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Jakizle's East Coast Trip PTR


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I've finally found time to get all of my photos sorted, so I'm now ready to post my trip report from the amazing trip many of us finished about 2 weeks ago. I'll go ahead and warn you though, my pictures are pretty coaster and ride heavy, as I was either having too much fun to take pictures or was part of the fun! Of course there are others posting reports that took the time to capture the fun, so I'm worried about it. I'll just go ahead and get on to the pics (which tell the "story") and hopefully y'all find it entertaining!


-Jake / "Texas"


P.S. I also took some video which will be added after the photos!


Adios to Sesame Street! Coney Island will be posted tonight right after this post.


We also made a quick stop in the welcome center, where some of us bought some souveniers and drinks


We decided to go for another ride on Vapor Trail before we left, with a much shorter line this time


After eating we decided to walk back towards the front of the park, were we encountered grover!


While the line moved slowly, the ride actually lasted for a decent amount of time and was fun


We decided to get in line for Blast Off, which took FOREVER


After riding the coaster, we decided to check out some of the other park offerings, such as the carousel


The ride was actually running 2 trains, but was so short a LOT of stacking resulted


For just a kiddie coaster, Vapor Trail offered a pretty fun ride, and was worth the trip


The ride started with a fairly quick double helix, which was the best part of the ride


The line even offered another cool sculpture of a Sesame Street character


The line did offer some cool angles of the ride though, and moved pretty fast


We pretty much extended the line to the ride entrance, all though the switchbacks weren't in use


I'd be willing to bet there has never been this many adults in line to conquer Vapor Trail!


Of course the first thing we did was head over to Vapor Trail for the credit! #84 for me.


They did have some cool shrubbery throughout the park


The park had a pretty open "midway" once we entered


Of course us coaster nerds waisted no time in grabbing some pics of Vapor Trail from outside the park


While Robb went to get us tickets and meal vouchers, we waited at the park's cool looking entrance


After flying to Philly, meeting new friends, and the hour drive to Sesame Place, we have arrived!

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Onto NY...


Back on to the bus! SFNE to follow some time this week. Thanks for reading!


We had just enough time to literally run to Nathan's and grab some food for the long ride up to Connecticut


We then watched the top spin and saw what a crazy cycle it had...and had to ride. However, we got e-stopped on it three times after they couldn't get it to do anything but rise to the top...and that pretty much cost us the remaining time we had


Dante's Inferno was seriously messed up! It had all kinds of characters inside of it...just wait for the POV


We had time for some flats at Astroland, so we headed that way


The last turn offered crazy laterals, but it was really cool because of the thick padding of the trains


The drop was crazy because it had a curve in the middle that you couldn't see coming and it just tossed you


Another picture of that hill...it's just such a classic


Once again, another crazy airtime hill...the ride really delivered from start to finish


The drop was just insane, as it had major ejector air but also murdered us at the bottom thanks to the ancient track work


Another train heads up the lift. About the ride...It was actually really, really good in the back seat! There was a ton of airtime, but the ride was extremely rough.


We decided to ride the Cyclone again, which was included in our "package" with the trip


We walked along the beach between Deno's and Astroland, which was really nice


Took one last picture of the wheel before heading back over to Astroland


Deno's also had Spook-a-rama, which actually managed to make me jump! Cool, unique ride


The tower offered a really good view of the Cyclone, thanks to the face it runs an elevator type mode.


The ARM tower, Spring Shot, was AMAZING! It had crazy airtime, dropped without warning, and braked quickly at the very end


Two credits living in harmony...Except one will no longer be there after today :(.


The wheel offered an overview of Sea Serpent


You had the option of a stationary or swinging car, and of course we chose a swinging one


With the credit out of the way, it was time for the wheel


I have to admit, Miler kiddie coasters are actually really fun! They throw you around in the back seat


However we just had to get our credit first!


We then headed next door to Deno's, home of the Wonder Wheel


An overview of most of Astroland's offerings


For those of you not aware, this is WANK. Wank doesn't enjoy many rides, or atleast show it. Instead he gives you a stare of DEATH!


