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Photo TR: Bas does Florida and the East Coast Tour


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^You think Cedar Fair ruined that place? I think it's more a management team that's having trouble adjusting to the new owners. I guess in a round about way it is partially their fault, but I'm thinking of the dillusional qualities of the two guys who did the Q&A with us...and at least one of them was there loooong before CF took over. I'm thinking he isn't the only one there who thinks that they can actually compete with Disney.


^^C'mon Great White wasn't that bad! There were much worse rides, as far as bad lateral force execution goes, that I haven't read anything about....like Rolling Thunder. I put Great White in the same category as Twister at Knoebel's. The lats weren't the smoothest, but the ride was still fun. Of course Twister's better though...

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^, ^^^ and ^^^^


Do note that there's a difference between 'underbanked' (which I love) and 'no banking at all'.


Anyways, sorry for the delay, but school is eating me,


hyyyper goes to the USA

East Coast Day 9 - August 14



Hersheypark, on of the best days on the trip. Today the trip was sort-off 'opened up' to everyone. Which meant that anyone who wanted to get some awesome ERT without having to do the entire trip could sign up. After the day at Hershey, I believe there were a lot of people who got very interest in doing (another) trip in the future.


We started our day with ERT on Fahrenheit and Storm Runner. Both rides didn't live up to the idea I had of them. Fahrenheit's over-vertical drop didn't do anything for me, and the trains are awfull short to achieve a decent capacity. Overall the ride is good, some transistion throw your neck into the restraints, but if you brace yourself, the ride is good fun. Storm Runner also didn't live up to all the great stuff I heard about it. The launch is awesome and the top hat with it's drop insane, but after that the ride just did an Immelman and the barrel-snake dive thing, and they were not comfortable in the Intamin OTSR's.


After the ERT a lot of people went to Rollersoaker, half to get the credit, the other half to soak the people who wanted the credit. The whole concept of Rollersoaker is a waterbattle between the ones riding and the once on the ground. Unfortunatly for the riders, the ground people have the advantage. For the remainder of the day we took it slow. We had to, because the operations were very slow and the lines longs. Thankfully we still had ERT on Wildcat and Lightning Racer so we could skip those rides during the day.


Siderwinder was a typical boomerang. The wild mouse was INSANE, it had the most forces on any mouse I've ever been on. sooperdooperlooper did very less to me, the loop was fun, and after that it was just waiting and boring myself untill we were back into the station. Great Bear was a real let down. I guess it's because of the geographical limitations but the first drop was so boring. After the lift you first go into a allmost-level helix, and then the real drop comes. The actual drop, the

loop, immelman, Zero-G and corkscrew are really cool and the way they should be, but then the train goes back to the station very slowly, and very boring.


After our group meal, there was the event called "TPR Trivia", which was just as hilarious as the trivia's we held on the bus and just as unfair. And after my group and me did the Chocolate-World tour we headed out for the two (actually three) GCI-coasters for the most insane ERT on the trip. Wildcat, although 30 ft shorter in lenght than Troy, really reminded of home. The transistion were all GCI, the only difference apart from the layout is that Troy is faster and smoother.


Lightning Racer is a totally different story. From the start of the ERT session, most of member picked their side and never left the train. If they did leave the train, they either felt sick, or wanted to ride another row. As soon as the trains dispatched, the once so loving members turned into eachothers worst enemies. If the tracks weren't ten feet apart, there would be blood. The ride at was incredible at night. Everybody was trying to slow the other train down by shouting, and altough totally ineffective, it was better than holding down your arms for better aerodynamics, as somebody suggested.


The only thing I regretted was that I didn't take any good pictures of Lightning Racer actually racing. But I comfort myself with the fact that riding a coaster is 50 times better than taking photo's of it.


Eli vs. the seatbelt-practice-device.


Artsy Comet vs. sun shot.


The absense of queue-passes is well demostrated by our fellow TPR-members.


Cool water fly-over




Don't be so immel, man (whatever that means)


Another close-up, delicious


Gotta love those curves


You can blame the group for the absence of a train in a picture, they don't realisme art takes patience.


Great Bear's Zero G, awesomeness




YES! It turned out to be a B&M after all.


....yet they seem to enjoy themselves. Well, then I guess they haven't ridden Montu or Talon yet.


Riders await Great Bear's drop. Which follows after a boring helix.


Hurray for iridescent wheel covers!


Time for some B&M-love


Wildcat as seen from . . . uh . . . a distance?




What's the dude in the 2nd row up to?


