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Cedar Point PTR 9/7/08

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Part 1- Great Wolf Lodge!



Last weekend me and Mitchell (gnarkiller) went to Cedar Point. We left his house around 1:30pm and arrived at Great Wolf Lodge around 7pm. As soon as we put our luggage up, we went to the hotel's waterpark.

Nothing but fields


And weird towns...

But then i saw this!

The wood for Cedar Point's new GCI


Bored-ism, its a real word

Pokahontus and her mother owel!

The indoor waterpark

I see Cedar Point from our balcany!


The main reason we came hear; to ride virtual coasters!

GWL Tortues animals!

Im gonna do it!

Me playing virtual Mayor-Bee

Highway to Hell..

Snakes in a Hotel!

I can ride a virtual motorcycle with no handle bars, no handle bars

GWL kills puppys!

And Moles!

And whatever this is!

And deers!

Super Silly Fun Time!

There were dirt bikes levitating all over GWL!

Elevator bit my finger, Ouch elevator!

Wolves attacked Mitch in the killer Elevator!


Me Drinking!


More later...

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Hey! I was in the park on Sunday too. I drive by an EHCRWA tower on my way home, though mine's a different tower. I think it stands for (E-word) (H-word) County (Reclaimed or Regional) Water (Authority or Association). I can't find anything online.


The crowds on Sunday were extremely light. I got numerous rides.

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Part 2- Cedar Point (Pt.1)



The first batch of tons of Cedar Point photos!

Castaway Bay looks so creepy!

It's Skyline Time!

Everyone's favorite Intamin Giga!

Everyone's favorite B&M Space Shot!

Towers & such!

Spooky Demon Whore-ichle

Five Flag's Cedar Point!

Halloweekends theming and Raptor!


Moment of silence

Tear-drop loop

More Raptor goodness

I really like this picture so im not going to write a caption! Oh wait...



Picture that everyone has

Corkscrew's loop

Dragon' Iron

The Pretzel Turnaround would be alot better if the train went through it fast.

I <3 You!

Shoot to the sky!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.. are you ready for Top Thrill Dragsterrrrrr!?

I like tilting the camera when i take pictures, it makes the pictures look super silly fun time!

Not tall enough!

I should of cropped this...

As you can tell the lines were short.


Baby im ready to go!

Yay for Arrow Hypers!

I like the Magnum/Soak City/Challenge Park area

So what, your a spider.. wanna fight about it?

Carn-Evil and Woodstock Express!

This picture was tooken from the station and i wasn't in the train.

I like how this picture turned out!

Gemini's 1980's station!


Mas pronto!

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Part 2 Cedar Point (Part 2)




Second part of the CP photos!

Mean ole' Mean Steak (yes Mean Steak) was calling our names

Picture everyone has of MS

I do love it's sign

Over-banked turns on woodies, pah-lease!

So good to look at, not so good to ride...

The Hall of no Return!

As you can see, the lines were outragiously long!

I don't like how Mean Streak's brake run is..

This ruins Frountiertown's Atmosphere...

Cedar Creek Mine Ride


Maverick, i promise ill ride you later!

Maverick is perd-ay

Ill have much more pictures of Maverick later

Why PKI, why!?

Swan Lake?

I love Frountiertown




I always take this picture at CP

The 95º drop

I love the launch area!

Another pic

With train

Without train

Here we come Milly!

Almost there...

Milly is so amazing

We had a walk-on


Milly is pretty photo-genic, you just got to know where to look!

Milly looks small from here

The last over banked turn is awesome!

I <3 Millennium Force!

Frountier Trail

Ft. Sandusky

No.. my little pony, don't die!

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Part 2 Cedar Point (Part 3)




Part three!

Mantis's Inclined loop

Twisted B&M Goodness

Millennium Force says Hi!



Out of the diving loop

Into the loop

Flowers infront of Mantis's Sign

Mayor Bee!

Mr. Butterfly, with Milly in the background

I finally goot this credit

Garden infront of Iron Dragon

Wicked Twister from Wildcat


Iron Dragon

Drgon Iron


OMG that is steep!

Another Garden

Cobra roll

The Bird Poop coaster

Afro Fountain

The ultra intense helix

I <3 Blue Streak

I <3 Raptor

Oh no Raptor, whatch out for that pole!

Mr. Bear

Thats Just Nasty..