The ride was just your typical Worm, but still fun nevertheless


Oh yeah, they had a credit too. We actually created a line for this ride so they opted to use the other train on the turntable! It was pretty neat


The breakdance looked really awesome, but for some reason I didn't ride it. :(


And right across the street was Astroland, home to some awesome flat rides!


I also felt obliged to take a photo of the ticket booth and ride entrance from across the street


Here was the ride's exit, where we all got our wristbands for Astroland and Deno's


We waited underneath the famous Cyclone sign while Robb squared away everything with Astroland


Why were we here? To ride the Cyclone! I loved how the ride was located right in the middle of the city.


About 2 and 1/2 hours later, we were in NYC!


We also passed right by the Eagle's stadium, and I, as a football fan, just had to take a picture


After driving back to the hotel to pick up the rest of the trippers, we were once again off from Philly

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^At least I was literally teabagged, it could have been worse.


Time for Day Two! Day Two consisted of 3 parks, which were SFNE, Quassy, and Lake Compounce! I didn't take many pictures from SFNE today, but the next update will include the longer SFNE day.


Onto the pictures...


Boulder Dash ERT was just unbelievable. The ride was so fast, had so much airtime, and it was pitch black in the woods! #1 coaster on the planet for me.


Thanks for reading. SFNE day 2 and Rye Stabland next!


While waiting for Boulder Dash ERT to start the park let us get our kiddie coaster credit! It was a denied credit during the day (unless you stole the park manager's kid). Thanks Lake Compounce!


Definitely one of my favorite lifts on a coaster, ever. On par with Superman SFNE's awesome view of the CT river


This first turn was freakin fast too, just like the rest of the ride. And it got faster every single lap...it was insane


The line was only about this length, about 10 minutes, all evening. We got 17 rides in!


Anyways, we went back to Boulder Dash because it was just so kickass


We also gave the dark ride a spin...and I got my ass kicked by Max, Eric, and guest star, Freddie


The loop is always my favorite part of a Boomerang, especially going backwards


But good it was, and it had pretty cool colors. The trains were pretty unique


Next was Zoomerang! Another good Vekoma ride? No way


I only took a picture of the brakes because that was the best part of the ride...when it was over. It was really lame


We went to Wildcat next, which was just for the sake of the credit


I bet you haven't seen this picture anywhere, but I had to take it. You've probably had enough of Boulder Dash now!


What's also crazy is how the ending hills are so high off the ground, yet they still had really good airtime.


That lady in the front row really looks like she is enjoying her ride!


This is the other side of that hill...the curve in the middle is really surprising and throws you around in a good way


In this picture it almost looks like the track and structure just...ends. Ride over?


The turnaround was crazy because it had no banking yet was really quick...laterals galore


We decided to walk up the path by Boulder Dash's return run to get pictures of the ride out of the way


The first major airtime hill...and at this point, ass is still being hauled.


Grabbed this picture on the ride exit...by this point the coaster is hauling major ass


I really liked the lift hill that hugged the mountain and climbed through the trees...it was spooky at night


We wanted to ride Boulder Dash so bad, we went straight there


30 mins later and we arrived at Lake Compounce!


Back on the bus! We need Boulder Dash NOW!


It was a pretty fun ride actually...I was surprised. The only bad part was we squeezed two people in a car and my leg got smashed between Phil and the car!


Mad Mouse did eventually open again, and Robb was nice enough to let us stay a little longer so everyone could get their credit


We did squeeze in the credit on Little Dipper, the ride with the evil lift chain sound at the top!


Some decided to check out the rest of the park...they had a cool looking Yo-Yo but time was just too limited to ride it.


While others decided to whore the carousel...the mini carousel


In the mean time Robb and the gang went to win a Penguin! Not sure who ended up with it.


This is what the sky looked like while we waited for it to open...so threatening


Nope...the park closed it down after only a couple of rides were given. Why? Apparently there was bad weather.


When we got there, Mad Mouse was up and running! Everything sounds good, right?


Here we are at Quassy Amusement Park! It was only about an hour from SFNE.


It also started to pour while we were riding...and we got pretty wet. Can you tell we enjoyed our ride?? Now onto Quassy!


It looks so innocent off ride, but god does it hurt on ride!


We went to lunch and heard that Catapult was running, so we squeezed a ride in before the bus left


Crime Wave looked really cool so I just had to take a pic. I wish I would have rode it! I don't think I did any swings all trip.


