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  • 3 weeks later...

Here are some more...


That's just how he rolls.


Rubix art. Someone had too much time on their hands.


"Can they see me?"


He frew up.


Who do you think got detention?


so cute...


...and that's how Easter eggs are made...


"You looking at me?"

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I think the top one should say Oil companies and the lower one should say car owners. (3.95 a gallon here in Terre Haute).


You Americans have no idea of expensive petrol!!

Near me, this is the UK, petrol is £1.13 a LITRE. A litre is 0.22 gallons, so here you would pay over $11.00 a gallon.

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^But doesn't Europe have more of a mass transit infrastructure to offset that (or is that just Germany?) and besides, you guys have a way more valuable currency than us right now. America seems to have cars being used a lot more frequently than most places, so I guess it would even out.


But I don't care, when I get my first car, it will be from Tesla Motors.


(Not their $90,000 sports car, they will have a few purely electric affordable cars in a few years.)

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A screenshot I took while I was flying a 747 out of Princess Juliana International in Flight Simulator X. I forgot that it's impossible to safely take off from Princess Juliana Intl. in a 747 with full fuel tanks; the runway simply isn't long enough for a fully laden 747 (However, a partially fueled 747 is perfectly fine.). This screenshot shows just how close I was to disaster.


^Here's what the airport looks like in real life. THIS IS NOT PHOTOSHOPPED!!



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Issues with getting Speeding Tickets. Well look no further! Here are the simple steps to solving your road problems.

1: Tie these balloons to your car.

2: Drive VERY fast.

3: Watch people get out of your way.

4: Tell the nice officer you thought they were real.



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Nick and Mariah held their wedding party Tuesday night at SFMM. They rented the theme park for themselves and 100 of their closest friends, family and business associates, which Mariah’s manager, Benny Medina, Mariah’s mother, Nick’s father, and his half-brother, Reuben. Wow, I wonder if they had all the attractions opened, with only 100 people in the park, that is CRAZY! I would just luv that.



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