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The Bryan and Adam Show Thread

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^Matt, the Bryan and Adam Show finale has already been completed both in photographs and film. Bryan is actually out of town and will not be in Orlando during your visit, but I will still be here as we discussed... Even though my better half seems to be missing!

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Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Bryan and Adam Show season finale special. I'll be your host, Chip Dipson. But before we get started with the action, here's a word from our sponsor.


"Hey Mean Joe Green, here's a Coca Cola Classic!" "Thanks, kid!" "Did you know that delicious and refreshing Coca Cola Classic is the official soft drink of the Bryan and Adam Show?" "Yes."


Welcome back everyone, today's finale was shot over a series of multiple days, some of them at WDWCelebrations' Studio 20 event, which Adam Roth helps run. Helping out with photography besides Mr. Roth are Jose Castillo and Marcia Bauer. Looks like the show is about to start, so let's switch it over to Bryan.


And with that, we close out our season. Thanks so much, guys. We really do appreciate everything.


"Hi, Andrew"


Guys! Say hi to Andrew!






That formula is called ALAIS: Act Like an Idiot (in) Shops. Or was it something else? I'm not sure.


If anyone wants to imitate the Bryan and Adam Show, there's a very clear formula.


You know what's less fun? Closed bloons.


You know what's fun? Bloons. This starts our section of supplemental material. You will not be tested on this.




You're working wonders for your reputation, and I'm certainly helping.


Here's us enjoying some delicious and refreshing Coca Cola Classic and Diet Coke. Adam seems to be enjoying it a little too much, but that's his choice in life.


"Quick! Bryan! Come here and make the weirdest smile you've ever made!"


Sorry for wasting your time, Mr. Duck.


Are you not entertained?!


But outside is where the true emotions come out.


Adam's all gung ho about this, while I clearly am holding something up that you can't see.


We still love delicious and refreshing Coca Cola Classic, even though it sponsors this portal to hell.


Now I'm sad to say this, but they wouldn't allow filming during the audition, but they did allow me to take a picture who had to listen to it.


Believe it or not, this was BEFORE my audition.


Ryan Seacrest talks to you through this magic window.


Fate lies down this hallway.


The Bryan and Adam Show would like to thank this cast member for believing in us when no one else would.


Oh boy oh boy oh boy!


"It's glued to the wall!"


Aww you pranked me!


Oh my god! Adam! Your arm!


Adam is confirming that it is, in fact, American Idol.


These are all the songs you could sing if you made it onto the actual show. No need for that...


This is me gently cradling the song list in front of where I became a rock and roll superstar.


This was supposed to have the American Idol logo on the screen, but Adam's magnanimous magnanimity made my monitor malfunction.


That's right, special VIP audition passes.


There's a lot of symbolism in this picture.


Adam actually hasn't had a cupcake since that fateful day. We wish him the best of luck.


The Bryan and Adam Show's motto: if there's a completely gross picture, use it.


Adam admits defeat.


"Now if I catch any of you eating cupcakes..."


She was distinctly anti-cupcake.


Oh... I'm actually being told Adam was not handicapped ever. He was being punished for not eating all of his food.


He's walking again! It's a miracle!


Here she is getting Adam out of his wheelchair.


But what she actually was was a spiritual healer!


Yes, that's our waitress trying to feed Adam.


Yes, that's right, not an hour before this photo was taken Adam was polishing off that cupcake.


Even though Adam just had a cupcake, it's time to go eat.








Now it's time to play: Getting Excited or Disappointed by Signs!


This is the one where Adam gave up.


I was mad because we didn't really graduate from the Jedi Training Academy.


And now on the Bryan and Adam Show: Bryan not playing along.




If you put your hands in your pockets it'll help with the not stabbing me.


"Hey Bryan, let's go to Endor Vendors and take stupid pictures!" "LOL STUPID, GO BACK TO 1989-1998 DISNEY-MGM STUDIOS"


Part two: I passive aggressively smile.


Part one: I see the camera in my peripheral vision and ignore it.


So I woke up and got there as soon as possible. Adam's not trying to feed me in this picture, he's fake punching me.


Let's not forget the real reason we're here: CUPCAKES!


The guy that's second from the right is actually MagicSpringsGuy on TPR, which is why he's trying to get away from Adam.


Well before I was awake, Adam and his cronies went and did the preshow to Backlot Tour Is Closed (callback!)


Thanks, Chip. "Today" we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. More like Weirdowood!

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"Hi Bryan and Adam show"


Thanks for the shout-out, although I already considered the Great Movie Ride pics earlier in the update as a shout-out to me. I was really excited to see the Disney nerd cupcakes, I had intentionally not looked at any spoiler photos of them so that the Bryan and Adam finale would be that much more explosive.

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Adam and that coke bottle, not a good way to shake off your tag from the East Coast trip.


I've still never been able to figure out what this thread has to do with Bryan Adams. Maybe when the feelings right I wanna run all night, though Orlando theme parks.

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And as a final thanks to all of our viewers, I have embedded this wonderful video of our terrifying experience auditioning for the American Idol Experience...[coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=bryanadamshowfinale_7sm2[/coastertube]While this marks the season finale for the Bryan and Adam Show, you never know what will happen over the next few months, so stay tuned... There may even be an announcement soon. Who knows?

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I don't know how you guys did it. But you somehow climbed out of the grave and are now back alive to me again. However, I feel that you still have 9 toes in the grave and the 10th may slip back in during the off season.


Guy "Not quite dead to me anymore, but not as alive as I had hoped. More living dead ish." Koepp

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I just want to say that I'm bummed that this season had to close. Hopefully TPR will pick you up for another season as I am always entertained by these updates.


Who makes those decisions anyway?



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^Well... The real brains of the show (and we all know who that is) made a call, though I'm sure the season break will be filled with enough content...


That being said, Bryan and Adam Inc. is still waiting on TPR to officially pick up the show for its offseason content and second season!

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I hate when I start watching a show I end up liking right at the end of a season. Maybe, you guys can start a spoiler thread so we can speculate what will happen next season. Will this be like big network shows that has only one season per year, or more like Top Chef which has two seasons per year?


Seriously though, very funny stuff!

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Excellent end to the season. During the off-season maybe the Bryan and Adam show can come to Atlanta so we can go to the World of Coca-Cola and enjoy a delightful and refreshing Coke Classic.

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The video needed to contain examples of your musical stylings, since you can't actually film the real audition. Point deduction.


Even so, hopefully TPR renews this for another season. I've never watched Lost, but I'm assuming the viewers of both series are just as confused on a monthly basis.


As for my official review of Season One, here goes.


"In a debut season full of, um, seasonal things, the Bryan and Adam Show fully delivered plenty of, um, seasonings. On a scale of 1 to 10 queue line farts, this is definitely a 7.3! If you're enjoying a refreshing Coca-Cola, it's at least an 8.1 though. " - Scott B.



I look forward to the release of Season One on DVD, with bonus features.

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"I told her I was doing it on a dare." "Thank you, TPR!"


There is nothing sentient that could compare to this level of awesomeness. Except perhaps if said sentient being were drinking a delicious/refreshing Coca-Cola Classic.

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It sucks that career and family demands sometimes pull me away from TPR for long periods of time, but the great thing is when I come back and find fun threads like this!


This will help me stay awake and amused during quiet nights at work!



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