Storm Runner's launch track


For you close-up-enthousiasts


Pretzel, anyone?


That's one hot drop. (Get it? Hot-97* Fahrenehit? Get it now?)


Is it a garden ornament, is it the stairway to heaven? No, it's a vertical drop!


Fahrenheit looming in the distance

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Part 2


And with the finish sign we concluded our day at Herseypark.


Lightning racer




Wildcat train blur


Wildcat at night




I could say I'm speechless, but I just don't know any good captions anymore...


Cobra Roll


Fahrenheit's pretzel at night.


Fahrenheit's overexposed lift hill


Storm Runner at night.


Thanks to the insane long shutter time, my attempt to shoot the train, it turned out to be nearly invisible.


"Hey, that moon looks a lot prettier with a B&M-Loop next to it"


Midnight at night.


The Chocolate Tour!


Fahrenheit at twilight (running out of captions, I know)


Wildcat in twilight


More Fahrenheit, more fun!


Fahrenheit, seen from the Space Shuttle Atlantis


Wildcat, as seen from the top of the Empire State Building


Great Bear, as seen from the Airforce One


Lightning Racer, seen from the Goodyear blimp


The actual factory, seen from a helicopter


Storm Runner, as seen from the observatory tower

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hyyyper goes to the USA

East Coast Tour Day 10 - August 15

Dorney Park and Six Flags Great Adventure


Today I had to make one of the hardest decisions of the trip. The first option was to stay the whole day at Dorney and it's waterpark, to chill out, take it easy and have loads of time riding and taking

pictures of the amazing Talon and Hydra. The second option was that I (or we) would only go to Dorney for the morning and night ERT, and spend the rest of the day taking our revenge towards the rainy

weather that ruined our day at Six Flags Great Adventure. I chose to go to Great Adventure, because the park had so many good coasters that I missed, and I would have plenty of B&M-love during the night ERT.


I will not stop thanking Robb, Elissa, Fred (or was it Joe?), SFGAdv and anyone else involved in creating the opportunity to go back to Great Adventure. But first things first. And that would be the Steel

Force ERT in the morning. Our hotel was right across the street from Dorney Park, so instead of very little sleep, we had little sleep, and we walked towards the far side of the park. Steel Force looks very

intimidating. When I boarded the trains the first thing that I noticed was that they were ENOURMOUS. Forget the crappy Intamin seats, these Morgans are the way to go. The ride itself wasn't forcefull in

any way and the level of design of the track is laughable, yet the ride is soo much fun. The huge helix is taken at a very high speed, and unlike the helix of S:ROS and Six Flags America, the helix isn't

boring at all. Defenatly a fun ride.


Next up was Laser, and I probably get a price on my head for saying this, but I didn't like it. I nearly fitted in the trains for starters, and after the loops the ride might as well go right into the brakes. Just like when I rode scorpion at Busch Gardens Africa, the loop is fun because it's forcefull, but the rest of the ride does absolutely nothing for me.


After everybody said goobye to Laser we got a little suprise from the park, we got to be first riders on Voodoo. Voodoo happened to be my first Intamin Inverted Impulse and I really like the ride. The launch is what you'd expect from a LIM, it's fast and always catches you by suprise. The twisting spiral in combination with the straight one and it's holding brakes was very cool. Now, the capacity is low and the duration not very long, the ride is very cool to experience, just make sure not to wait 2,5 hours for it.


As soon as everybody got their ride on Voodoo, and certain people got some rides on kiddies and a Wild Mouse as well, some of the group gathered at the hotel to head out Six Flags Great Adventure. While driving towards SFGAdv took 3 hours, we only had 4 hours in the park itself. And although I did not get all the credits in the park, I was glad to have ridden Medusa, Superman Ultimate Flight and the Great American Scream Machine, in addition to re-rides on Nitro and El Toro. Not being able to ride Blackbeard and Rolling Thunder wasn't bothering me at all, I was just glad to being able to get back there and do the important credits.


Medusa was awesome, the ride kept throwing inversion after inversion towards you, and although the front isn't that forcefull, getting your feet almost chopped away by the track is a huge adrenaline boost. Superman Ultimate Flight was my first B&M Flyer and while a lot of people said that the ride is boring as death after the pretzel, I really loved it. The sensation of flight combined with inversions like B&M does, is soo cool. The high G's in the pretzel were awesome and the flying around after it were incredible to experience.


