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Hi everybody,


So in October, I will be taking a vacation to Orlando and have two days open for theme park visits. I was wondering what you guys thought would be the ideal parks to visit. I've already been to MGM Studios and Epcot so those are out and don't really want to go to Universal Studios. So that leaves me choosing from Sea World, Islands of Adventure, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom. I have two days for theme parks and I will be the only intense roller coaster fan in our party, so a park with a couple of big coasters as well as lots of non coaster stuff to do is what we're looking for.


Also, I live in San Diego and have plenty of experience with Sea World San Diego and Disneyland...so I don't know if that would take away from the enjoyment of their Orlando counterparts.


Thanks so much!

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You must got to Islands of Adventure. 3 awesome coasters, great dark rides, and awesome themeing.

But as for the other park I would probably be split between Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Magic Kingdom has more rides but Animal Kingdom has a lot of animal stuff to do.

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IoA and Magic kingdom.


Islnds of adventure has large rides, great water rides, a brilliant atmosphere and the most awesome dark ride in the world (although I don't know how much of this will be out of action with Harry Potter construction).


Magic kingdom is a perfect example of a disney park, lots of family rides, great theming etc.


I think that Animal kingdom and sea world don't offer enough to be full day parks.

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