While we were there we decided to check Batman out again, but the line was just too long


So I took some pics in the mean time...isn't it so pretty?


Eric wanted to do Mind Eraser again, so off he went


On the way back to the other side of the park we noticed this mechanic riding the car down the tower...I've never seen them do that before


Catwoman's line offered an awesome shot of SROS' drop. Too bad there isn't a train


Back to credits...This ride had the fricken longest trains ever. Perfect for 80 something credit whores!


I don't know what that means, but we'll try, I promise


He also wanted to give the Wiggle's some loving. It was wiggly.


Max shows everyone how the enjoyment pose is done...except for he got soaked!


Great Chase was another Miler kiddie coaster that throws you around. These things are seriously awesome!


Next we started the credit run...we started with Thunderbolt, the classic woodie. Was a decent ride, although not as good as I remembered


Overview of the hills plus where the credit was supposed to be! Now it's a muddy football field that gets NO action


I think it goes without saying how good this ride is...amazing airtime. Got a total of 12 rides in, including the first train in the front row! That's right, we beat Prawg Dawg there


After Batman and Mind Eraser, Superman was open for ERT! Basically an hour in heaven


For a SLC, I thought it was really photogenic, and I had time to kill while Eric rode again!


Next was Mind Eraser! Best SLC on the trip for me, and Eric (my roommate) really liked it (it was his first!)


The first coaster of ERT was Batman! I don't know which Batman it was supposed to be, but it was a really cool ride anyways


Chilling at the entrance while we waited to be walked back to ert!


Theme Park Review arrives at Six Flags New England after a short ride from the hotel

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A-ha! It was you I rode Mad Mouse with! LOL I couldn't remember who I rode it with, as we hadn't formally introduced ourselves at that point. I just remember squeeeezing into the tiny car and sort of prying myself back out after the ride was over. It was a pretty cool ride, regardless of its looks.


I'm eagerly awaiting the next installment....

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I'm so sorry for the lack of updates everyone! I've been so busy with school,work, and baseball lately. I plan on doing another update this evening...SFNE day 2 and Rye Stabland this time!



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Great pictures of Boulder Dash! It is so hard to photograph that ride but you got great coverage of it.



Back to credits...This ride had the fricken longest trains ever. Perfect for 80 something credit whores!


I actually was thinking the same thing. You didn't feel that bad holding up a bunch of little kids because we could all get on the same train.

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I'm so sorry for the lack of updates everyone! I've been so busy with school,work, and baseball lately. I plan on doing another update this evening...SFNE day 2 and Rye Stabland this time!




Excuses, excuses...now get back to the updates!!


(JK...as I haven't even tried to do my own update!! Finish your homework, have a cookie, and THEN get back to the updates!!)

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Finally I have found the time to do an update!


Day 3 consisted of SFNE and Rye Playland.


The day at SFNE was nice and relaxing...I wish i could say the same about Rye Stabland. Between heavy crowds, rude ops, and 2 denied coasters, the visit pretty much sucked. The highlights were breaking the kiddie skateboard thing and the dark rides! (and house of mirrors...) I forgot to take pictures until when we were leaving, so I only got a couple decent ones.




One last overview from the parking lot. SFGADV next!!!


I didn't think this ride was bad at all....much better than it's brother at Elitch.


The coaster is really hard to see from in the park, and I forgot to take pictures until when we were leaving


Dragon Coaster was probably the most enjoyable coaster...other than the ops yelling at you and the creepy locker attendant


Rye Playland was nice to welcome us...what a misconception :p


On the way out I grabbed some yummy cotton candy ice cream...with gummy bears!


I just got my picture taken in the test seat...lame


One of "us" spent his time by showing how the q-bot = love


Between rides (the qbot wait was like 5-10 mins) we found things to do, like chill with the superhero dudes


I loved how the paths allowed you to walk right up close to the track, especially diving into the tunnel


This angle of the ride just never gets old for me


The hill after the tunnel was probably the lamest part of the ride, though


I though this was a cool picture of the ride coming out of the tunnel. The tunnel actually had fog turned on while we were there, and it got you just a little bit wet :)


These hills had really quick but strong pops of air between the turns


The ride packed quite a punch until the very end...thanks to these bunny hills


Here is the huge line that we skipped time after time in the last 2 hours or so at the park...alot of TPR members were doing the same


The line had some pretty cool views of the coaster that you couldn't get anywhere else


I took some time to take some photos since I didn't really have any of the ride.


