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Theme Park Review's 2008 Asia Tour!

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You guys have had enough fun, I'd say.


You should come back home, now.



Culture Day looked great.


Chinese food looks like what I can get here, around the corner.


All in all, a pretty good start.


You may continue...


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Can you enquire about why the chinese spiked the Australian Olympic teams food and cost us at least 10 gold medals, I know the government would be very responsive to such enquiries.



Not another Australian complaining about the Olympics...........

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So just how long is that Alpine "sliding car" ride? It looks damn awesome! (Hope you got some POV footage!) I soooooo wanna go to the Great Wall...


And BUTTERSCOTCH chicken?! Wow, sounds delicious! Watch out, with all that amazing food, you guys are gonna be putting on the pounds like ACErs in no time at all. By the end of the trip, you'll be asking parks for the XL shirts.

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Today we hit our first real park! Beijing Shijingshan Park! Now this is the park that I heard got in trouble for being a "Disney Rip Off." Well, it's NOTHING like Nara Dreamland or any of those other knock off Disney parks.


If anything, this was more like a Six Flags or Cedar Fair knock off. It had versions of rides you may recognize, but they were all "Chinese Copies."


For example the Chinese SLC, the Chinese Wacky Worm, the Chinese Skycoaster, the Chinese Mad Mouse, etc, etc... All looked very similar to the original counterparts, but totally made locally.


Anyway, onto some photos....


"OMG! It does smell like cookies!"


And we will leave you with that image burned in your head! More random China stuff tomorrow!


And the bathrooms at our lunch restaurant were a little....um....strange?


We had our own little rooms for dinner (watch out for the silkworms!)


And Elissa bought a Chinese silk dress...now my fantasies of role playing as a Chinese emperor and my concubine can come true!


The tour was only awesome because they made Joey do manual labor!


I had always wanted to visit a silk factory sweatshop and now I have! Major milestone in my life checked off now!


Testicles or Silk...you decide!


Right before dinner we visited a silk factory where they showed us some worms...hmmmm...I wonder what is for dinner? =)


There's a big throne which reminds me, I really wanted to find a bathroom and post to the forum "Hey everyone I'm currently taking a dump in the Forbidden City" but it just never happened...sorry to dissapoint!


The Forbidden City was "ok" but culture is really not my thing. Luckily this is our last "culture" part of the trip...from now on it's all about knock of SLC's and other quality stuff! =)


We took a long visit to the Forbidden City...I have two things that remind me of this place. 1. Wonders of China film at Epcot, and 2. The "Just Say Mao" sampler CD from the 1980s. (Anyone else know what I'm talkin about?)


Does this really need a caption?


On our way to lunch we found this shop...


KidTums has got that Asian "peace" sign for photos down!


This is the Shuttle Loop...I can honestly say I had one of the few TRUE "Oh Shit!" moments on this coaster when we went back through the loop and the train stalled and the entire ride shook violently...I really thought we were stopping and the train was coming apart. I am NOT making this up! It scared the crap out of a lot of us!


Oooh! We caught Chun Li training for her next Street Fight!


I'm cute! LOOK AT ME DAMMIT!!!


These scary guys are part of the "Theming!"


Here is the knock-off Big Thunder Mountain that has killed fewer people than Disneyland's.


On the other side...EPCOT! (Matt should be happy!)


From the bridge you could see both sides of the park...on one side it was like Magic Kingdom...


The expression says it all!


This was the Chinese Hershell Mad Mouse. What I didn't understand is that apprently this coaster opened in 2005....if you're going to knock off a mouse, how about copying a more modern one that doesn't BEAT THE LIVING CRAP OUT OF YOU!!!!


"If you would like tickets for your next ride, please see the giant pineapple."


This was really the only thing Disneyland related. Two things to note...one it's bigger than Disneyland's castle...and two, it wasn't as ghetto as Nara Dreamland.


Joey is ready to go trippin' through space!


This was "Space Trip" or Space Adventure or Adventures through Inner Chinese Space or something like that. It was basically a knock off Schwarzkopf.


We see you Chinese skycoaster!


It looks like an SLC...but it is NOT!!!


Some of the group had difficulty getting on. Basically if you were fat, tall, had wide shoulders, or one had sex with a leprechaun, you weren't allowed to ride. Unfortunately since I had that killer leprechaun threesome in New Jersey last year, I wasn't allowed to ride. :(


There are some rides that just shouldn't be copied...and an SLC is one of them!


Oh, dear...the Chinese SLC was now open!


"I'm CRRRAAAAAZZZYYYY angry Top Spin guy....gimme some chopsticks!"


It was cute! Totally indoor coaster with lots of theming! BTW, that's Jeff's great aunt and uncle.


Next up with the Jurrasic Adventure.... aka.... Dinner with Jeff's family.


So here is Spinning Batman...not only did it not spin AT ALL it had nothing to do with Batman!!!


Ooh! "Spinning Batman!' Now THAT sounds awesome!


This was some bizarro spinning shooting dark ride. I didn't quite get it and Jeff thought it was a coaster! WTF???


"If you would like tickets for your next ride, please see the giant penguin."


The wacky worm filled up with adults! Yes, even in China this is a typical scene for a TPR trip.


You know...other than having the lift hill overgrown with trees, this actually wasn't that bad!


"Um....mommy...I don't need the credit THAT bad!!!"


Ahh, yes...the Chinese Wacky Worm...this should be a QUALITY ride!


Hmmm...the Chinese Vekoma SLC is looking a bit closed...let's come back later.


The other side is over the rail road tracks!


One side features malaria lake...


In a very "Kentucky Kingdom" fashion, the park is built on two sides of the road...


Group photo at our first China park. Don't we all look excited?


"Hey I got donuts and Cheerios and that's all I care about!"


Chinese breakfast had "Heart Attack" written all over it!

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Is Saturday's earthquake affecting the tour very much? (I just noticed an item about it in the paper this morning--a 6.1 along the same fault line as the big quake from last May.)


By the way, blurry picture, but nice dress, Elissa.

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The Chinese SLC also uses the same color scheme as "Desafio" in Parque de la Costa - Argentina! They really love to copy everything!


I loved that suspended coaster... Those vertical supports themed to look like trees are awesome!



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The earthquake has had no effect on us whatsoever. I think it was quite a long ways away. Many people here didn't even know there was an earthquake until they read about it on TPR!




Funny--I read about the quake in the Newport News Daily Press before you'd even heard about it.

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We took a long visit to the Forbidden City...I have two things that remind me of this place. 1. Wonders of China film at Epcot, and 2. The "Just Say Mao" sampler CD from the 1980s. (Anyone else know what I'm talkin about?)



I know of what you speak...

I still have a copy of 'Just say Mao' in my collection of CD's. Don't listen to it much, but I still have it.

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