The Great American Scream Machine was a lot like Medusa in a way. It also threw you inversion after inversion, but GASM also threw a brick wall at you at the same time. Damn, that ride was rough. I think I speak for the entire world when I say that I am glad Arrow never build an SLC.


After a quick stop at Nitro, which was still running insane, we saw a small gap to ride El Toro. Now, when we rode El Toro during our first visit, it was in the morning. Now, the ride was warmed up. So as I seated and got stapled, I was expecting nothing more than the previous run, almost a week ago. And boy was I wrong. Whereas your usual airtime woodie 'lifts' you out of your seat, El Toro during the morning was hurling us out of our seats.


The only way to descible the airtime on the hill over Rolling Thunder during a warmed-up run is 'abduction'. There is no other way to put it.


So thanks to the Q-bots we were able to ride 5 top coasters in 4 hours on a very busy day, and while we all agreed that this decision was the right one, we headed back to Allentown and take part in the B&M-Night-ERT. I still can't find enough chances to thank Robb and Elissa for arranging SFGAdv-Part II, thank you, thank you, thank you, once again.


Back at Dorney there was still some time before the ERT started and the lines were quite long, and because Dorney is part of Cedar Fair, it has no queue-passes. So I decided to take it easy, eat supper andwalk around the park to take some cool pictures. When to ERT started I first headed back to Hydra. I heard few bad stories about this one-of-kind B&M Floorless. And indeed it was not one of kind. The hangtime is the barrel-roll is very weird. Then, when you get to the top of the lift you expect a pre-drop, and since it was my first ride on Hydra and it was already dark, I couldn't see that there wasn't a predrop. So before I realised the lack of a pre-drop, the train was already halfway down the drop. The inclide-dive-loop was more like an overbank and the coaster badly needed a looping, but the rolls were very fun. Overall, Hydra is, taking it's small size into account a true marvel from B&M.


So after I had ridden Hydra 5 times, it was time for the last B&M on the trip, and the coaster that totally did the unexpected to me: Talon. Ever since I found out about the coaster I loved it's layout and brilliant colorscheme. Yet, the more I read about it, the more I read review, I read that the coaster seamed forceless, slow and no fun. Boy was I wrong. From the moment the chain lets go of the train, the only moment you can gasp for breath is the half-second you're in the high part of the S-turn. The Loop, ZeroG, Immelman and helix go seamlessly from the one into the other and are everything but forceless. After the S-turn, the low turn, wing-over and helix are even faster and more powerfull than the first half. The ride is insane, and I stayed for the remainder of the ERT in the back seat, while arguing with the rest of the row whether Montu is better of not.


In my opinion, Montu is better. Talon at night was just as powerfull as Montu warmed-up, yet Montu has far more inversions, and the typical slow moment all B&M inverts seem to have is shorter. Plus, the

bonus-loop after Montu's MCBR is incredible. Montu and Talon both have the same force and speed, but Montu is bigger and longer.


Talon's sign says goodbye to you...


...now you don't.


Now you see the train....


Enough Medusa, Talon FTW!


Lifthill and Station


One of Hydra's many rolls, all of which were awesome.


I almost forgot! Hydra was there too!




The Immelman


(see previous caption)


Talon's drop




....and the other side. (No I did not just mirror them in MSPaint)


Talon's loop for one side...


Talon Zero-G, with the MOON!


Voodoo at night.


Thunderhawk's lift hill.


I spot members!


And we're back at Dorney, night had almost fallen when we arrived.


Superman: Ultimate Brakerun


While Jahan takes advantage of the poor Q-bots.


Drew and Jake seem to be enjoying Nitro.


Superman, great ride, even the boring part!


.....we head out for Six Flags Great Adventure!


One last look at Talon before....


Talon Zero-G-Roll, very pretty




How can you tell you're in a CF park?


Lazer's 'curves'


Cool sun shot with Voodoo's spike.


Voodoo sure knows how to put LIMs to good use.


Wasn't Mantis in CP? Oh..wait...


Steel Force is getting warmed up for us.


The entrance to Dorney Park, as the large name suggests.


Artsy reflection shot.


Which other hotel gives THAT view?

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hyyyper goes to the USA

East Coast Day 11 - August 16



While the trip seemed to last forever, with it's late nights, early mornings, tons of ERT and even more cool coasters, the final day had silently arrived.


But enough with the poetics, on to Knoebels. The looks like it just took a random forest and put some attractions and coasters into it. And it makes the park feel very cosy, yet a bit ghetto. The heat that day was quite warm and the forest gave us some nice pieces of shade.