We ate lunch at some point with out vouchers, and ended up back at SROS where we rode for most of the remaining day


The ride was pretty rough, but it did have some pretty killer pops in the back seats


The entire line was like walking under Cyclone's skirt!


Some people also needed the Cyclone credit, so we went there!


Too bad you're too young to win anything...but you will get to go to Hershey :p


Since this thing had a q-bot line...we used it! We didn't think we'd get wet but one of us ended up getting a pretty good splash, but I don't remember who


Max, do not eat the q-bot!!!


Since we had the q-bot, we decided to give courtesy rides to Batman and Minderaser (because Eric loved it so much)


Atleast by walking through we made our day a little more wiggly


Max wanted to walk through Wiggle's World to do more pounding, with some Cheetah (???) being his victim


We got in the q-bot line for Scream, but they were only running one tower, making that wait too long, so we moved on


Gotta love no lines via the q-bot entrance through the exit


After ERT Elissa handed out the q-bots, and we were off to get the Thunderbolt credit for some members of our group


We managed to get another 12 rides during ERT, and ended up riding the coaster about 30 times between the two days


After a ride on each coaster, SROS was ready to go for ERT!


The last drop and following hill were the best parts of the ride...I just wish it didn't end so fast


Next we moved over to Pandemonium for our only ride while at the park.


It was a pretty decent boomerang, considering the extra ride we got on the lift


The day started with ERT on Flashback and Pandemonium. We got on the first train of the day, and of course, we broke it! The train started bouncing up and down the reverse lift and eventually they e-stopped us...and eventually we got to ride.

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So SFgadv was one of the most anticipated days of the trip for me. Unfortunetly, the rain hit at about 12:30 and closed the rides for the rest of the day.


MAJOR kudos to R&E for scheduling a return trip...which was one of many highlights from the trip. Also SFgadv was kind by handing out complementary admissions for everyone on the trip.


Anyways, photos...


I'll go ahead and end with this picture...it's sorta depressing...8 hours of coaster riding we missed out on. Once again MAJOR props go to R&E, who let us return for a second trip later on.


Thanks for looking, Six Flags Jankyland next!


The only coaster we could ride was the Dark Knight...so we went ahead and rode it again.


Everything on the q-bot showed up as full, aka closed...


Our group of TPR members went ahead and took over both the carousel and tea cups...which were actually open!


Apparently these people thought the rides would reopen...wrong


As it started to rain a majority of the group made their way to Panda Express....where Robb and Roxanne demonstrated how to share a q-bot ;)


Batman ended up being our last coaster of the day :(. In fact our ride was in the rain...


I think Max enjoyed it a little too much


We managed to grab the credit on Road Runner while we were in the back of the park


We rode in the front and back row, and each delivered...especially over the smaller hill in this pic


Next was Nitro, which I absolutely loved! I put it at #2 right behind SROS.


After collecting our q-bot, we headed over to the other side of the park to do some riding...Skull mountain was decent but they forced us to sit in the middle car (I wanted the back)


Eric was not so lucky...look what Ka did to his nametag!


I thought the entire ride was very good as well, including the large hill after the top hat...I really feel this ride is underrated


I sat in the very front and the launch was just absolute insanity


The ride looks very impressive from the station, much better than out in the parking lot


Last but not least, we walked over to Kingda Ka to get the first rides of the day before the GP!


However, while the 4 airtime hills were really kickass, I felt let down by the ride. It was overhyped for me and didn't come close to Boulder Dash


This is why TPR trips rock! Look at all of those empty seats!


The main attraction was the hour of ERT on El Toro!


The first event was an ERT ride on the Dark Knight. It was pretty much your typical wild mouse plus some scenery at the beginning of the ride. Why didn't they theme the entire thing???


We eventually did make it to SFgadv! The skyline was pretty impressive.


How appropriate!!


The day started off with this vehicle, which was parked right next to our bus

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