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UK Trip Planning Question


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Personally, I think Nemesis is the best of the B&M inverts, but different strokes for different folks.


Ultimate is the Jeckyll and Hyde of coasters. While I agree that all coaster enthusiasts need to experience it at least once, I wouldn't pick Lightwater Valley over Alton Towers.

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All I can say about Nemesis is don't go on it expecting it to be one of the best in the world, otherwise I think it'll disappoint you.


I can see why people think it's a good coaster, but I just come off it expecting so much more.


I guess you could consider Alton average if you don't enjoy: A great log flume (bathtubs), shooting dark ride, the best Mad House and a beautiful scenic garden to walk through on top of an above average coaster line-up.


Maybe it's cos I've got the Season Pass this year, and I've just recently been to DisneySea, but if you go to Alton expecting something like you see in other countries, it really is average. For England, it's a fantastic park still, but it's outshined by a lot of other parks in Europe, never mind about the rest of the world.


The Flume is just rubbish and painful, Duel is good, but a bit lengthy, and Hex I'll give you. I still think Hex is a fantastic ride after riding it at least 20 times this year.


And for the above average coaster line up...where? It has what many people consider to be one of the worst Accelerators, a Maurer Sohne clone, what many people consider to be THE worst Flyer, a one trick pony (Oblivion), a powered coaster that barely makes it round the track, and Nemesis, which I think is crap.


Personally, I think Oblivion and Hex are the only two above average rides at Alton. The Dung Heap is always a bit of fun though.

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I agree with most of my UK trip brethern, though I enjoy Chessington much more then Blackpool. But, as Larry will tell you, I often have a very "unique" idea of what makes an awesome park.


Ginzo, your orginal list is very good and after legoland I felt there was a huge dropoff in the quality of parks in the UK.


Alton still ranks as my 5th favorite park out of 120.

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