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Mark's Postcard Paradise

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First generation Free Falls: love them or hate them...I just miss them!


This one one used to thrill riders at Six Flags Great Adventure. When I rode it back in the 90's it shut down while I was at the top and I got to walk down the stairs, it was almost as exciting as the ride itself. I love evacs!



Stuntman's Free Fall

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With The Dark Knight being released on DVD this coming Tuesday, I couldn't help but give a little nod to the first ever Batman The Ride at Six Flags Great America. Here it is in all its original paint color glory of black and well more black.


R.I.P. Heath...We miss you!


To the Batmobile let's go!

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In another thread, forum member Sparebear75 has posted a great photo trip report of the amusement park inside the West Edmonton Mall, home of Mindbender, the "world's largest indoor triple loop roller coaster".


Sadly, I've never ridden it, but several of my friends have, and didn't hesitate to rub in that fact by sending me a post card or two. The one below was postmarked 1987, the year after the accident. However, the photo shows the ride pre-accident with the original four-car trains. And four trains at that!



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This is more of a card, or brochure, but it's holiday/park-related and semi-historical. Below you'll find a list of events and the operating schedule for the second annual Holiday in the Park event, which began at Six Flags Over Texas in 1985.







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Well I don't remember much about riding the Mini-Mine Train, but it sure was cool to have a pint size version of the Dahlonega Mine Train. I've always loved that last drop into the tunnel on Dahlonega...one of my favorite moments on any mine train anywhere!

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^ Wow, look at all that red and green! It never occurred to me that a Santa beard can look... even creepier at 60mph...


And one for Shane: this scene would look a bit more like Christmas if there were some reindeer pulling those sleighs.


copyright date 1970


it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you

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^ Another great mine train card. I have no idea which track is pictured. Also great to see the Skyway ride. Was that removed prior to the big wheel being installed? I really haven't seen many photos of this park that show the Skyway.


Yes, I have quite a few more old AstroWorld cards. This one is also dated 1970, but I think the photo in the previous one is from '68 or '69. It didn't take the park management long to realize they could increase ride capacity by linking two sleighs together. (Looked kinda silly, but oh well.) I think that was how it was operated all but the first (or second) season.



oh what fun it is to ride

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Thanks for your nice Holiday postcard, Mark. And it makes me realize...


I DO have a good number of postcards, from trips dating back to the (gasp) mid-70's!


New Year's Resolution: to start adding to your wonderful thread.


And for you and those close to you, a happy holiday season to you and for the year ahead - especially on that Scandi tour, LOL!


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Merry Christmas Bill!


Great seeing you in here...reminds me of how I wish we were back at Aventure Parc sharing that snack tray hah! That was truly an awesome way to spend an afternoon in the Belgian (it was Belgium right?) countryside.


YES!!! Please share with us your postcards...would love to see any and all of them. I'm sure you have quite a few gems from the 70's!


Wishing you and yours the BEST for the holidays and hope to see you in 2009!

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