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Photo TR: Bas does Florida and the East Coast Tour


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^ Not bad indeed, but wait till you see THE picture (Nerd/geek/coasterporn picture, it's up to you). Bas showed me the photo on the bus ride that night... I nearly cream my pants everytime I think about it... Oh, by the way, a bit of advertising: I know Bas and Hano's pictures are absolutely fantastic. But have a look at the full sized HD version of the pictures on Hano's own website (look for the link in his signature). This is REAL coasterporn for all of you to enjoy. Every single EC2008 participant is on the pictures, what you see here on TPR is just a sample of the Magic he's able of...

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Thanks for all your responses, here's the update:


hyyyper goes to the USA

East Coast Day 3 - August 9

Six Flags New England and Rye Playland


Because there was no way to put all the ERT SFNE threw at us all in one day, we came back today to get some more ERT on some rides. Traditionally, we started the day with an attempt to break the Boomerang. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of this, the reason

being that I was on the ride when we broke it. Thankfully they got it work and we got the credit. The second coaster we had ERT on was Pandemonium, which was a very fun coaster. If you get lucky, and I was lucky, you can get an insane amount of spin, and with the inner-facing

cars you have a lot more fun than when you're sitting facing outwards.


After those coasters it was time to hit Superman:Ride of Steel again and it was still amazing with a ton of airtime. I won't go into details because otherwise my story will get two pages long and the ride was just as good as the day before.


So after the ERT was over we split up in groups of four and had a great day with the Gold Q-bots, and since it was our second day at the park

we almost had all the credits and we could relax and also hit some flats and WATER RIDES (I forgot your name, but I was in your group with

Vanjo and Phil, and I'm still angry for getting us wet at the "you won't get wet on this rapid" rapid).


The park was a real succes thanks to the Q-bots and the low-to-moderate crowds. But why do they build every Six Flags park in such a way that you have to walk 3 miles to get from one to another coaster? Well, I guess I'm used to Toverland, where the longests distance is 700 feet.


The second park of the day was a suprise park and it turned out to be Rye Play/Stabland. Once the awesome Rye Aeroplane Coaster resided here. We had quite some time to spend and the crowds were really heavy. The park was really ghetto, the rides weren't all that good, mostly it was just funny to see how ghetto a ride can be(come). The dragon coaster was like any old woodie in the US, rough, fast on the straights, but very slow in the turns. The mouse had some cool laterals and the kiddies, well, was a kiddie.


The atmosphere in the park was terrible. The ride-ops were rude, didn't pay attention and I was glad I stayed within a group because I just didn't feel safe on my own. Perhaps I should've gone out on the pier, pay how am I supposed to know there's a pier in the first place?


That pretty much wraps up Day 3, now lets get on to the pictures.

Oh, and don't expect to much from the "off-the-rails-shot". It's not like the train is two feet of the train


OMFG, I never knew S:ROS had airtime!


Don't be distracted by the hairtime. because the wheels COME OFF THE TRACK.


Superman coming trough the helix.




Look at the guy in the 2nd row of the 5th car. Looks like he isn't fond of Cora screaming his ears off.




Behind the building of The Dark Knight, you can see S:ROS


An old and rough woodie. It was a fun ride though.


A flyswatter on steriods. This ride was awesome. It rocked.


Riders anxiously awaiting the drop.


Pandemonium!, now that I think of it, it was the only spinner on the trip.


ERT on Boomerang. I guess that means we can go ahead and break the ride?

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Part 2


Goodbye Playland, goodbye Dragon.




At least the Dragon is good for one thing. Looking good on pictures.




Ah, I see, they're just jealous they aren't riding the kiddie.


Why the long faces?


Good luck riders, you'll need it.


Zamperla's approach to DeathMachines


Fearless riders embark on the wonderfull journey called "ghetto mouse"


The making of "Group Picture"


Welcome to Playland

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Well, I know Bas is literally DYING to update this topic again, and I know he won't before anyone leaves comments on the latest pictures, here I go. SROS... the more I think about it, the more I love it, even if I was not that speechless after my first ride. Nice shot of the Cyclone too. I actually enjoyed my several rides on this coaster so many TPR members seem to bash. Don't see why. And YES, I rode the back seat. Flashback. I was on it when it broke... for one second you feel ill at ease, even if you know nothing can actually happen. STABLAND ! Well done Bas... But as I told you on our chat session, I'm soooo surprised people felt threatened (even if the term is a bit strong) Maybe I'm used to Walibi Belgium where fights can be witnessed every single summer... and this Zamperla flyer... one more for the list. Make scrap metal out of it, I really won't give a sh*t...

