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Serpent Roller Coaster at Kokomo's in Saginaw, Michigan.

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Howdy TPR!


First of all, I apologize if this has been posted already. I searched but didn't see anything about it. If this has been posted, maybe someone could merge it with the other thread(s).


I thought that I would share this with everyone seeing as how it's not in the Park Index yet.


This Roller Coaster is being built at Kokomo's Family Fun Center! in Saginaw, Michigan.


The coaster is called the Serpent.

It's an S.D.C./Galaxi which has operated at Nobles Funland Amusement Park in Paducah, Kentucky as the Galaxi. It was then relocated to LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park in Middletown, Ohio where it operated as the the Serpent. Now it will hopefully soon be operating at Kokomo's as the Serpent.


I go out of my way everyday on my way to work to check out the progress. I've stopped a few times and snapped a few photos.

Today I was bored so I stopped in there to snap a few more photos (which I'll post) and ask a couple questions.


I asked an employee when they expected it to be open, and the employee told me the same exact thing that I received in an ACE Regional News e-mail, which was that "they hope to have it running by the end of the summer." Exact dates, times, and costs are not yet determined.


The rumor floating around Saginaw was that the reason it is taking so long to build the coaster is because the owner of Kokomo's was trying to build the coaster him self to save on cost's. Who knows if this is true though.

I do know that it doesn't look like it will be running within the next week and a half at least, and that's being optimistic!

As you can see in the photos, they have given the whole coaster a nice fresh, bright coat of paint, and they are also in the process of refurbishing all of the cars.


So, here are some photos that I have taken of the construction.

Hope you enjoy!




















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Nice pictures.


The only downside is I remember going on this at LeSourdsville, and it not being nearly as intense as the other Galaxi's that I'd been on. Can anyone verify this for me? It didn't seem to have the same forces as say the one at Cedar Point or the one at Indiana Beach...


-James Dillaman

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They have been working on this thing since at least January, maybe even December. It's a slow moving build, and it's driving me nuts!


I know it's not a huge thrilling coaster, but it's about 2 minutes from my work and it will be pretty exciting when I'm having a terrible day at work and I can take my lunch and run over there and take a spin.

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Seeing a coaster like that always reminds me of the old Galaxy coaster that once ran in Kings Dominion before the Shockwave coaster came and knocked it out of the park. I always love to ride coasters like that: fun, short, simple, and fun again.


I don't know if or whenever I'll ever head to Saginaw, Michigan just to try out the Serpent (since I live in Bridgewater, VA), not to mention the nearest Galaxy coaster to me is located in Adventureland, Frederick Maryland (the second nearest Galaxy is in Morey's Piers called "Rollie's Coaster). But to see an old type of family coaster getting a new life in Kokomo's Family Fun Center (which is just like Adventureland) always makes me happy, and although I may never get to ride that particular coaster (never say never though), at least those that live nearby and those that can travel can enjoy ridding THE SERPENT!!!

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^^The coaster at Adventure Park in Maryland is actually a Wildcat model by Schwarzkopf. Not quite as intense as the other two Wildcats I have been on (Puyallup Fair and Cedar Point), but it was still a fun ride, and fit in very well for Adventure Park. I will bet the Kokomo's will benefit greatly from the addition of Serpent.

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I should consider myself lucky to live in the north east if something like that being added to an entire region is a big deal.


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redfoot12 asked if whether or not someone got decapitated on the KD Galaxi?


While it's true that someone died while riding the Galaxi, the poor kid wasn't decapitated. He stood up during the ride and hit his head against one the low beams. Also worth noting: this ride didn't have any restraints (a rarity by today's standards) and if the ride had them, then the kid wouldn't have been tempted to stand up during the ride instead of following the safety rules to remain seated.

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I received an update today from ACE on the status of the Serpent.


"Kokomo's (Michigan) Serpent roller coaster not opening until 2009"

"I spoke again recently with Hal Shilling, the owner of Kokomo's Family Fun Center in Saginaw, MI, and he said that the Grand Opening of The Serpent (S.D.C. Galaxi from Americana Park (defunct), OH) will be postponed until next year. They may have a few test runs, but that's it. The chain, cars, and brakes still need to be installed."


Here is a link as well that re-iterates the news.

