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Theme Park Review's 2008 Asia Tour!

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^^^ I agree with mickey. Giant Drop experience is INSANE! and when your on it. Tower of Terror is running right next to you. Imagine being at the top of Superman The Escape Tower. And Dropping that whole way. Then you've got Giant Drop. TPR Australia trip would be small but good.



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Wow, it looks like you have had a lot of fun in Japan.

I just got back to NZ after 5 weeks of homestaying in Japan, no themeparks though. It was completely awesome though, got to see some amazing things.

I hope you got to do some sight-seeing aswell, I saw you went to Senso-ji temple in Asakusa, I went there in July last year and thought it was amazing, and you got to go to Shibuya, I was there about a week ago and it was completely crazy, but I loved it!

The time I went to Japan in July last year, I did go to Disney Land and experienced some lengthy waits, but then after I found out it was the first day of summer vacation and it had been one of the busiest days on record, hehehe but still I didn't experience anything like you did at Fuji-Q (I still can't believe it's Japanese, they are generally so effiecient and hate to wait for things!).

I enjoy your posts very much, and makes me want to go back to Japan, even though I got back barely 3 days ago, hehehe.

Thanks, Aye.

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^ It's a standard observation tower.


Sea Paradise is a really nice little park, then only thing I think is odd with the place is that they get so many million visitors every year (it's in the top 10 of numbers of visitors in the world, if I remember correctly).

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Next stop was Yokohama Cosmoworld which I still feel is one of the "prettiest" parks in the world. There is no denying this place has an AWESOME setting! Especially at night. Have a look....


Today it was KidTums turn to get us to our next park! She's got the directions, she's ready to lead us!


Wait! She wants us to do morning calisthenics before we hit up the next park???


"STEP ON THE BUG!!! STEP ON THE BIG BUG!!!! Before it gets to the children...."


See Comoworld during the day is nice...


...and the setting right in the middle of the city is fantastic...


...but it's at night when this park REALLY comes alive!


The park is located on both sides of the bay. The Ferris wheel and "Diving Coaster" is located on one side...


...and there are some flat rides and the kiddie coaster are located on the other. It's a short walk between the two.


Enough pretty lights talk...let's ride a roller coaster!


Yes, Diving Coaster is pink...very pink...


You guys all ready for the pink diving coaster?


"Dive! Dive! Take her down easy!"


And there they go! Pink and diving!


Even the trains have glowey lights!


Diving coaster is ICE BAT APPROVED!


I'm not even sure what this is, but damn it looks awesome!


Why do we keep bringing these maniacs on our trips with us? (Except Lauren...she's cool.)


Seriously though, while Diving Coaster isn't the greatest coaster in the world, the park really is amazing!


Everywhere you look everything glows!


This place must have been a lighting designers wet dream!


And in addition to the awesome lights, Cosmoworld is also home to some REALLY wacky dark rides! You guys ready?


This one they almost didn't want us to ride because it's all in Japanese and they were afraid we wouldn't understand the story...


Who needs to speak Japanese to understand "BOOBS!!!!"


This dark ride is "Dolphin Safe"


There is even something for our gay contingent to look at!


But most importantly...BOOBS!!!!


"So you guys ready to go on the ride with boobs and half naked dudes while holding a phallic object?"



The first 10 people to have their caption posted will get a TPR Bag-O-Crap! Be sure to email him your mailing address too!


Why are these dudes in every Japanese shooting dark ride?


Even KidTums got to play this one!


Cosmoworld is also one of the homes to the original "Meat Animals" and especially "Meat Cow."


No, Dave is not dead. Although he looks dead. He is actually overwhelmed with joy and happiness that he has found Meat Cow. You just can't tell because joy and happiness in Dave looks the same as death.


These "Meat Animals" tell you what meat parts are included. There is Meat Cow, Meat Pig, Meat Fish, Meat Chicken, Mean Human (yes, that's right), and now the brand new Meat Holstein which is a descendant of Meat Cow.


Ok time to head over to the other side of the park! Get your jet packs ready to FLY!!! (Yes, they have Jet Packs in Japan because they are so advanced.)


The other side of the park looks just as awesome!


Lots of lights and dizzy stuff.


You guys ready for your "Family Banana Coaster" credit? (I don't make up the names of these rides I swear!!!)


Yay! Banana credit!


See! Even the Banana Coaster has more theming that most US parks!


And what does every TPR member do after a day of coasters? That's right! Close one eye and stick your tongue out!


Thanks for reading!!! One of the most bizarre parks EVER is up next!



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My caption has been sent! Hope you enjoy it Dan!


Anyways, this has been another great update Robb! It looks like you guys had a great time in Japan this year! I've really enjoyed reading this thread and look forward to the next updates--the Japan-A-Mania 2 DVD helps to add to the ancitipation, which is a sign of good things!

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Caption #1 - sent in by jedimaster1227 - he will recieve a TPR Bag-o-Crap! If you want to get your bag of crap, read the update and follow the instructions!


The ghost of Togo past haunts Yokohama with a vengeance. The locals tell a little rhyme about her:


Beware the curse of Togo Train,

She had no inverts,

Only pain.


And if you see her at the parks,

Run the hell out before she barks.

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Caption #2 sent in by cfc. He will recieve a TPR Bag-o-Crap! If you want to get your bag of crap, read the Cosmoworld update and follow the instructions!


“You know, it’s pretty tough to escape the forces of evil if you have to wait for your pants to fill.”

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