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Breaking News: Fire at Atlantis Dubai

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The main lobby of the Hotel Atlantis on the Palm Dubai went up[ in flames this morning.

Initial reports say it was a small fire in the lobby started by welding equipment. The water park has not been damaged. I will post as many details as I can when I have them.


Here are some photos I have found on the Internet. I have been told that part of the hotel has collapsed, but nothing official. I will ate,pt to get down there later today to try and get some pics.











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I have just been down to the Palm to see what the damage is.

Nothing has collapsed, however the entire lobby has been destroyed. It seems, from the outside, that the fire was contained there. No Doubt the amazing sculpture in the centre has been lost. My other worry would be smoke damage. A lot of corridors lead from the lobby and when I was there last week there seemed to be no way to block the smoke.


Here's a better picture.


This is the amazing sculpture that must have been destroyed.


This is what the lobby used to look like


It seems to have been totally destroyed


This is the lobby area.


As you can see the reports of a collapse where not true.


You can not get onto the crescent where the hotel is located.

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There are updates and more photos at




They say that it was just the roof of the lobby and there were no injuries. We were supposed to be going to Aquaventure again tomorrow but they have cancelled it.


They are also saying that the Bridge Suite, located directly above the fire and $25,000 per night, has suffered sever smoke damage.

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Yeah, I was going to say that was a Chihuly sculpture. I went to the exhibit at the Deyoung Museum in San Francisco and saw some amazing glass scultures there.


Here are a few pics of his work from the exhibit. Thank goodness the lobby sculpture was not lost to the fire.


Outside the museum was a huge sculture, probably 30 feet tall and illuminated at night.


The last room had a ton of different glass scultupes


This was a whole ceiling filled with blown glass.


This was a huge piece with a boat filled with various pieces.

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