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Theme Park Review's 2008 Asia Tour!

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Just wondering does McDonald's taste the same??

It's exactly the same but BETTER! Every meal comes out BLAZING HOT! I'd say Chinese McDonalds is 2nd in the world to Japan!


--Robb "On our way out the door to Hong Kong Disneyland." Alvey

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^Oooo, now I'm all jealous again! HKDL...maybe in a couple more years! I just got completely caught up on the updates and they are great as usual. I'm not sure if I would have braved the Honey Lake coaster or not...I probably would...I am a dirty whore like that, but I would be terrified the entire time! I know the odds, but with rust like that it just wouldn't matter to my chicken heart!


Speaking of chickens...how sad is it that I had to go back and look at the pictures after people were commenting on the chicken head. I was wondering what brought on your extra special back-story/commentary. I thought it was mostly for Kidtums reaction to your eating the chicken! I'll just prefer to think it's because I'm very, very tired..and not that poor of an observer!!!


And the Christmas Dark Ride...too funny! My brother despises "It's a Small World" especially after our last visit to the Magic Kingdom. He rode it six times in a row with my then four year old niece because she was afraid of the fireworks. (And of course her dear Aunt watched the fireworks instead!) He said he rode it and just thought if they would just make it a shooting ride....scary!


Anyway, your updates are fun and informative as always! Thanks for taking the time, Robb. I'll look forward to the rest!



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Ok, is it just me or does that freaky chicken head piece not look exactly like E.T. when you look at it like the right side is the mouth?


These trip updates have been awesome! This trip definitely looks like one hell of a culture experience, to say the least.


See what I mean? Hidden E.T.

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Re the chicken head on the plate - I wouldn't be able to take that, even if didn't have to eat the actual head, I would just keep going "stop looking at me!" and eventually storm out.


I wonder if the communists have been following the tour party around making sure they don't get out of line, Theme Park Review is a peculiar brand of subversion that would certainly not get govt approval.

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Hi There! I'm a Chinese, it seems like you guys are EXTREMELY excited about the chicken head on the plate... ^^"


This is a Chinese tradition, it happens all the time, especially when you order a whole chicken plate.

There are many different story behind, but one of the reason I've heard was because the restaurant want to show that they didn't cheat you, they really did serve you a whole chicken, instead of serving 2 chicken for 3 dishes. Since there can only be 1 head for a chicken, so they can only able to show you a head only if they serve you one whole chicken.

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We are now in Hong Kong!


We have checked into the Disney Hollywood Hotel on the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and then we have headed out to Ocean Park.


I knew that Ocean Park was in the middle of a huge expansion project, but what I didn't know is that the construction is so massive that it spreads to both sides of the mountain and it looks like more than half of the animal side of the park has been leveled and it's being re-built!


It doesn't leave much to do on that side of the park but when it's all done in 2012 it should be amazing! The new expansion even includes a tunnel that connects both sides together.


While we didn't visit Disneyland today we did spend some time at the resort and the hotel. I for one absolutely *love* the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and if it wasn't for the unfortunate fact that the park still has very few attractions this would be my favorite Magic Kingdom behind Tokyo Disney. But I'll get to that more in our HKDL update!


Disney has such awesome babysitting service!


Tomorrow...Day one of Hong Kong Disneyland!


And took her off to their treehouse while we had dinner...


They saw that KidTums was totally crashed out....


That of course wouldn't fly with Elissa around...


Chip N Dale where there so I tried to have my way with them...


We went for an amazing dinner at Chef Mickey's.


Hey look! It's like cave paintings! Where's Jeff???


The hotel grounds are very nice.


It's just like being back in Los Angeles!


We went back and checked out the Disney Hollywood Hotel.


Yes, it's true...we all qualify for the special olympics!


He's cute *and* edible!!!


Anyone remember this place?


KidTums loved it!


We made a brief stop to Avenue of Stars so everyone could check out the Hong Kong skyline.


What a coincidence...there's a movie called Kung Fu Panda and there are Pandas on the shirt doing Kung Fu.


While the Panda Waffle stand is now gone, Joey did find some cookies made out of pandas!


"Mommy, can I poop out some bamboo too?"


This dude may not be pooping now, but he's going to taking a HUGE bamboo dump sometime soon!


Even better! This guy kind of looks like me when I'm watching porn. One hand on the food one hand wandering around...


Here we go! Cross your fingers that they will be pooping.


The only thing really left to do on this side of the park is the giant balloon and the pooping pandas.


Here you can see there's not much of the park left!


The view of the city isn't quite as cool as the water, but still awesome.


Reverse POV of the cable car!


KidTums has got that Asian "peace" photo taking thing down!


Time to take the Cable Car back to the other side to see some pooping pandas!


We like tunnels!


The top of the mountain is all under construction.


Another shot of the mine train.


This is pretty much the rides side of the park.


And yes, the view is also spectacular from the Sky Tower.


David finally get some action on this trip!


Would you believe there is even some airtime to be had here?


Oh, yeah, that's the money shot!


Ocean Park's mine train is the coaster with one of the best views in the world!


Oooh! Finally some Frozen Coke!


Here is something that will make you forget your pain.


Vertical loop right into the sidewinder...OUCH!


Rough Coaster...great view!


There goes some of our TPR crew! Good luck with that coat hanger coaster, guys!


The Dragon coaster had the "short bus" on the transfer track.


"This mountain is PURE SNOW! Do you have any idea what the street value of this mountain is?"


KidTums, stop holding your breath!


The weather was a bit better last time we were there, but it's still breathtaking.


The Cable Car ride is still amazing and terrifying at the same time.


From the entrance to the Cable Car ride you can see the massive construction project that includes the tunnel to the other of the mountain.


Hello Ocean Park! How's the family been treating you?

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I'd really like to ride on that cable car at Ocean Park. It looks like there are two separate (but nearly parallel) lines; but one is higher on the mountain. Do they in fact run between the same places?


At some point in my life, I'd like to say that I've been to all five Disney resorts. I can't go with the Westcoaster people next February to Hong Kong and Tokyo, but someday...


And keep up the great Photo TR of your Asian adventure!



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I've been a Disney addict for a long time and always thought that I will (one day) go to Hong Kong for Disney, but Ocean park looks like something I will have to do too....


Great picture set, but I admit I am looking forwards to the Disney once...

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It's 4:40am and my brother and i is waiting in Seoul

International Airport for Robb&Elissa and the rest from the China-trip to arrive so we can do the Korea-trip.

Having arrived last night we have spent the night riding "Bench: the ride".


// Marcus

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Another...interesting...update what with the fecal fascination about panda poo.


Seriously, good to see these and have enjoyed them. The work at Ocean Park is impressive. Excited to see the end results.


As always much appreciated and safe journey to everyone there.


This pic seemed like it should be Falafel's next Avatar for some reason. It seemed to suit her humor.

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