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Photo TR: Hanno (and camera) go Behemoth/East Coast with TPR

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You didn't get any pictures of our takeover of the super slide of death right before we left? I'm surprised!




Those two hours at Quassy were better than our full day at Kings Dominion later on in the trip! That takeover of the mini carousel took sad and pathetic to a whole new level.

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Hanno, despite the fact you always manage to catch me looking tragic (I mean, seriously, I look like a horse on the Mouse!), the photos are amazing! Love every update, and can't wait for more!


Funnily though it makes me ever so slightly embarrassed of my photo attempts, lol!

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Too funny, Hanno! Fantastic photos...except of me! I hope I don't look that terrified through all of the rides, but that particular mouse was a little on the interesting side. I still haven't quite gotten over photos of the water slide at SFNE as well. I never did get completely dry the rest of that day. But if I had to buy a hoodie, I'm glad it was at the surprisingly favorite park Lake Compounce. I'm happy to have that souvenir! (and I was finally cuddly warm again!!)


I really enjoyed Quassy, and I'm still jealous of Jahan's penguin! I'm looking forward to the rest of your PTR. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.



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But if I had to buy a hoodie, I'm glad it was at the surprisingly favorite park Lake Compounce. I'm happy to have that souvenir! (and I was finally cuddly warm again!!)



Where you the one riding Boulder Dash during the ERT while wearing the Boulder Dash hoodie?!

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But if I had to buy a hoodie, I'm glad it was at the surprisingly favorite park Lake Compounce. I'm happy to have that souvenir! (and I was finally cuddly warm again!!)



Where you the one riding Boulder Dash during the ERT while wearing the Boulder Dash hoodie?!


Nope...I did not have a Boulder Dash hoodie...mine is green and just has Lake Compounce on it. After having ridden Boulder Dash, I would not mind having one of those either!

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Well.. it ain't over yet (and with that i mean these updates and the second day of tis trip..)


We had one more stop before heading back to the hotel..


Lake Compounce


Home of Boulderdash which ended up being one of those special days and ERT session.


I'm going to say something other will not like... but i prefer this ride (based on how it was during the ert sessions) to El Toro... but more on that when it's time for that update.


Let's focus on Lake Compounce and the time we spent there.


By the way.. you won't see many of my "standard" pictures for this park.. due to the fact that we arrived late... and well.. my camera needs a bit more light for that kind of pictures


heading into the forrest.. that's it for this update...


it's dark outside...


Have fun guys (and girls) i'm heading over to Boulderdash..


no.. we got some surprise "ert" on the kiddie.. and created the longest line of that day?!?!?!?


time fo ert... ehm.. wait.. aren't we supposed to go to Boulderdash??




time to check the ghost hunt


isn't this just pretty??


and this time.. with the lights on...


you can get some interesting result when playing with shutter time...


spin baby.. spin..


zooom.. zoom... zoomerang


by this time.. i could only use a flash.. or play with long shutter times.. and see what would come out of it...


time to check out the light effect on the entrance...


and off course some pictures as well


no single riders on the ferris wheel.. resulted in a nice chat with the female ride-op of this ride while enjoying some "laps" Thanks for that.


just chilling...


or did you??


wait a second.. you don't get wet on this logflume??


especially with this kind of attention to detail...


but there's more... this just looked nice..


going up the hill


The way to "paradise/heaven" for some...


some familiar faces on Wildcat


thank you, free fills


it's almost one big blur... that ride was flying.. and ERT had not even started yet...


This is the only decent picture of somebody enjoying Boulderdash i have from that day :-(


the name and rides look don't match.. but it was fun...




there was areason.. but i guess i'm getting old (well not als old as the old man) but.. you get the idea??


there's still more to see..


i'll be back...


while being in the area.. i might as well check the kiddie... denied...


Zoomerang... and yes.. i've been on worse.. (as far as i can remember)


Interesting paintjob..


By this time i started to realize that these rides are the only ones (except spinning flatrides) which can make me alittle sick (so far)


this building just looked nice..


let's get in and have some fun in this park...


and here's the park map..


Yes.. i guess we are almost there

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Don't worry Hanno, I liked Boulder Dash better than El Toro also.


While El Toro was a great ride, the airtime and speed of Boulder Dash that night was amazing and it is easily my #1 wood coaster now.


(Don't worry El Toro fanboys, the bull comes in at #2. )

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^Yeah, I enjoyed Boulderdash more than El Toro as well.


