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The Best Job For A 14 Year Old


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I am 15 and I have a job, believe it or not I put things on a website.

I get £5 an hour which is about $9.50 an hour.


I got offered a job because I did my work experience with them (the company), you will probably get the chance to do work experience soon, so you may be in luck.


Good luck with finding a job.

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Perhaps I am in the minority, but does anyone else think it's silly to be offering advice to a 14 year old about how to get a job? You will have your WHOLE life to work! Why rush being a student? In some countries, education is something non-existent so you shouldn't take it for granted. I am 21 and work part time as a full time student, but I need to because private universities are RIDICULOUSLY expensive for international transfer students. You live in the UK, where education is virtually free... take advantage of that!

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I'm 15 and I work at The Source/Radio Shack, I make $11.40ish an hour, and commission on warranty. If you're a tech guy, you could try a store like that!
^ Dude you make more money then my mom an hour! No wonder why were in a slump.

Yea but I'm sure that's close to minimum wage or less here in the states after the Canadian gov't takes taxes. Canada has taxes up the butt.


I live in Alberta, 5% tax and no PST, and because I'm a student I make all of it back in taxes. Our minimum wage is $8.40 here. I genuinely make $11.30 an hour and commission.



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^Spelling "backwards" correctly might be a good thing for a start.


In all seriousness, getting a good job when you are 14 is not very easy. Some theme parks and water parks will hire you at 15, though. In fact, at 15 it is a lot easier to get a job anywhere. Maybe you can just wait one more year, huh?

----Antonio"good luck"G.

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