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Theme Park Review's 2008 Asia Tour!

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I wish there could of been pictures of the coasters though.


There was only one coaster, Spin Bullet. It is an indoor coaster and there is no place to get a good shot of it.


I can't believe in 3 trips to Tokyo I have yet to go to Muscle Park. Is the 4th time a charm?

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Haven't been to Muscle Park yet, but Sega Joypolis rocks! I loved Spin Bullet. Halfpipe Canyon was cool too, and I seem to recall some awesomely wacky haunted house attractions that made little sense, but were a lot of fun.


Mountain of sushi - yum! Monster Burger - yum! Damn I wanna go back to Japan soon...


Nice Takeru Kobayashi reference! My best friend's son has "Takeru" for a middle name (named after Kobayashi, of course).

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japan looks awesome but the condomania store scares me. I don't like condoms they are too much for me. Fun update!


I bet your stripper friends were glad to hear that when you were talking to them on the phone.

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^The thing with Fuji-Q is that everybody is in the queue for everything, so most of the park is waiting in lines for an attraction instead of walking around and enjoying the park like most people would do. So it gives the appearence that the place is dead, and everybody is like "OMG!! OMG!! Nobody here! OMG! Must get to ride!", but they end up getting screwed by the lines. What a great illusion!

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And now the part you've all been waiting for! TOKYO DISNEY RESORT!!!


When going through the photos from the trip I normally try to narrow down to about 40 or 50 photos per park. This time around I ended up with just over 200 pictures of Tokyo Disney and I thought "what the hell!" everyone loves to see photos of this amazing park so I'll just post them all!


So here is the first of 4 parts for Tokyo Disney Resort. The photos will be kind of random, but I think that will be part of the fun!




Ahhhh...bizarre flavors of popcorn. You'll find this all over Tokyo Disney Resort. Chocolate was "good" but it's no Black Pepper!


How come Japanese people aren't fat?


Welcome to Toontown...spooky pumpkin edition!


The Jolly Trolley mows down about 10 to 15 unsuspecting Japanese each day.


Watch out for that frog! It spits.


"How do I get out of this cave???"


The new Tiki Room doesn't suck as much as the one in Florida....but it still sucks!


Will the REAL Disney character please step aside...


Aha! Turns out it was the little Japanese boy! Who knew?


This fulfills the "Giant Boat with waving people" part of the update.


Toon Lube.


No lube needed...it's like throwing a bowling ball down a hallway.


One of these two is a man.




DisneySea is sexy.


Hidden something.


"Every time it eats a child, it has explosive gas."


"What's that sour taste? Did you pee in there?"


Tokyo's Space Mountain Rocket Ship make over didn't suck.


"My God! It's full of stars!"


"Which one is the sex bed?"


"Godzilla! Come Quick! Kill Mega Fire Monster!"


Now that is one BIIIIIIG ball!


Little men like playing with little boats.


DisneySea at night. Amazing.


Aquatopia. The most awesome pointless ride ever!


It is even more awesome and more pointless at night. Seriously this ride is super cool!


"Welcome Home!"


Methos POV


"Are you the REAL Alice in Wonderland?"


Loch Ness Castle.






Boo to you and you and you....


This version is better than Disneyland's in California because it's not at Disneyland in California.


Is it just me or does that look like a severed head at the bottom of the picture?


Haunted Mansion Holiday makes me happy.


I think the Santa suit will impress Sally. Jack is sure to get some ragdoll tonight!


Hellloooooo Castle!


Those crazy, crazy Japanese!


One of these is a real pussy.....cat.


Did we mention that Tokyo Disneyland's Castle is awesome?


OMG! Now there are two of those hideous creatures! No, no, that's just Rosie O'Donnell.


OMFG! Minnie looks HOT!


Where are we at again?




Dave has a thing for duck furries!


"Hey girls! How much?"


"Honey, are you sure we can't have Belle come to our room for like an hour? 45 minutes? Oh, who are we kidding...10 minutes TOPS!"


The castle has it's evil Mickey pumpkin guards.


And we end this part of the update with this awesome photo of the castle all decked out for it's 25th anniversary!



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Ah, the popcorn... when we were at Tokyo Disney in 2005, they had those curry popcorn carts all over the park and it smelled sooooooo good. Unfortunately, we never got to try any, cause there were always about 200 people in line. We were there during Japanese Spring Break - it was absolutely THE most crowded I've ever seen a park. Just the same, Tokyo Disney was awesome, a truly delightful park, even with the crowds. (And no French crushing either - the Japanese are polite.)

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I remember the first time seeing the people dressed up as Disney characters, we tried to be covert in picture taking. Then we figured out that they want you to take their picture and they pose like the character.

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Ah yes, the japanese and their unhealthy facination with Cosplay.


I loved seeing the Cos-play-zoku in Japan! What fun. This needs to seriously catch on in the States. Americans have gotten too conservative with their attire since the days of punk rock. Let every day be Halloween!

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Dang, TDL is really amazing!!! Their TOT totally kicks @$$ in appearance. I think that one is the best looking out of all the TOT's. Plus they have weird flavored popcorn.


In my opinion the story in the Tokyo TOT is far superior to the Twilight Zone versions. The story is told so well, that even though everything is in Japanese, no translation is needed. I was so surprised by how they could take what was already one of my favorite rides and make it so much better.

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