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The Hurricane Thread


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^Chances are he may be still without power. They're still trying to get things together.


But in other news, just saw the latest advisory:


The model keeps moving south, and now it's projecting the gulf again. If that happens, I'm willing to bet it's heading for Louisiana again. South Florida isn't in the clear but it's shifted away from us in the last 12 hours.

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Geez. This all of sudden became an active hurricane season.


While the south is worrying about Ike, I might have to start worrying about Hanna. I heard that we might be getting 3 to 7 inchs of rain in my area. I won't directly be affected since my house isn't near a body of water and it's on a hillside in the suburbs.

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Hannah is about to come ashore. I went to the beach and I said fuck it. You cant even get to the boulevard in Myrtle Beach. They have closed down highway 17 business for all of myrtle beach because it is flooded. The water has come in over 3/4 of a mile. It is aweful down here with the water. People are outside in it and someone is going to get hurt. I parked and went to my friends hotel where he is working on 12 avenue south. I had to cross water a little over my knees. Thigh high waters. I went on 5th floor and the waves are said to be about 20 ft high. They are terrible. We lost power for about a half hour. The dunes are gone. All the bottom floors of the hotel have 2-3 ft water in them. The pool of the sandcastle south has overflown and running into the lobby. I helped move furniture to the second floor so as to not ruin it. I left my camera in my car bc of the water in case i fell bc it was borrowed. Plus it was kind of dark. But let me tell you the winds are bad and so is this tropical storm. I was not able to get any pictures.

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The sewage lines have flooded and they are telling residents not to go out in water. It stinks so bad down here. I live in surfside and our sewage system has overflown and omg talking about a horrid smell. I have a clothespin on my nose SERIOUSLY NO JOKE. I do not think I am going to be able to sleep. All you can smell is poo. I have a very weak stomach and cannot stand it. I will go out and take pics of beach tomorrow for after pics.

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^ So you learned your lesson.


Actually he didn't because his hard head went down there anyway. That same water you were crossing was the same water that backed up the sewer system and stinks. Hope you took a good shower before everything backed up. Another reason to stay out of the water and stay home. If you get a little sick from it, don't say anything to us.


Some people just don't want to listen and stay out of dangerous situations.


Anyway The latest advisory from Ike has south florida almost out of the cone, but it looks like it's heading back to the New Orleans area again. Hope that water went down, because they're gonna get more and this might really flood the city.


It may be a 2 or 3 when it hit the gulf coast next weekend.

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^The only thing is sometimes tornados get spawned from tropical storms. You don't want to be outside in them at all. Tropical/Hurricane parties are indoors only! I've been to a few, but you drink and play games inside until the storm blows over. I'm not sure how you can enjoy yourself in a torrential downpour with winds over 45 mph blowing stuff around. Rain hurts at that speed.


Drink soda, eat soggy chips. Ya know.


45 MPH winds make soda bottles or cans projectiles. And how exactly are you going to keep the chips and chairs in place with that much wind? Not too smart. Get in the house and stay there!


I heard one time about a guy that wanted to see what was going on outside during a hurricane, so he opened his door. The pressure that resulted from the air rushing in damaged his roof. Keep the door closed until it's over.


Some of you guys have some crazy ideas that need to be kept to just "inside voices".



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^ Wow that's crazy, and yeah I agree stay inside.


(though I really can't say anything I was outside during Charley(just in my driveway) and I was leaning into the wind and it'd prop you up it was so fun, but I went inside after I leaned into the wind and the wind stopped all of a sudden and I fell and scraped my knee. )


Anyways, I don't know where your getting your info Terry but mine says it's still projected to hit Florida. And it keeps you up to date pretty well. Hmmm, maybe the meteorologists here suck.

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Yeah, but a microburst it still pretty intense. One time we had one that downed a tree as thick as my car and my neighbor never found his grill. My pool was black at the bottom due to leaf coverage and a branch crushed my other neighbor's car. I also had a tornado touch down two houses away from mine, but it was only an F1 or something. It went down my street and I saw it. We didn't have any power in the house and I had no idea there was a tornado warning in effect. It was cool.


So I've had my experiences with intense storms. Everybody's battening down the hatches but me, I'm not scared.

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