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Contacts Vs. Glasses


What are better contacts or glasses  

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  1. 1. What are better contacts or glasses

    • Contacts
    • Glasses
    • I dont know

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I know some people say contacts are a hassle, but if you use them for a little while it almost becomes second nature. I love my contacts.


Maybe I should try contacts as the reason that I'm not wearing contact is because I can't imagine I'm putting my fingers 'in' my eyes.

Anyway, I only need glasses to drive a car or watch tv and never when riding rollercoasters.

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Maybe I should try contacts as the reason that I'm not wearing contact is because I can't imagine I'm putting my fingers 'in' my eyes.


I was very afraid to try contacts at first for the same reason and it took me a almost a full couple of weeks to get the hang of it. Now i do it in seconds.

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I just got my learners permit and I was told to get glasses (my parents don't want to get contacts). So for the most I wear glasses when I drive, and when I look at the board or something far away at achool. But when I'm reading I don't need them. And I haven't ever been on a roller coaster where I had to remove my glasses. I say if you like the way you look with glasses go ahead.

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^ I have never been engaged in a conversation where Lasik comes up and somebody doesn't go, "I know someone where they messed up an eye." At this point, the technology is far too young for my comforts.




I just made the transition from glasses to contacts about a month ago and couldn't be happier. Yes, they're annoying, but no more so than glasses--they're just annoying in different ways. The freedom and clarity that I get with contacts are much greater than the inconvenience, in comparison to glasses.


Granted, I have a pretty good fit. It seems that a lot of those who cant get into contacts don't have the fit for it.



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^ from memory, for the first month you put lubricating drops in a few times a day, and then after that whenever your eyes feel dry but I haven't had to use any for at least 6 months. A person at work got hers done after seeing me have it done, and another guy is booked in to do it.


I think it gets negative publicity because it is such a foreign procedure that goes against your normal instincts. You have your eyes clamped open (like in A Clockwork Orange) the outside layer is cut and pulled back, and a laser blasts your eye. Sounds like torture, but it isn't. I tell people that the procedure was uncomfortable but not painful. I had it done on a Thursday afternoon, my wife drove me home, and I slept most of the night. Friday morning I drove to work. The result is virtually instantaneous. I wore glasses every waking moment for over 20 years, now I just wear sunnies when I need to. It depends on each person, but I recommend it.

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