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Alrighty, yesterday a few of my friends and I decided to take the 2 hour trek northbound and visit one of my favorite parks with one of the greatest coasters EVER.. The Phoenix! Number ONE out of 156 in my rankings! Yesterday was no exception!


We arrived at the park around 5pm, and of course, pulling into the half full parking lot there was a severe thunderstorm warning for the area and the clouds started to roll in. No big deal! Actually I like a good T-storm when Im at the parks (especially when I worked at Dragons ) because the locals tend to clear out instead of deal with the downpours!


Well, we figured because it looked like all hell was about to break loose out of the heavens to ride the Haunted Mansion and then seek shelter.


The Haunted Mansion here is EASILY one of the 2 best IMO. Personally, I'll always like Draculas Castle *sniff, sniff* at Wildwood better because.. well there are real people jumping out at you and the boats were CREEPY!


Anyways, after the skies broke open we took refuge for about 30 minutes during which lightning kept hitting very close to the park and the electricity kept going out. I was scared I'd be walking over to a burning down Phoenix and forever be scarred.


Alright.. Im rambling. We went over to the Phoenix and got some GREAT food as always. I always am tempted to get their crab cakes.. any good?!


We hit up the Phoenix.. last row.. WOW. We always play a game where you try to keep your hands up the entire ride without touching ure lapbar and needless to say.. I dont think I ever have been anywhere CLOSE to succeeding there. There is just sooo much airtime and my butt hit the seat divider several times! Amazing..


Rode the Flyers.. Carousel.. Played mini golf, rode the skyride, the train, and a few other rides.. we went back and finished off the night at 10 o'clock with the Phoenix.


Random Notes:

We rode row the legendary 1.3 on the Phoenix and honestly, I dont think it comes anywhere close to beating the back row! The pacing up there seems really off there and the airtime is more "knee jamming seat in front of you" airtime, not floating straight up air.


The operations at Knoebels are AMAZING. They get the train at the Phoenix loaded and out probably in under 10 SECONDS!! incredible. Compare that to Gwazi.. alright.. better not.


The guy running the flyers didnt seem to mind snapping. He actually would stand there and give everyone a high five when u go around the first time.


We didnt ride the Twister today. The line was easily 30 minutes, while other lines were maybe 15 mins. That and my friends like to think wooden coasters are supposed to be smooth like the forceless Lightning Racer down the road :?


All in all, Knoebels is the only park I've been to that just has a special magic that when you're walking around, you cant get at any other park. I dont know if its the pride everyone has for it, or the fact that everyone is having a GREAT time and not rushing and going nuts all day.. or maybe its the families out with their dogs walking around.. I dont know.. but Knoebels definately is THE hidden gem of amusement parks.


Eric "5 hours at the park, and we only spent like $15!" Geiple


and finalllyy the Phoenix! My overall number 1.. of 156 :)


and at night!


Paratrooper during the day


The Carousel.. a must ride. There is usually bloodshed trying to get the outside horses. I told the kid sorry..


You can't beat these! I really have to get to PPP and witness the professional snapping.


Sign'age from Kozmo. LOL.. they put a VEKOMA at a Childrens Hospital?!?! Doesn't that seem wrong to anyone else?


New coaster supports?


Let it rain..... the creek in the previous picture was about 3-4 feet higher after this.. no wonder Knoebels floods a lot.


Very few parks do you walk around in the shade of huge trees.. Knoebels rocks.


AHhhh.. we're finally.. DOH! Get back in the car.

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Great TR! I really enjoy reading everyone's Knoebels experience because I love the park that much.


If you go to PPP and watch Todd, Tim, Walt, Punk, and Steve you will hang up your Flyer shoes forever. Well maybe not, but it is a trip.

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Robb's the one that crashed tubs with Walt on the flyers!!


I still think Derek and I have the advantage of being light...those things soar high when we're controlling them!


Elissa "ready for painful dose of 'flyerback'" Alvey

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Robb's the one that crashed tubs with Walt on the flyers!!


I still think Derek and I have the advantage of being light...those things soar high when we're controlling them!



You're kidding me!! I didnt realize you could crash tubs! Haha . That's actually scary! It's almost scary when you are down at the bottom, snap, and then shoot up into the tree! Such a good ride! I've been meaning to get to PPP for a few years now and now that I'm back in PA for a change I'll hopefully get up there!



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I just discovered how magical Knoebel's was this year, and after hearing so many good things about it, I was still pleasantly surprised by it. I agree, it's a WONDERFUL park that just has a completely different atmosphere than any other park out there.


However, the Flyers weren't working when I was there. Oh well, gives me something to look forward to for PPP (I plan on making it there for the first time this year).

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The crab cakes at the Phoenix Junction are the "fresh from the freezer" variety that you can get in the store, so they're not worth getting, especially when there's so much other good food in the park.



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Knoebels look really beautiful. I hope I will be able to go there someday.

One thing:

Could somebody please explain the whole flyers-snap-PPP-thing to a flyerdeprivated european. We don't have these things over here.




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Many years ago, Bisch Rocco created the greatest ride known to man. They created a center spinning amusement with metals arms and 8-10 tubs hanging from cables.


To further display their love for the park enthusiast, they put fins on the tubs that would allow 1-2 people the ability of changing the pitch of the tub as it rotatated. With this clever creation, the "pilot" could now control the ascent and descent of his tub.


Soon the public discovered that if you fly the tub to it's extreme capabilities, you could create slack on your trip down and store that energy for your next climb. When the tub would fly back to the top, the cable would snap drawing the attention of everybody around. Hence, "Snapping" was born.


Over the years, many of these creations have been bought up by "chain" amusement parks and some have just closed forever. Knoebels is one of only a handful of parks that run the ride how it was meant to operate.


Every October, enthusiasts from around the US make the trip to Knoebels for a park sponsored event called Phoenix Phall Phunfest (PPP). Over the years Phunfest has become "The event". It is a time when all the enthusiasts say their goodbyes for the summer season.


In the mid-90's, a man named Todd Long organized a camp consisting of mostly people who regularly post to a newsgroup RRC. At the top of the campgrounds, you will find them every year.


Camp RRC created sort of an un-official side event to PPP called flyer fest. During these precious moments, some of the best Flyer pilots take the controls and the crowd watches in amazement as they witness the Flyers do things they have never done before.

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I will be at PPP this year, and I have never camped. Scary isn't it? I will do a flyer's session. My first set of flyers was back at the beginning of the month at Stricker's with 5 Pro's. Rob and Chuck Nungester, Brian Davis, Pat (don't know his last name), and Rob Wilson.


Let's just say this, I crashed 2 times into 2 trees, and was told by one of the king's of flyers that "You can fly in front of me anytime!" I guess that qualifies as good? lol


Can't wait to see you all there? Robb, Elissa, are you making it to PPP this year?



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I am not a member of rrc, but we are trying to get into the campground, my friend Tina is taking hold of arrangements. She loves to do that kind of stuff. I am just along for the good wood, and some flyers!

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I think we might just do 'hangover' day on Sunday instead of the event on Saturday. Too many people! I know that Knoebels does a great job with capacity, but I'm just not a 'crowd' kind of person!


Hopefully some of you will still be there on Sunday!


Elissa "I guess I should look for airline tickets soon!" Alvey

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