Now Bas, you can update

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hyyyper goes to the USA

East Coast Day 3 - August 9

Six Flags Great Adventure


The day that was supposed to be the best day of the entire trip turned out to be a disaster.


In the morning, we drove of to Six Flags Great Adventure filled with joy for the coming day which would be filled with a lot of coasters, and almost just as important, Gold Q-Bots. In the morning, there wasn't a cloud to be spotted in the sky, so getting all the credits in wouldn't be that hard, at least, with the Q-bots.


As usual we started today with ERT (I know this isn't the correct word, because ERT isn't usual, but since this trip was loaded with it, you'll understand my choice of words) on Batman: The Dark Knight. An indoor wild mouse with special effects. I must say, for a wild mouse it was quite good, but no matter how much movie themes you throw at it, it's still a mouse. The outside theming ain't that impressive, but it looks nice from the inside. The pre-show wasn't spectacular, but at least it beats standing in a queue with nothing to do. The ride itself is just like any mouse out there, only it isn't all that forcefull, whereas other mouse-coasters throw you out the car, TDK gently handled the turns and hills. Now, I haven't the new movie, so I might be wrong about the special effects, but they made no sense at all. I am not joking when I say that ghetto-darkrides had better effects than this ride.


After we were done with The Dark Knight (which was pretty soon), we walked to El Toro and took over the ride. El Toro was my first Intamin wood and I must honestly say that I wasn't fond of the way Intamin manufactured wood. It always felt to me that they were cheating and making steel hyper with wooden supports. After riding El Toro my opinion was changed to "Who gives a f***, the ride rocks". And boy did it rock. The cable-lift takes you to the top insanely fast and the steep drop was, well, steep. The speed throughout the ride is amazing and the way you get abducted out of your seats on the hill over Rolling Thunder is not really describable. You should ask Marcus (membername 'lond') how many G's exact, but it felt like -1.7 G's. There is only one thing missing and that's laterals. You build yourself an enormous wooden rollercoaster, fill it up with hills, speed, airtime and twists, yet you 'forget' to put in lateral G-forces. It was such a shame to speed trough those turn and not feel them.

Still, the speed and airtime place it #2 on my ranking, just under Boulder Dash.


As an extra gift to conclude our ERT, we got to be first riders on Kingda Ka. I had heard a lot of bad stuff about Kingda Ka, but since the specs looking so amazing, I had mixed feelings before riding. Kingda Ka is an amazing ride to start with. The speed and sensation is just unexplainable. The launch comes out of nowhere and before you think 'that launch was sick', you are halfway up the tower. When you are thinking "hey, we are going vertical", you're being ejected over the top. And when you think "wow, this tophat has airtime", you're already halfway down. The ride is just fast you can't keep your mind focus on the things happening when they happen.

Some people say Kingda Ka is just a one trick pony, but to me, Ka is a five-trick pony. It has a launch, upward twist, airtime tophat, downward spiral and bunnyhop. I am very curious about Top Thrill Dragster now, the same sensation of speed (8 mph difference is not noticeable on top of 120 mph) but without the OTSR's.


When we got of the ride we were going to collect our Q-Bots from Elissa, but we had a small problem. While Jake, Max and I got of the ride, Eric broke it and was stuck on the brake run just before the station. So after a short delay the CoasterCrazy-crew headed out for Nitro, as there was 'inclement weather' approaching and we just wanted to ride it really badly.


When at Nitro we once again thanked R&E for getting us Q-Bots because the line was insane, while we could go right into the station. Nitro is one hell of a ride. I know and I agree with the fact that B&M Mega's have less airtime than the Intamin Hyper's, but for some reason I like the way B&M 'use' the airtime and twist their track better than how Intamin does. Also, the helix of Nitro is an incomparable experience. Because Nitro was so awesome, we rode it again, this time front seat, which was just as awesome.


After making sure we didn't lost our hearts to Nitro we saw the nasty weather approaching and while we were in the area we might as well do some credit whoring and get the kiddie and Skull mountain. I did like Skull Mountain, but I didn't like it very much, it didn't do much for

me in any kind of way.