Serpent News at MLive.com

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The Galaxi at KD was one of my first credits and it's the only type of that coaster I've ever been on. This might have been one of those rumors that floated around as kids, but didn't someone get decapitated on the KD Galaxi?


I dont know if someone was decapitated on KD's Galaxi but a young guy was sadly killed on the ride in 1984 ( maybe 1985 but I am pretty sure it was 84 ) when he stood up and got hit in the head. Now in Roanoke ( Salem ) at the old and now defunct Lakeside Park, a worker was indeed decapitated in 1986 while working on the Shooting Star wooden coaster and the incident ( and those bad floods from the prvious winter ) ended up killing that park.


Back to KD & the Galaxy..I know there were rumors back then of someone having one of those super-8 movie cameras who had filmed the acident but whether or not that is true I don't know since I heard that KD seconds after the acident demanded they take all the cameras from those who were near by the Galaxi when the accident took place.


I do know that KD wouldn't let any of the Richmond TV stations int he park or even on park property to do news reports about it. One local station ( Richmond's channel 8 ) actually had to go out and rent a chopper in order for them to get that shot of the Galaxy. Those actions by KD I believe did nothing but fuel those rumors.

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  • 1 month later...

We hope Thursday Oct 30th will be the FINAL State Inspection for the Serpent. That means Halloween could be the opening date for the Serpent! How appropriate! We have had lots of test rides and our employees are all in agreement -- this ride is going to be a big hit.


Hal Shilling


Kokomo's Family Fun Center, Inc.

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The Serpent has finally opened as mrkokomo said it would in a previous post.


I stopped at Kokomo's on Saturday night 11/1/08 to take a ride and snap a couple photos.

It was a super cold night, and I was the only person there to ride it.

I talked to the kid who was running it for about 30 minutes. He was super nice and was filling me in on the history of the coaster (which I already knew), but it was still cool to talk about.


It's nothing special, but it's still a roller coaster that's only about 10 minutes from my apartment, and pretty much right across the street from where I work. I think it is a nice family coaster, and a perfect fit for Kokomo's.

If you're ever in the area, please stop in to Kokomo's and take a spin.


Here are a few photos that I took. The first 2 were taken in September. The last 5 were taken on Sunday 11/1.

Sorry for the poor quality. I had my crappy point & shoot with me.


Here I am in the front seat waiting for my first ride. The kid working was nice enough to snap a photo for me. I feel like an ass for not remembering his name.







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Hey Brian!!


Thanks for posting the photos!


I didn't do any research on this, and I thought it was a little indoor coaster LOL.


I find it hard to believe that an outside coaster would be open still in Northern Michigan.


Oh well, I missed it this year but Michigan is always my 2nd home to visit.


Thanks again and I like how your most active topic is The Big Mike Road Show



See in you 2009 Brian!



Peace, Big Mike

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You are very welcome, Big Mike!


I was pretty surprised to see it open as well. It was super cold the night that I rode it. They told me that they don't know how much longer they will keep it open this season.


I told you that I loved the Big Mike Road Show!

I don't remember if I ever told you, or if you ever got a chance to check it out, but the BMRS inspired me to do my first ever TR. If you haven't seen it, check it out HERE if you get a chance.


I'm looking forward to meeting you at some point in 2009 Big Mike!



Reality15... I actually meant to post the prices. I guess it slipped my mind.

It is $6.00 for 1 ride. They have a few different multi-attraction bracelets that you can purchase though to make things a bit cheaper. They have Putt-Putt Golf, Bumper Boats, Go Carts, and Lazer Tag as well... but you can use the multi-attraction bracelets to ride the Serpent multiple times.


If you plan on making a trip to ride it this year, I would suggest calling to make sure that they still have it open.

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Haha, no, don't think I'll be making the trip to ride it this year. I did that a few years ago during the Saginaw County Fair to ride the (now defunct) Zyklon at the fairgrounds. Kokomo's is even further from me than the fairgrounds, so it'll probably have to wait a little while.


Funny thing is, I took a trip to Detroit and rode the three Python Pit coasters at the Jeeper's locations over there to get the rest of my Michigan coaster credits... and then the next day you posted that Serpent was open... I can't win. lol


Thanks for the info!

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