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Photo TR: Pittsburgh/Kennywood! 6-8-05

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Better late then never!


Back in June I went out to Pittsburgh to see Liz, my girlfriend for a few days and of course we had to hit up some of fine points of Pittsburgh.. aka.. PNC Park for the O's game.. and Kennywood! I'll post some pictures from everywhere.. but I'll just do a quick TR for the fun of it!


Anyways, Its been three years since I was at Kennywood. We stopped at Giant Eagle right above the park to get some discount tickes and headed in to the BEAUTIFUL new entrance! Great job on that! Definately makes the park look much classier from the outside.


Now.. Kennywood has a really unique entrance.. It's jaw dropping when u leave the parking lot and concrete, and are transported almost back into the past when you come out on the other side of the tunnel! If you ever look at old black and white pictures of things and think "I wish I could see what it would be like to be there" well, walk thru the tunnel!


I'll highlight just the rides:


Noah's Ark- I love this! It's amazing that other parks have gotten rid of these because no one walks around in there and doesnt have fun! Maybe if you fall down the stairs or twist an ankle.. but Kennywood has done an amazing job keeping this up and running!


King Kahuna- Didnt ride.. I'm not a big Top Spin fan.. and this one looks awesome, but goes "SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEECHHHH BANGGGG" when it stops. NOOooo Thank you to that!


Exterminator- This wild mouse is an example of what can be done when a park is really creative about getting a new coaster! I've liked it since Year One and still love it! Liz and I had to sit on opposite sides of the car because it was just us two.. needless to say we got banged up!


Pitt Fall- Scary. They were only running two cars which sucked.. but I loveee drop towers. They are the only rides that still make me nervous. Hershey needs one!


Phantoms Revenge- WOW! I forgot how much insane AIR this thing has. We sat in the back row a few times and the middle other times. I don't think this coaster has a bad seat! The trains are amazing too. You have the car seat belt type thing and just a little bar that doesnt even touch you "holding you in" haha. Definately a top ten coaster! I'll never miss the Steel Phantom!


Thunderbolt- A great old classic woodie and was running great like always! Some good air, but more importantly on this ride some insaneee Lat G's. Definately a unique ride as the last drop is the highest?! Crazyyy.

It's a top 10 wood in my book, but not a top 10 overall coaster.


Racer- Just a fun little ride. We got our butts kicked twice, it wasnt really "racing" too much for some reason the one side always destroyed the other.


Garfield- Alright.. WTF?! This is an example of WHAT NOT TO DO with a classic ride. Ugh.. I was devastated to see what they did to the Old Mill! Sigh... well, its now just the Disaster Transport of Kennywood.


Thats about it really! We had to defend our beer pong championship and were both pretty tired so we left after a few hours! Was a greattt day though.


What do you do when an old lady sets down all of her bags in the middle of the road and doesnt move???


Didnt ride this.. but its a cool picture!


Large Dropp'age!


Liz and I :) You can see why we had the walk of shame in a sea of Pirates fans after the game.


Looking towards Lost Kennywood and that airtime machine Phantoms Revenge!


Kennywoods new entrance! Pretty.


The old Forbes Field wall! I'm sure only you baseball fans will appreciate this. I thought i was cool.


More PNC. Too bad the Orioles BLEW IT!! Liz and I had a really bad walk of shame.. both wearing O's shirts and hats. The bus driver threatened to not let us on..


I'm a huge baseball/ballpark fan. I'm JEALOUS of you Pirate's fans with this GREAT park. The only park I like better than Camden Yards.

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When we went to this club in Southeast D.C. (which is the worst part of the city), I had to pay a bum to guard my car. It's a very common practice in Washington. You pay them and sometimes they even sit on your hood. No one one tries to steal a car with a bum on it!




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Wow, that's different, paying a bump to watch your car....i guess weird but effective. Yeah being I live here in pittsburgh, im constantly swarmed by bums...just two nights ago. I had to drop off my mom and sister at this tour bus location, they were taking a trip to Paramounts Kings Island. it was 5:43 am...I remember because I kept looking at the car clock...anyhow I drove pass a bum and stopped at a stop sign.....the lady (bum) walked up to my car window and asked for change...she scared the shittters out of me....you don't just roll up on someones car at 5:00am....the change I had in the car was wet and sticky cuz I spilt pop by accident in the change holder...she took it anyways and tried to get in my car....as she got the door halfway open, I pulled off, fast and furious. The nerve...won't give a bum no more change after that and I keep the windows rolled up now......anyhow nice TPR!

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Nice photo TR. The old lady thing it to funny! Did she really sets down all of her bags in the middle of the road and doesnt move? That is unbelievable, I have never seen something like that before!


Yeah! She just stopped there and set all of her stuff down in the middle of the lane! I dont even think this bum was capable of actually making it to a car window to ask for change! That's SCARY though. What do you think that lady would've done if she got IN your car CoasterExpert? I never thought of bums as carjackers..


Anyways, during the next green light we backed up a little and passed her in the bus lane...


I guess the bums in Pittsburgh are more proactive than the B-more bums! But it sounds like the DC bums will be your bodyguard for a few bucks!

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