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As much as I like Big Thunder Mountain, I do miss the old Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland (especially the "dazzling Rainbow Caverns" and their creepy music). At least you can watch still Tony Curtis run across the "Living Desert" in that old movie 40 Pounds of Trouble.

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Continuing on with Disneyland month here at the Paradise, here's a look at the grand re-opening of Tomorrowland back in 1998 featuring the Astro Orbiter. We'll conclude Disneyland month next week with an extensive retro look back at Tomorrowland. See ya in the future!


Tomorrowland circa 1998 when some of you weren't born yet. Future retro. That really boggles the mind!



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This was once a great ride. Hey, how about replacing the wood track with Arrow rails????

I loved Predator when I first rode it - I think it was in 95, but the last time 2001 - was brutal. Hopefully they can give this ride some love and make it better....



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^^^ I really didn't even notice Rocket Rods was on that Tomorrowland card til you pointed it out Shane. Wish I'd experienced them.


^^Epic postcards! I had no idea that Walygator had formerly been a different park. From your Attic thread, it looks like it had a good bit of potential when it was Big Bang Smurf, but it felt so lifeless during the TPR Europe trip 2 years ago. It'll be interesting to see what Orochi does for it.

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It's time to conclude the Disney month series here at the Paradise - sorry Hot Fuzz...I know you're sad. Have no fear, there'll probably be another one in the future! To conclude, here's a retro look back at the Tomorrowland section of Disneyland.






Blue Doom Buggies.








I had always thought that the Matterhorn Bobsleds were in Fantasyland. I guess I was wrong!



Did the stage rise up from the underground?


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I had always thought that the Matterhorn Bobsleds were in Fantasyland. I guess I was wrong!


The Matterhorn was listed as part of Tomorrowland for years in guides and ticket books. I was never clear on "why."

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Enough with the corporate park world - I now bring the love and focus back to the southeastern US and feature a great little indie park...Lake Winnepesaukah. It's been a few years since I've been to the park, but every visit I've ever had here has always been good. In my opinion, Lake Winnie has charm, thrills, and some odd uniqueness (Fly-O-Planes anyone?) all wrapped into one. I can't believe I haven't featured LW until now, so here you have it!


Beware...MEGA PIRANHAS in the lake!!!


Apparently Lake Winnie has moved from Georgia!

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From one lake park to another, this week Indiana Beach is my featured postcard. It's been about 6 years since I visited IB, but back then the park sure was cool. I spent a whole day here and never got bored. It's not a big park, but it's jam packed with lots of fun stuff to do including some great (and quirky) coasters! Check out this aerial view of the park - pre Cornball.


Hello there Mr. IB Crow.


I love this place!

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