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Brazilian SLC Construction

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Brazilian park "Beto Carrero World" acquired a Vekoma SLC from Suzuka Circuit, called "Blackout".


Track pieces arrived on site July 26, and the construction begun and it's going on very fast.




Construction Photos:


Construction time lapse:


RCDB: http://www.rcdb.com/m/id4149.htm


Opening date: Believe, December 13 or 28.



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I dont understand why this coaster is so popular. It is in almost every park on the planet. It would seem to me that making no more than 3 of each would make it more interesting for the designer and for the parks who purchase coasters. This coaster could be modified a little instead of making exact replicas and sell them by 2 get 5 free.

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They have an Intamin 1st gen... I want to go. I will agree the paint job is amazing, that they're doing that for each and every support. I don't really care how many SLCs there are in the world, as long as they add on those nifty new trains, it's an amazing ride.

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It amazes me at how this park has been transformed in the last few years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it was only two or three years ago when the only coaster was an old Arrow or Vekoma. The coaster and park looked pretty run down, and I didn't see a future to the park. Now, a few new coasters have been added, the park looks nicely landscaped, and the park appears to have some nice themed areas.


As for the coaster, even though it is just a SLC, it looks like one of the nicest ones around. I'm interested to see if they add some nice landscaping and theming like has happened to the rest of the park.

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Hello TPR!


This is my first post here, so let me introduce myself. I'm the founder and president of the Brazilian Club of Roller Coasters: CBMR (www.cbmr.com.br). And it's a pleasure to see brazilian coasters dicussed here.

By the way, congratulations for your great group!


Beto Carrero World opened in december 28, 1991 and, by that time, the park was nothing but a huge area with a few circus tents with shows and a few rides.


Than, they brought an inverter swinging ship, a Paratower and a Vekoma Corkscrew With Bayern Curve (called Star World Mountain) and an Intamin first generation free-fall called Tower of Terror.


The park is being growing each day and features nowadays many great shows, dozens of rides, including a 300 feet Intamin free-fall and four roller coasters (A Big Apple clone called "Dum-Dum", a Vekoma Junior Custom called "Tigor", A Vekoma Corkscrew With Bayern Curve called Star World Mountain and the SLC) and a great zoo.


The park also has a Schwarzkopf Jet Star II and a Zamperla Galaxy in storage.


Beto Carrero (park founder) was a TV Character very famous in Brazil. He always dreamed of having a theme park and he loved his job. Everyday he used to walk the whole park checking if the rides where ok and the animals well taken care in the zoo.


He passed alway this year, on february 1st, in a very sad day in Brazil. 8 Thousand people went to his funeral in the park.


The president of Brazil decreeted oficial national morning for 3 days.


Beto Carrero World was always a pioneer park, bringing to Brazil the best rides in a beautiful landscape.


Here go some pictures of the park. I hope you guys enjoy them and come to visit us. You'll be very welcome by CBMR members and we'll be proud to show you around!


Take care!


Dum-Dum roller coaster

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