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If you could have your own park or coaster manufacter.

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I looked and looked in the TPR forums and did not see a thread like this, so if there is please let me know.

Well I was thinking about this today. I always wondered how parks and coaster manufactures started out. I was thinking how I would start out if I decided to get into the industry.

Well if I had a company it would be called MCC(Matthew Coaster Co.)

I have drew so many models and designs its unbelievable(well mabey it is). Most of them are wooden twisters and almost impossible to make.

So my question is how would you start your business?

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Most companies usually come out of similar industries (i.e. steel) or spin off from other companies.


For example, B&M spun off from Intamin, GCI and Gravity Group spun off from CCI. Vekoma started out in the agricultural and mining industry.


I think if you want to get in the industry, you would have to become a part of an already existing company. GCI, for example, has an internship program.


This is just my opinion though.

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^ well it's like anything, you have to have a track record. You cant just come out and say, "Oh, look at me, I make coasters..." and expect people to give you business.


Cuz then people are gonna be like, "So where's the B&M booth at again?" and you'll just look stupid in front of your friends.

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