Demon Drop is ahmazing

The section of the park i always forget about

Mr. Demon Drop

Im running out of captions






Disaster Transport


More later

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I was also there Sunday. We rode Raptor and were in line to ride again (since it was the only coaster open between 10 and 11) when it got stuck going up the hill. Me and my son were next in line when this happened and we were to nervous to ride it so we hopped out of line and went straight to Maverick. There was a line outside of the cue line since it was not opened yet, but when it did open we had at most a 5 minute wait. As the day went on I started to think the roller coasters were making weird noises. I don't know if I was just paranoid because of Raptor (it was only stuck for 5 minutes then worked fine!) or if was because there was not many people on the trains. Mean Streak really tore me up. I've rode it before but it was really rough this time. I heard a cable making a plucking sound as we went up the hill. That was scary! Last time I rode it it stopped half way up the first hill. I don't think I will ride this one again. After Raging Wolf Bons broke at Geauga Lake last year, I'm worried the same could happen here and that is a big hill to roll backwards on! I will be back there next week and I hope it's just like this time, no lines! I'm surprised everyone with a pass was not there.

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^ Hang on. Raptor stopped on the lift hill, and you got scared and didn't ride? How often do you visit the park? If someone's got their cell phone or a camera out or unbuckles their seat belt, they'll stop the ride on the lift if it clears the station.


I think you're paranoid. What are "weird noises" when it comes to roller coasters? Also, don't ride Mean Streak. It's crap. What cable would make a plucking sound on Mean Streak? There aren't cables on the ride except below the handrails on the rides, and those don't move, so there's no sound to be made. Are you sure it wasn't the anti-rollbacks?

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I've been to Cedar Point 8 total times, 6 this year. I don't know what made that sound but it sounded like a large guitar string being plucked! I did not realize that is why they stop for 5 minutes like that. I probably am just paranoid because my husband is a machinist and I understnd the concept of machines breaking down or loose bolts, but I'll still ride. I just don't want to be on anything if something major happens. Also I have a slight fear of heights so going up the hill is the worst part. After that I'm fine. I actually rode Millenium Force last month and loved it. I heard the elevator lifts are much safer than the cable lifts. My son is 11 and just started riding coasters 2 years ago and most of the time it is just the two of us so I don't want to force him on anything if he's too scared. He has rode 13 of the 17 coasters there and just realized these things happen. Maybe I should have had a beer! That would have settled my nerves!

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I was there Sunday too. Got in a couple Raptor rides during ERT before I headed back to Maverick. Waited maybe 20 minutes each for Maverick and Dragster, and about 15 for Millennium Force. Everything else was essentially a walk-on. It was seriously the most empty day I've ever seen at the park, and I've been going there for 15 years. I actually left at like 6 in the evening because I'd literally been on all the big rides already!

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Part 2- Cedar Point (Part 4)



The last amount of pics...

Raptor from the sky

I had to levitate like Chris Angel to take this picture!

Will this still be here next year...?

I prefer V2 over Wicked Twister

I love this picture, it would look better if Lake Erie was clean though...

Replace this with a un-twisted spike, and everything's good!

Signature shot!

The Corkscrew midway (including Magnum, Milly, and Mantis) reminds me of Action Zone.

Top Thrill Dragster!

Millennium Force of course!

I like MaXair more than Delirium

Unfortunately we didn't ride this...

Disaster Transport today, GCI tomorrow...


Kids just love good ole' Snoopy, the 500 year old poorly drawn dog!

Balloon Race

Planet Snoopy

Little known fact: Cedar Point does have a "pirate ship"; it's Ocean Motion!

I <3 TTD

TTD isn't that tall..!

My three favorite things; Pepsi, Roller Coasters, and over-sized dog balloons!


Now for some hot Maverick pictures!

So beautiful!

I love the launched lift hill!

Good airtime...

AH-MAZING AIRTIME! And my new favorite picture!

Horseshoe Roll

Just .8 of second too late...

Horseshoe Roll

Brake Run


Horseshoe Roll


Another sign!


The tunnel of no-return!

TTD at sunset

Tilted of course...

Yellow, Yellow, Yellow, GREEN!

I always take this picture...

Signature shot?


Raptor is so beautiful at sunset!

Next year it'll say "New for 2009- GCI"

Blue Streak

Ill see you next year, i promise!

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As for the Passholder day, it was amazingly empty. Seriously walk-ons on everything, and any rides that didn't have a walk on were no more than 10 or so minutes.


As for the Raptor stopping on the lift, I was on the stopped train. It was a routine ride system restart... after we got off that run, we headed back for Millennium Force. We got on the second train of the day, and it stopped at the peak of the lift for 20 minutes. It's amazing the views you can get from up there, if only I would have brought my camera that day.


All and all it was a perfect day at the Point.

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