The last coaster in the 'right'-part of the park was Batman: The Invert. When our train dispatched, it started to rain and when we got of the ride, it was raining that hard the entire park closed every single outdoor ride, and we didn't got any more credits that day. But back to Batman, which was a superb ride for the most part, but unfortunately it had such a typical B&M-pause-section right before the first first corkscrew. The whole ride is awesome, but it just hurts to see the whole experience being ripped apart by such a dumb low-speed section.


As I said, the park closed down everything and we spend a few hours waiting, checking the weather, taking over flats with TRP and eventually, we decided to leave the park early, since there was no way we could ride any coasters anymore. Robb told us that they would try in any possible

way to get us back to Great Adventure somewhere further into the trip and we should get rain checks for if he succeeded.


With that said, we left for the bus, said goodbye to all the coasters and cursed the weather in any way possible.


And then everything shut down....stupid weather. Anyway, we would have our revenge. Thank you for reading and drop a comment if you like.


Oh, yeah, Max was there too.


Why is it that EVERYTIME I try to take a close-up of a Zero-G-Roll a POLE, SUPPORT, DUCK, SKYRIDE OR CAROUSEL is blocking out a perfect shot?!


Batman goes trough the ZeroG


Here's for you lifthill-enthousiasts




Drew, you can at least pretend to be normal.




Next up: Nitro. (and a little bit of Jake in the foreground)


Eric, did you have to break it again.


Train going over the top... ...yes I know it's a crappy cation, deal with it.


Why can't every coaster have a tiger watching for queue jumping.


Kingda Ka's height just look unhealthy (and it looks like phallus too, yes)


TPR member getting ready to ride Ka.


Did anybody tell them Kingda Ka was opening just for us?


Insert random cloaking device joke here...


Why Six Flags, oh, why do you only have 2 poeple checking restrains on a 36-seater-train?


First train, and there's one person I am not suprised to see riding.


Despite it's ugly looks, Toro is one hell of a ride.


Walking our way to El Toro


Random Nitro shot while walking to the next ERT session.


Batman: The Dull Knight, a boxed-in Wild Mouse


The skyline of Great Adventure


The phallus awaits us!

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^hey, another Belgian ! I had already visited the park in 2001 and on the pregame, and I went back on the second day Robb managed to arrange for us, spoilt kids. I just can't get enough of this awsome park. Sure, it's not Bush Gardens for theming, it doesn't have my favourite steelie. Nor does it have my favourite woodie, by the way... But who cares, when a single park features 3 rides that are in my top 10 out of 220 (I hesitated to write top 5), it's still an excellent park in my book. I'll never visit NY without at least one day in this coaster paradise... Oh, and the pictures are just so good, as usual, Bas...

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hyyyper goes to the USA

East Coast Day 5 - August 10

Six Flags America and WANK


So today we went to Six Flags America. Although they have a reasonable collection of rollercoasters at first glance I was glad to leave the place early. It started when we were supposed to get ERT on Wild One, a classic woodie. But when it broke down TWICE before the train actually left the station, the park suggested we got onto Batwing, since in the progress of starting up rides, they also broke Superman.


I don't know if the management doesn't like walking or they actually wanted to give us a backstage tour, but we a short backstage tour trough some backstage lots. So we queued up for Batwing and prepared us from riding the vekoma flyer. Despite the awful capacity, I really liked Batwing. It was my first flyer and it was quite a sensation for me. It didn't feel Vekoma at all. I guess because of the fact there's no room to headbang in the tight restraints. The flying is really amazing. It's a shame the human body can't tolerated more G's in that position, resulting in a limited choice of elements, but I still loved flying!


After we did Batwing, Superman was still down, but Wild One seemed to be fixed. So we walked the entire stretch back to the woodie and thankfully it was still working when we got there. I might be stepping on some toes of other coaster enthusiasts but the ride was not that much fun. Like any other woodie, there was some speed at the drop and some laterals in the turns, but on the hills the ride was really slow and there was nothing to the layout that did very much to me. Actually, there was a fun part, the final helix was good fun because it had sustained laterals and it was very very long.


The improvised ERT ended and we got to be first riders on Joker's Jinx. I expected the ride to be better than Rock'n'Rollercoaster because it wouldn't be as rough and have a tighter layout. Too bad the ride was extremely slow, but props to Premier for getting such a layout together. Also, the station launch was unexpected and sort of cool in that way.


