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Your longest hiatus from riding a coaster?

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When did KD's Avalanche open open? 87? 88? Since then.


Answer: Motion sickness and lack of interest until rediscovering parks in 2007. Yep, working on it. Yep, total credit count = 2. No, not kidding. Yes it's that sad. Yes you can laugh (if not already). Yes, that's why I'm TheRapidsNerd. Yes I should get a cat scan and/or check into Bellvue for talking to and answering myself.....


As Terry would say "A mess!"

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My record is almost nine years, from the time I rode the Scooby Doo at KD (my first coaster) at age 7 to my second coaster experience aboard the Big Bad Wolf at BGE/W on a sophomore year band trip in high school in 1994.


From there, my second-longest run is tied at five years each between Big Bad Wolf in 1994 and Idlewild's Rollo Coaster in 1999, and Rollo Coaster '99 and Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in 2004.


My longest stretch not counting Disney coasters has been a full nine years, from Rollo Coaster in 1999 to Kennywood's Jackrabbit this past June.


Currently, it's been 18 days since I last rode a coaster. When really, it should have been only two. Stupid Tropical Storm Hanna.

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About 7 years for me. In 2001 i managed to get to Blackpool, Alton Towers and American Adventure (now closed) but then my next park wasn't until August 1st this year when i again visited AT. The main reason for this was moving house and growing apart from all the friends I used to go with when I was young or them having settled down with a wife and kids and not being interested anymore. I don't really enjoy going to parks on my own although I will be braving Drayton Manor Park for a few hours this weekend to get a few long awaited credits. I've also managed to talk a friend into joining me at Goose Fair in Nottingham this October which I believe will have a coaster or two.


I will certainly never go that long again, finding this site and my AT trip have reawakened the coaster nerd in me! I plan to get to a lot of parks next season.

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I've really liked coasters since 2000, but my biggest gap of not riding a coaster would have to be 1 year between 2002 and 2003. Around then, I was getting burnt out of BGA since I literally went up there every week during the summer either by friends or summer camps. Then I went to Cedar Point in 2003 and it kind of resparked my enthusiasm.


Since then, I haven't gone more than 9 months or so of not riding. My coaster enthusiasm is not as big as it once was, but I still like them.

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I cannot say with any certainty before this year, but since the coaster season started on March 23 this year, the longest span without riding a coaster has been 14 days!


This Big Mike Road Show 2008 has kept me very busy!!!



Peace, Big Mike

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From about October 2000 to May 2006.

I've always loved roller coasters but just didn't decide to make them a hobby until I could afford to make trips to parks other than BGE and KD. The other thing is finding friends who want to go to parks as much as I do.

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About 8 years. I used to go to Alton Towers most years with my parents, until my mid teens. I remember going for my 18th birthday and then I basically stopped riding coasters until I was 26. I did a project on coasters for uni, and after that I simply HAD to get back into it, so much so I took a trip to Thorpe Park by myself whilst my wife was doing some training course and we were in London.

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