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Mark's Postcard Paradise

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Have you ever thought about selling these for money? I'm sure the Texas giant postcard would be worth some money!


Actually none of my postcards are for sale right now. Maybe someday though.


Did everyone get their fill of Thanksgiving Day turkey? Well here's a bird of a different feather for you to digest...Vogel Rok from Efteling.



Fun enclosed coaster with impressive entrance!

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Halfway to nowhere between Beech Bend and SFKK, lies the oft overlooked Guntown Mountain. It's just a little blip on the map along the interstate and has always intrigued me as I've driven by it. There isn't much to see from the interstate except a chairlift, but upon closer inspection there are a few other attractions including a boarded up haunted house, ghost town, and train ride. I think there's also an alpine slide. I've never actually been inside the park since it was closed when I stopped in '07, and I'm not even sure if the park is still operating, but at least the huge gift shop was open and full of all kinds of trinkets and nick knacks including cured hams!


Can someone vouch for visiting the park or if it's still in operation?


Just drove by it on my way to/from Georgia for Thanksgiving! It looks pretty dilapidated to me (the giant sign is falling apart) but I couldn't tell for sure weather it was closed or not.

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^ It will be interesting to see if Guntown Mountain opens again in 2010. By the way, I stand corrected about the Alpine Slide being at Guntown Mountain. It appears it's at the neighboring Kentucky Action park:




Anyway, onward to this week's postcard, and since the Christmas season is just around the bend, here's a look at Silver Dollar City's train all decked out for the Winter holidays.


All aboard The Frisco Silver Dollar Line.


It's not quite The Polar Express, but it looks good!

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Thanks Shawn Damon and same back to you too!


At least you can check out the seaside there in Myrtle Beach even if the Pavilion has been bulldozed. Last I heard it was still a vacant lot. You definitely should go to Morey's and Santa Cruz though. I think you'd really like them both!

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The 2010 XXI Vancouver Winter Olympics games are here! I absolutely love the Winter Olympics, and my three favorite events are bobsled, luge,and skeleton. In memorial of brave Georgian luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili, and honor of all the great Olympic athletes here's a little tribute...Schweizer Bobbahn at Europa Park!


Go Team Mack!!!


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I am not really a fan of white coasters, but to me there are two coasters that should have or should always remain WHITE. They are Shock Wave and Revolution. Shock Wave has probably seem more color schemes that any other coaster, and some of them have been truly hideous.


I am going to Six Flags over Texas opening day and can't wait to get a ride on Shock Wave!


(I guess White Lightnin' at Carowinds should have always stayed white also, but since it is not around anymore we'll let that one slide)



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