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Inverted Wooden Coaster

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Last time you went on a wooden coaster, it was most likely a fun experience depending on the coaster. The aggressiveness and out of control feeling makes it a great experience. Now I'd like to switch types and talk about your last inverted coaster experience. It was most likely very fun and unique (I mean seriously any inverted coaster is cool because you're basically dangling in the air). Now think about those two together. Wooden & Inverted. One word to describe your next experience could be one of many, but all I am thinking is. . . ouch.



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And they said a coaster topping 400 ft. could never be built yet there they are.

You can't put a loop on a wood coaster and yet, for a while, there it was.

The point is with today's computers just about any type of coaster can be designed and if designed right will work and the wood would not break or fall under gravity or all that weight. If that were true many wood coasters of today would have those problems eventhough they are not inverted. Whether or not there will be a demand for it who knows.

My feeling is it's a neat idea but not practical. Wood coasters are supposed to be rough to a certain degree, it's part of that out of control feeling, and if you built an inverted one no matter how much padding you had there would be lots of head banging. And like someone else said...wood coasters are unique in their simplicity and inverting one takes that away.

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Well by the looks of the layout this isn't suppsoed ot be some high speed thrill ride, just some low family coaster.


Yes, it does seem a bit retarded at bits. But assuming it didn't collapse the first week of operation, and if they worked out the whole Hand-chopping, Impossible-to-bank qirks, who here WOULDN'T want to ride it?



Hmm... That's alot of "Ifs" though, isn't it?

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^There's alot of coasters in the world that thrive on being "Unique but not that thrilling". Only this one also has "Cheap" going for it since wooden coasters are cheaper.

If they worked out the kinks I mentioned earlier, I can see this replacing "Rugrats runaway reptar" models. Or making for some Scooby doo Ghoster Coasters with an extra something.



But again, thats a big "if".

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Hey, he actually got around to making some physical plans.


I remember when he used to post on the former Coasters2k.com boards under the name JonBKchill if any of you were members of that site about five years ago. He had always talked about this concept and wanted to make it reality, but the site was shut down before anything substantial could be shown.


I also remember he made a pretty good effort to save the Whalom Park Flyer Comet, which gave him a lot of respect in my book (that was my first coaster).


I'm glad to see he hasn't given up though. It's a unique idea, and if done right could actually be pretty fun.

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^^A wooden flyer would actually make more sense than a wooden inverted coaster. Both G-force wise and tunnel-testing wise, if going by nolimits terms. For example with an inverted wooden you probably wouldn't be able to build anything more extreme than a family coaster, but with a flying coaster you might be able to pull off something like Superman: Ultimate Flight. Especially considering flying coasters also ahve bits where riders are on their backs, which would be like regular wooden track.



I can't see Intamin touching the idea with a 10 foot pole though. Lately intmain is more about perfecting existing ideas to their best as opposed to coming up with brand new coaster concepts.

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