturer will see them and team up with him to produce an actual ride.

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Yeah, no doubt there would be some definite complexities in trying to pull this off.


But I'm puzzled as to why so many people straight off have said things like:

One word: Pain.

It looks like it hurts like crazy!


I don't really get how you can come to this conclusion...It's just a rendering of a straight bit of a track, an undetailed front on view of a train, and a layout drawing that looks like it could be any woodie.

I mean maybe if the drawings showed trains with unpadded metal bars, and a layout with harsh transitions and little banking then you could probably say that it would be painful, but at the present time there is nothing that really indicates what the ride would be like.

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the post at the top of this page is what I've been thinking since i first saw this thread elsewhere, thanks for saying it for me.. !

first thing that came to mind is "why? "

people like hot coffee, people like cold ice cream, BUT when you mix the two you don't get something better than either, you get watery, lukewarm coffee flavored melted ice cream....

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Hello everyone,


I can't get into specifics about why I believe my Inverted Wooden Coaster will succeed even though my company is brand new. Many of your questions related to this issue will be answered in the next few months, so please be patient.


In the meantime, I have posted a thread in the forums at www.coasters2k.com that details some of the specifics of the Inverted Wooden Coaster and how it will work. Please take a look over there for answers to many of your questions about how the structure will work and other topics. Please also note that the images you see on my website are first-round concept images. The current work is confidential, and I can't show that right now.


The response of the coaster enthusiast world has been decently strong in saying that they will ride the Inverted Wooden Coaster if it is built, and built well. This is part of my market research to determine whether or not to go ahead with the full engineering of a layout for actual production.


If you have any additional questions for me please post at coasters2k so I can respond to you directly, or send me an email (check my website for my email address).



Jonathan Gordon


This is no joke people.

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I was reading through his patents, it looks like he has a lot of unnecessary/redundant technology. I can't blame him for trying to do something different. The inverted woodie would make for one wild ride.


He should be able to post renderings of his work. All he needs is a copyright, he already has a patent, so he doesn't have much to worry about. If someone stole his idea he would have some leverage to get some compensation.


Personally I think the ride could work, but would not be cost effective from a maintenance standpoint. Wood would have to be constantly replaced due to the stresses of being mounted on the side of a beam, rather than be cradled underneath.


The force controlled trains seem very odd to me. Even if you were able to control the G-Force going into the drop, you would actually be creating higher G-Forces at the bottom When the springs/pneumatics are fully compressed. The force control system is just an over elaborate fix for the old world vertical curves on a roller coaster. This problem was solved long ago with the lead in/lead outs of modern coasters.


Like I said, I'm glad he is thinking, but definitely over thinking. The sign of a good engineer is one that can solve a problem, the sign of a great engineer is one that can do it in the most simple way.

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