El Toro was awesome and was a blast but Boulderdash was all that and more.


It will be interesting to ride it again once they re-profile or brake the turnaround. My opinion might change after that happens...

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Once again, awesome photos. I enjoyed Boulder Dash much more than El Toro too! Well maybe not "much more" but it's certainly no contest.


That surprise ERT on Kiddie Coaster was awesome. I was one of the first to hear about it from a park employee, so I got on before the line got too bad. Zoomerang wasI think I'm at 7 now) boomerangs I've been on compared to Hershey's which ranks dead last. Too bad you didn't get any pictures of our TPR takeover of the Rotor right after dinner. That was interesting...



Lastly, the night time experience of the park and Boulder Dash ERT was truly amazing!!

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Oh Boulder Dash, how much do I love thee? Let me count the ways...


I swear Boulder Dash did NOT get old to me at all during ERT, well actually during the hour or so I spent riding and reriding it before ERT and during ERT. I came back into the station with the same exhilirated (sp?), generally blown away feeling every single time. El Toro, on the other hand, was a little disappointing to me because there were no surprise moments during the ride. Sure, you have the hill that takes you into RT's infield, but I've read so much about that hill that there was no surprise in that moment. I guess it was a case of reading too much about a ride to give it a fair chance.

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^I know exactly what you mean. I rode it with Jenn I think before ERT started and then I randomly ran to people I knew and forced them to ride it in the dark before ERT began. I remember smoking with John and then excitedly telling him that we must ride before ERT.


I don't think I quit at all during ERT. That was amazing!

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Time for another update..


Day 3 started with a couple more hours at Six Flags New England en would end with a "surpise park" (more to that in the next update)


But first.. here's some more pics of SFNE and S'ROS. More funny/strange faces and expressions of people anjoying their rides at a park.


Hope you like them.

(p.s. i notice (once again) that i'm better with faces then names.. sorry folks..)


do i really have to give back my Q-bot?? thos things saved my day...


just another Batman picture from the photo lap..


more hairtime..


I like this ride.. but i don't wat to loose my nametag..


Hairtime all over the place..


Robb is doing his impression of pressing his face against a window.. while being on a ride..


I guess it was a bit better during the afternoon...


let's get back to "the ride".. more tpr members..




some random people...


and more happy faces..


But wait.. there still more to see and ride here.. Cyclone..


"make it stop" ??


more tpr members.. and this time.. they are upsidedown...


it does not show in the picture.. but this ride is just massive...


Drop tower fun... including a flying nametag...


spot the tpr members...


Next stop.. Thunderbolt..


Here's some random people.. heading for the tunnel of fog..


Familiar sight..


this footer is missing something.. but i will not make any jokes or other commens about it..


enough ERT fun.. time to check out the rest of the park..


A picture says more then a thousand captions..


I believe i can fly..


I had something in mind.. but yeah.. i would like to be able to see the people.. and not just a vague image with a "planet"..


we made it back.. and still love it..


Final turn...


Number 2? second ride?? or just "victory" ??


Thanks for some excellent ERT time..


It takes the wrinkles of your face...


Reach out..


This is superman.. not "egyptian" style


reaching out..


who's got the biggest hairtime?


waving for the camera guy..


best expression fo the day competition..


wheels of the track anyone?? or atleast that's what i'm guessing looking at the way the wheels look..


i'd better put my hands on top of my head.. otherwise i might loose it due to the airtime here..


"mr wank" looks in shock?? plenty of air here (again)


there's so much that can be added to thi picture.. i'll just leave it to your imagination to decide who's saying what...


is it pain? is it joy? is somebody worried their shirt will fly to high??


and there they are on the way back.. enjoying more airtime..


Happy riders...


Airtime, joy wheels of track.. this picture has it all...


here they come...


soem would say.. this is like paradise... i will say.. i can't remember anymore.. mostly due to the fact.. i did not ride it much.. (i took more pictures....) looking back.. stupid me..


But wait.. there's more.. let's have some more ERT fun..


bracing for the loop...


TPR train on Flashback..


The trains look kind of cool...


After breaking the ride.. i was happy to be able to go to the next one during this ERT session..


The gates to?? who knows.. can't remember seeing this kind of gates for this kind of ride anywhere else...


Flashback.... hmm reminds me of...


First stop of the day...


here's our entrance ticket.. let's use it..

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