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Photo TR: SFOG 9/6/08

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This past Saturday my husband, Danny, and I, and my friend Holli and her husband Tim, went to Six Flags Over Georgia. We had an awesome time. Some of the ride ops were not too enthusiastic about their jobs, and that made some of the load times slow. But all in all we had a great day.


I know y’all are just here for the pictures. Now, I am no kind of photographer, and I took these with my little pocket-sized Kodak point and shoot, so don’t expect any quality photos here. But anyway, here we go:


We left our house at 6:55 a.m.


Here we are, ready to go in.


The view from our parking spot.


Goliath’s helix from the parking lot.


Goliath and a little bit of Scorcher as we walk in.


The main street section as you enter the gate. And a freakishly tall man in pink shirt. I didn’t notice him when I was taking the picture. I’m not sure how I missed that.


As we turn right after entering we’re greeted by this:

Georgia Cyclone.


We didn’t ride this. I’ve never ridden it but I’ve heard horror stories about how rough it is, and Holli and Tim had both had terrible experiences on it, so we passed. But here’s another picture of it anyway:



Moving on we come to:




Danny, Tim and Holli rode while I waited. You’re not getting me on that thing. I am deathly afraid of heights. I almost have a panic attack climbing a ladder. Remember that because it comes up again later.


This was Danny’s first time to ride Acrophobia and his hands were shaking when they got off. Another indication that I should not ride. Here’s another picture:


The sky looks really pretty.


On around the bend we come to:


Dahlonega Mine Train, which was really rough. No re-rides, thanks.


At this point I’ve lost track of what order we did things in, so I’m just going to group pictures of each ride together, but not necessarily in the order we rode them. Sorry, my memory sucks.




That picture was an accident, but it shows that I wore crocs. I’m telling you, no matter how ugly they are, they’re great to wear to a park. They’re comfortable, and they have that little strap to keep them on your feet. Holli and Tim both wore flip-flops and they had to take their shoes off on most of the coasters. Bwahahaha, should’ve worn crocs! Moving on….


Entrance to Bugs Bunny World, obviously.


We walked through here on our way to….


The kiddie coaster! And you thought it was going to be something exciting, didn’t you?


Yes, we rode the Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster, and it was fun, darn it.


Canyon Blaster track.


More Canyon Blaster.


Gotham City entrance.


Make sure you go through here because one of the best coasters in the park is in here.


And here it is:


At least here’s the sign for it, anyway.


You really can’t get a picture of Mindbender from inside the park. This is about all you can see:


The brake run.


But it’s a great coaster, and not to be missed, so make sure you venture back to this dead end of the midway.


And, while we’re back here, how about a search for PMW? You knew it was coming, right?


It may be lurking in here somewhere.


Do you see any down there?


Y’all, I swear there was a hat under the coaster. I wanted to get a picture of it but there were people behind us so I didn’t want to hold up the line, that was actually moving really quickly. I tried to snap it as I was walking but I missed.


This is the picture I ended up with:


No PMW here either.


I did get a picture of the parking lot fence. Care for a climb?


Supports, but alas, no PMW.


Since our search was fruitless we decided to just go ahead and ride the coaster.



And while we were in Gotham they had a little crime wave…


No actual villains, just the swings. The Crime Wave.


And now since I have some actual work to do, I’m going to take a break. I have lots more pictures that I’ll do later.

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Top Posters In This Topic

That was a lot of fun to read!


You did very well, congrats!


Brings back great memories from my earlier trip there this year with some awesome friends!!!


Keep up the great work and keep wearing those crocs!



Peace, Big Mike

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Okay, finishing up...


We passed a character parade.






Daffy got the ghetto car.


All the other characters got nice floats, but not Daffy.


Foghorn and Taz.


Do you see Wonder Woman and Green Lantern in there?


Okay, story time. Remember when I said I was deathly afraid of heights? Well, that came into play when it was time to ride Goliath. Last year I chickened out, so I thought I could do it this year. See, we actually went to Goliath before any of the other coasters. They knew I was terrified to ride it because of the height thing. But I got in line and waited, not very long.


We got up to the station and the whole time I was looking at the lift hill thinking there is no way I can do this. I had this terrified look on my face and Tim asked me if I was okay and I swear I teared up. Y’all I had tears in my eyes because I was so scared. So Danny and I sat that time out and Holli and Tim rode. We came back later though and I rode it and loved it! I was praying to the Lord the whole way up the lift, but I swear to you, not halfway down the first drop my arms were in the air and I didn’t put them down until the brake run. I felt so stupid for getting so scared the first time. I want to go back now just to ride Goliath again!


Goliath's first drop.


Goliath with the Scorcher in the background.


Goliath train.


We rode the Shake, Rattle & Roll and were a little disappointed that they weren't turning the lights off. Danny asked the ride op when we were getting on if they were going to turn them off and they said they weren’t working. I didn’t understand that, I mean, the lights were on, you can turn them off, right? The strobe lights were working but the effect is not the same if the main lights are on. Plus there was one ride op just standing around talking while the other one checked all the cars by himself.



The cars and balloon ride.


We didn’t even venture up carousel hill to where these are. Just took the picture in passing.


The Wheelie is always a lot of fun.


Action shot, starting up.


Little bit higher.




Holli and I decided to sit out the Ninja because we didn’t feel like having our brains leak out our ears. But Danny and Tim are tall enough not get their heads batted around so they rode.



You can’t see very much of it now because they’ve put up game buildings and picnic pavilions blocking the view.


Little bit more.


Great American Scream Machine.


We didn’t ride the Scream Machine. Last year it gave me a terrible headache. I don’t know if it was as rough this year or not, but I didn’t want to risk it.


What’s that I see?




That probably didn’t come across as well in words as it did in music in my head. So insert the Superman theme here.


Superman goodness.


Caught the train coming out of the pretzel loop.


And here’s the pretzel.


Superman station.


Monster Plantation.


Holli and Tim going in.


It’s an ACEr baby!


And an ACE buffet.


Danny and I leaving Monster Plantation.


The Georgia Scorcher entrance. This is another one that you can’t get good pictures of from inside the park.


Here's one more:



And now I’ll close this TR with my attempt at climbing one of those shaky rope ladder things.


Notice the crooked, nervous smile. I’m not too confident.


Getting started.


Going a little…


Little bit further…




So that’s it. I hope y’all enjoyed my first TR for an actual park. Thanks for reading!


Oh, I’m not really a big chicken about coasters. I love them. I’m just a big chicken about being 200-something feet in the air. But I got over it!

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It looks like you had a lot of fun out there!


Congrats with facing the fear! Nice AVEr comment!


Always fun to see the park I grew up with... I haven't been to SFOG in more than a decade. Sorry to hear you aren't a fan of the GASM! That was my first woodie and I'll always remember it!

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I'm not a big fan of crocs, but they are permissable at theme parks and the beach, so your ok. Sorry to hear that you turned up nothing in your search for PMW haha. Congrats though on your conquering Goliath. It's funny cause the rides that people are afraid of riding the most always end up being one of their favorites. All in all, cool TR.

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Just wanted to tell you that I am afraid of heights as well and was scared out of my mind the first time I rode Goliath and then just like you I loved it. It is now my favorite steel coaster and I ride it as much as I can. I think I have ridden it close to 100 times now and the airtime never gets old! B & M Hypers rule! Can't wait to ride Diamonback!

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