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Your longest hiatus from riding a coaster?

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Dec 30, 2005 to June 6, 2007, so roughly 1 year, 6 months. But that was between Rock n' Rollercoaster and a Cedar Point trip, during which the actual process of addiction took place. Since then, it's been 8 months for the off season. During the year, I've gone two months.


Purchasing my first ever pass this year will improve that in-season gap, I'm hoping...

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In May, 2001 I took a ride on Alpengiest at Busch Gardens, and it wasn't until July the next year that I took another ride on Grizzly at Kings Dominion.


The two next longest included a year between rides on Wild Thing at Wild Waves (June 1998-June 1999), and a year between visits to Kings Dominion, but I don't recall which coasters were involved. (July 2002-July 2003)


-Gary T.

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Since becoming a coaster enthusiast, my longest hiatus was Valleyfair's last offseason, 202 days (10/27/13 to 5/17/14). I should really take a trip to Nickelodeon Universe this winter to help with the offseason depression .

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Playland (at the PNE) has this awful seasonal schedule that ends (weekends at this time)

at the end of September. And then Fright Nights takes over till end of October, at least.

And then it's all shut down until next late spring.


And life goes on....


And until we get our brand new flat ride next spring (XXL), anything is possible!

So for the answer, no coastering until at least mid-April, unless I do a coaster tour

which takes me overseas and/or to another coaster realm entirely. Then, every

thing changes, hmm?


So, at least......8 months between riding the same coaster, between seasons.

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In my adult life it was 5 years (2002-2007). I think there was a longer period when I was a child as the first coaster I rode scared me to death (Scooby Doo @ Carowinds...lol), but I was only 5. It was 8-10 years before I would ride another one....which was Carolina Goldrusher and loved it. Then I quickly progressed to bigger and better coasters from there on and am no longer scared of any coaster. Some of those Chinese knockoff coasters however look a bit questionable...

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For me, the longest I've gone has been about a year in between summers in New England. Now I've learned how to reduce that wait by going to parks for their Halloween events and opening days in the spring, but even still that's at least 6 months between visits.

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My longest hiatus was the 2013-2014 offseason, 6.5 months from late October to mid-May. If you don't count the offseason, I was on a two-month coaster hiatus this past season from mid-August to mid-October due to college.

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Has anyone ever come back from a coaster hiatus and thought "OMG this is going to be more exciting than it used to be since it has been so long" then you go down the first drop and realize it's exactly the same as it always was?


You can only pop your coaster cherry once I guess.

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