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Mark's Postcard Paradise

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Here's another GL card that illustrates the changes Shane mentions. I worked at the drink stand near the loop the summer of 1979. When this ride first opened the station and queue weren't finished. I remember going up the exit ramp and boarding on a bare platform with no roof!


One summer day while manning the drink stand, I watched the GL train launch as usual, but this time there was a problem with the "pusher", which didn't disengage at the end of the launch. It was torn off and carried to the top of the loop, where it fell and hit part of the base of the loop before the first car passed the same area of track. That made quite a noise! The ride was close for quite a while after that.



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^ That must have been scary to watch! I had never heard that story before. So the pusher had no upstops?


Spring has sprung, and it'd be awesome to get outdoors for a boat ride with the Pennsylvania Dutch, don't you think? Dutch Wonderland was a great 3 hour stop when I visited in 2005. It has my favorite junior coaster, Sky Princess. I refuse to call it by its rename because Sky Princess just sounds so much cooler! I think it also sports the purple and blue color scheme much better than those Clawshun redos, but alas I digress. DuWo is a really fun, small park which I highly recommend checking out if you ever find yourself on the way to Hershey, Knoebels, or Williams Gr--oh wait.



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Spring??? Spring??? I was in a hail storm in Southern California this weekend and when I get back to Utah there is 3" of snow on the ground again. I think you are getting ahead of yourself Mark.


Since I am up to the Six Flags park in my tribute to 1980 brochures, here is a postcard I thought would be appropriate. 1980 was the year of the swinging ship for the Six Flags chain, here is the best one they installed. The Conquistador at Six Flags over Texas.


ps- Can you name the 2 six flags parks (original 7) that didn't get the swinging ship?



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I would say the other park that didn't get a swinging ship was Six Flags Auto World.

smart ass, the other park that didn't get one back in the 80's was Six Flags Great America, they didn't get theirs until the Southwest Territory expansion.


^I just realized the reason Six Flags Great America didn't get the swinging ship in 1980 is because Six Flags Great America was still Marriott's Great America in 1980...oops


Conquistador was definitely the best looking ship SF ever installed. It might just be the best looking one ever.

I would have to give that award to that indoor swinging ship in Japan. Remember that one? It was AWESOME

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^ I LOVE to see parks lit up at night! Too often these days it seems that parks close before it gets really good and dark.


^^ Seriously Shawn. We need to plan another meetup...preferably on a TPR extravaganza!


^^^ Oh and how could I forget the swinging ship at Aqua Stadium Shane. It really was amazing looking...almost as if it were made out of crystal. Yes that one is the most gorgeous one I have ever seen as well.

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And now for something completely different. The original Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom in Orlando. I am interested to see how the new version turns out. Hopefully it will be as good as Disneyland's remodel.



this postcard just screams 1970's

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^ CLASSIC! I'd totally forgotten that SM was getting a redo. Unfortunately I haven't been to WDW since about 1989, but I think that will all change once a neighboring park opens a certain new section.


I'm thinking you should join some friends (Divv, Lou, Andrew, etc...) and I in Orlando for Halloween/Potterland in 2010!

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The Beast...how good was this ride back when it first opened? I loved the old trains and no brakes on the first drop! Riding this coaster the first time I rode it in 1979 is a coaster memory I will never forget!



The Beast with the good trains

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Here are a few cards I've recently acquired from Cedar Point and Riverview Park


Back of Ballroom card


Cedar Point Ballroom


Back of Riverview card


Riverview Park


Back of Breakers card


Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point circa 1918

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I have no idea where ^ is, but what the heck is that in the bottom right-hand corner of the postcard?


It "looks" like a swings ride... but in the ocean surf???


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