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Mark's Postcard Paradise

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Scott I checked out the Schmeck book and indeed the postcard in my link above appears to be of the OOB Cyclone and *not* the Jack Rabbit. Below is a scan of the Cyclone photo for those of you without the book. Other photos of Cyclone make it look like a fairly twisted and great ride! Now if we could only find some photos of Jack Rabbit to go along with restoca's postcard.


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Here are a couple of older postcards from Parc Asterix, my favorite parks in Europe...well behind Europa, Heide, Port Aventura, Tivoli...well it is a good park.



Although the park is great this coaster is constantly voted one of the WORST steel coasters around



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Last Sunday I was unable to bring all you valuable Postcard Paradise readers a new postcard here because I was out on a postcard shopping binge at Silver Dollar City. Wow...what a gorgeous park! I absolutely loved it. Since I've been going to Dollywood all my life, SDC seriously had a very similar feel to it for me, and that's a good thing. Really I think all the park is lacking is a good woodie, and it would be perfect. It's definitely a park everyone should check out! Here's a look at Wildifire, Silver Dollar City's short but intense B&M.


Cobra rollin'


Best B&M first drop EVAR! The ginormous Immelman rocks too.

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^ Could not find a single Diamondback card in any shop anywhere in the park (went to all of them the last 3 days looking.) All they had was Beast, Beast logo, Firehawk, Vortex, Delirium, the Eiffel Tower during fireworks and I think Son of Beast but not sure on the last one as they are in my car.

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Also we need more contributers in here so everyone come on...show us what's in your collection!


I encourage those of you that have a post card collection, no matter how small or large, to share them with us. This can be an even better thread if we get some more contributers... Now get scanning!


Here is a great old card from Cedar Point.


Wow!!! Is that lime green track on the Blue Streak in the background of this postcard?




When I worked on the ride 92-93 (RIP), there were spots in the station where a lime green color was showing up below layers of old paint. Now I'm wondering if the track was that same color... anyone anyone?

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Boy I am on a roll tonight...here is one more.


Can you believe the Busch company ever had an "off-the-shelf carnival type ride?" Well it did, and it was Glissade.


Oh, the synchronicity, Shane ... I just returned from a visit to BGE this past weekend and was examining my copy of this same Glissade card. I rode this Schwarzkopf staple on my first visit to BGE. Just across the midway, Busch had yet another "off-the-shelf" model from Anton --- a Wildcat. And just think, HIS version of the BBW was on the drawing board but would never see the light of day ... ::sigh::

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Celebrating all things AstroWorld over in Shane's Amusement Attic so I am going to do a shameless plug here in Mark's Postcard Paradise. I


I loved how AstroWorld incorporated "Astro" into a lot of their earlier rides, here we have the ICON of AstroWorld...the Astro Needle (later renamed SkyRama)



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Great tie-in to your AstroWorld mini-series season finale Shane! I'll miss the Attic over the summer. Thanks again for sharing all your amazing memorabilia. It was another fantastic season!


Oh and by the way, the Postcard Paradise will still be open for business this summer, so feel free to continue your great postcard contributions when you're not too busy at Cowabunga Bay (<---would love to see any postcards from there too if you are getting any made).

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Hey All --


Sorry I've been scarce lately around here but 'tis the season and work has kept me constantly on the road. But now, with the holiday weekend here, we're staying out of the parks --- except for maybe a few spins at Carowinds Sunday evening -- and perhaps some trackspotting if any has been delivered yet )


In the meantime, I've found a couple of older, totally random cards to add to the Paradise.




-S :



Rolling Thunder. I picked this up in the late '90s.



I LOVE this ride, despite the "triple loop" misnomer. Rode it a few weeks ago. Thankfully, it still runs as Anton intended.

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^ Woo my first and still my favorite Schwarzy! Thanks Scott.


^^ Sadly Shane I remember seeing the Astro Wheel carriages sitting by the employee entrance when I visited for final closing weekend in 2005. They were really colorful! It was as if the employees could take a picnic lunch and eat inside them. I have some up close photos of those I need to dig out.


A new milestone has been reached today for the Paradise...50 pages and over 50,000 views! Thanks everyone for looking and contributing!

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Mark- you almost got lost on page 3. Good thing I have this Boardwalk & Baseball postcard to bump you back to page 1.


Freestyle Music Park reminds me somewhat of Boardwalk & Baseball. When they first announced they were going to close Circus World down, re-theme it and call it Boardwalk & Baseball...I thought it was the dumbest name I had ever heard of...are you seeing the similarities????



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Thank you Shane for rescuing my thread from oblivion!


Well regardless of the name, I really wish I'd visited Circus World/B&B...especially when it had that oh so sweet looking Schwarzkopf! By the way, what were the other "quality" HBJ theme parks?

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Ok, who's ready for some Schwarzkopf goodness this weekend? Here's a triple play featuring three of The Master's beauties. I've ridden all three and loved them for different reasons.


Though the Canadian ride still runs balls-to-the-wall, Six Flags destroyed one, then castrated the other and dumped it in western Mexico.





This post-accident shot is from the same angle as another MB card here in the Paradise. The trains have been reworked and the footers are painted yellow. This remains one of THE most powerful coasters in operation. Simply phenomenal!



Poor, poor, Looping Star ... I mean, Viper.



Damn you Six Flags!

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This is the last postcard I'll be featuring for a couple of weeks while I'm away on the TPR Scandi postcard shopping extravaganza. Well I have to leave you with a bang right, so here is quite possibly the highlight from last summer's TPR Europe trip, Expedition GeForce, and a big shout out and thanks to Robb and Elissa for ALL they do to make these trips possible.


Enjoy, and see you all here in the Paradise in a few weeks!


The back of this card translates to EGF totally rocks!!!


EGF in all its glorious Intaminess!

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Hey everybody...I'm back from the big Scandi postcard shopping spree and had an amazingly great time on the trip. Thanks again Robb and Elissa! I stocked up on plenty of new cards to show everybody here. First though, if there ever was a time to share this next postcard, I suppose this would be it. Here's a little tribute: Colorado Adventure - The Michael Jackson Thrill Ride at Germany's Phantasialand.



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