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More FAIL pics....


And I'll end with a pic of one of my drawings!


Silly Internet Explorer! Firefox is waay better.


A literal fail -- 100 True/False questions and the person marked C for all of them (Scantrons have True/False questions marked A and B)





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^ The student probably just didn't really care about the class. (probably failing the class anyway and a higher grade wouldn't boost much)


More pics...


And lastly, the Mysterious Yellow B&M comes to Music City USA as Wabash Cannonball 2.


Hilarious product placement, but I do think that the Huggies bilboard looks kinda Photoshopped...




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I thought that this was a funny throwback to the old days when we learned to read with the dick and Jane books - here is a new take on it


if it violates policy I do apologize


things have changes a lot since the old days

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The movie he is referring to is "Dune."


Its all about a big planet that holds the key to interstellar space travel, and nearly immortal life, but also harbors these huge (and I mean really big) worms that eat anything that touches the sand (the planet is one really huge desert).


And get this - its all because of "spice." When eaten, this spice gives you long life, and if eaten in big quantities, it makes your eyes glow blue and gives you the power to see the future.


Here is the kicker: Spice is worm poop. Its worm poop that bakes for exactly 21 days out in the sand, then ends up exploding onto the surface, where they go and brave the worms to collect it.



Ok, enough with my nerdy-ness... However, the franchise has spawned several movies, and very successful computer games (dune was one of the first Real Time Strategy games).

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