We started the day with ERT of Twister, a coaster that featured two lift hills placed under each other. The ride was great, yet the ride didn't pull of that much to impress me. When the ERT was finished, we got a lot of tickets to use of the rides. We did some rides, which included the best 'ghetto-darkride' ever, a derelict steel kiddie and a random bunch of spinning/puke rides.


Now, as we all expected a year ago, that the flying turns bobsled would open, Knoebels did something very cool to ease the pain. We got to trackwalk flying turns!


As it slowly became afternoon, we had the opportunity to pay the factory of Great Coasters International a visit. Sadly, we were told that 'whatever happens inside the factory, stays in the factory'. Not anything dirty happened, but it's just standard company secrecy. So the only pictures proving we were there, was at the sign .


After the cool tour of the GCI factory, we headed back to Knoebels to do some more rides, this time we hit things like 'the blair witch railroad', an indoor MusikExpress and a suspended Frisbee. And as the temperature got to a more livable level when the sun went down, the park cleared and we prepped ourselfs for ERT on Phoenix. Now there are two thing you need to know about Phoenix:


1. Phoenix has airtime. This means that the curvature of the hills and the speed of the trains, forces your body out of the train

2. Phoenix has buzzbars. This means that there is almost a feet between your lap and the bars.


Combining these two is of the best combinations in coaster history. On every hill my knees smalled into the bar, one time I smacked my stomach into the bar and once I landed on the seat divider. And for an hour (or more, I can't remember) almost non-stop.


There are few ways to end a trip with such a bang, and most of those ways were either covered already on the trip, or were in the Egypt section of a themepark in Tampa.



As we got back on the bus, Joe and Chris from GCI come to say of farewell and we promptly ordered by Robb to bring us water bottle, in exchange for our unused tickets. When we departed where was lot of sadness on the faces of everyone, and I was on the Party Bus!



As this is the last part of the Trip Report, I want to thank everyone involved to making this trip the coolest thing ever. Now I can start counting down for the West Coast Trip of 2009


Home...first order of business, start the countdown for West Coast 2009


Back on the plane, heading back home


Pleasant, yet weird suprise: coastersdesigners handing out water bottles.


A model was also on display


And the other train


Phoenix train shot


Celebrity shot


Phoenix at night.


As you can see, the benches were very spacious.


no caption necessary


Later that day, Flying Turns was testing.


The one and only GCI-sign


Point of no return, but than backwards


Look how exiceted everybody is!


A view into the structure




POV shot.


We were told why the coaster hadn't opened yet.


Onto Flying Turns


The famous lunch sign.


Best ghetto darkride, the haunted house.




Pretty high, that's for sure


First coaster of the day: Twister

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Awesome TR Bas! I caught the first part of your trip with your father, I dont even know when... I remember enjoying that. Today I ran across the rest! I find myself sitting in front of the PC reading pages and pages because I cant put down the damn laptop! I gotta know what happens next! Gotta see the next picture!! I anticipate your west coast TR! Youre pics are great! I love to take them as well... I cant imagine how many you took for this trip! What kind of camera do you have?? I loved them all!


Now...I need to look for Hanno's report. Like I said, I am a picture whore!

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Awesome TR Bas! I caught the first part of your trip with your father, I dont even know when... I remember enjoying that. Today I ran across the rest! I find myself sitting in front of the PC reading pages and pages because I cant put down the damn laptop! I gotta know what happens next! Gotta see the next picture!! I anticipate your west coast TR! Youre pics are great! I love to take them as well... I cant imagine how many you took for this trip! What kind of camera do you have?? I loved them all!


Now...I need to look for Hanno's report. Like I said, I am a picture whore!


Glad you like it. I took about 1471 pictures in three weeks, so what I posted in the PTR is by far not everything I shot.

The camera I use is a Canon Powershot SX 100 IS.



And I'm also very excited for West Coast too. The problem was that I bought the camera on the vacaction literally (low dollar ) so I had to learn the camera while on the trip.

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Very nice camera! My friend recently got it. I love it! The colors are amazing! I had to learn my current camera for a fast paced Xmas Eve with the family last year, so I totally understand. (Nikon D40X). I'd love to boast about my camera, except I really still don't know how to use it so much on the manual features! I am still learning just over a year later!!! The amount of photos you took sounds like the way I take pics! LOL. When I go away in July, I am actually scared with how many I will come back with. I took over 17,000 pics in 2008 alone! So this trip out... I expect really artsy shots from you! You know...having had time to learn the camera!!

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