So after Jinx we were set loose in the park with five exit-passes they dared calling Express-Pass, so don't confuse them with the heavenly Q-Bots the larger Six Flags parks have. The was no problem getting all the credits in before lunch and for some reason, Six Flags America's list of coasters looks impressive but they are very rough.


Superman: Ride of Steel was very slow for a Superman, the cheap design resulted in a layout composed of helices, hills and straights and a total of 2 twisting pieces of track.


Roar was extremely rough for a GCI, if I didn't know better it felt like an unmaintained CCI.


Mind Eraser was the roughest I've been on, even rougher than my home-SLC, El Condor, which was the first SLC to be build.


The ride-ops were very rude and weren't paying attention to the ride at all. They preferred making jokes, listing to loud music and texting. For some reason most guests find out about the flash-passes in the queue and very mad at us for cutting in line. Some TPR-member were threatened to be shot.


I was glad that at lunch (which didn't have ANY CHEESEBURGERS OR HOTDOGS) we decided to get out of the park so we could get to bed early for once. Ah well, at least the park had a Time Crisis shooting-arcade.



EXTRA BONUS FEATURE: The History of Wank


You might have heard people from the ECT yelling WANK! around the boards since we got back. If you want to know the background story, read on.


Ok, so when we got settled in our hotel, we got the opportunity to go to WallMart. The bus driver gave us a two-hour window to get our stuff and get back to the bus. Most of us were ready after one hour and we all sat down in the shadow of the bus. It looked like we were all sitting around a campfire, but without the fire.


So after a while, Mike Austin realised he didn't know everybody who came on the WallMart-add-on and he asked the name of the person sitting opposite of him. I believe that person was Jason, but I'm not sure. But anyways, the person says his own name and asks Mike's name.


Mike answers with:"My name is Mike"


for some reason the other person misinterpreted it and replied:




Since that day every time someone came across Mike, there was a "WANK!" yelled at him. Sorry Mike, it was just to funny not to.


On our way to Virginia we drove trough Washington DC.


Our means of transportation: The busses.


Only of the kiddie's restraints were broken.


Mind Raper. (Eli, don't choke) As if SLC's weren't bad enough.


The fact that Gary dissaproves is obvious, but what is going on on the right?


Just look at all those beautifull curves...to bad it's not what it seems.


Roar....it could've been so much more if it was in any other park. (excl Kings Dominon)


"I only count 107 wheels" "Damn that TPR-group, all they want is ERT and exclusive souvenirs"


Superman's blue train testing....finally.




This could have been so much better with just a little bit more mph's


Batwing: it's a Vekoma, yet it's a superb ride. Odd.


First up: Wild One....we thought.


Thankfully Kristen and Max's pegiun agreed to add some cute-ness to this P:TR.


According to the entrance building, we are at Six Flags America. But after visiting I don't believe anything from this park.

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hyyyper goes to the USA

East Coast Day 6 - August 11

Busch Gardens Europe


Today we visited Busch Gardens Europe. An huge and great park in both the amount of fun we had and in square miles. The place is huge. It's build onto hilly terrain in a forest. It reminded me of a dutch park, The Efteling, but then with kick-ass coasters.


In the early morning, we were giving ERT on Griffon and Alpengeist. Now, since I went to Busch Gardens Africa earlier that vacation, I can't help myself comparing the two parks and their coasters. Griffon is a very cool ride, but it doesn't give you the "wow this thing is massive" like SheiKra does. The first part of the ride is identical to SheiKra, a 200/205 ft. drop into an Immelman. Griffon then makes a turn into the MCBR and drops for the second Immelman. A little hill and you fly over the water, another turn and into the brakes. The airtime and sensation on the drop is equal as amazing as on Sheikra, but then you get another immelman, and a watersplash that is almost hidden from the public.


Alpengeist dissapionted me a bit. I was hearing story about how amazing it was, best invert after nemesis and that kinda stuff. The ride is very high, yet it fails to push you into your seat with a lot of G's. Only the Cobra-roll gave you a nice punch. The ride is fast and the elements are high, which is very cool, but other rides (Montu) are also high, yet have strong G's. Also the ending is very lame, they could've put a second corkscrew in there, and it would be a lot better. Nevertheless a very good ride, just not as good some of it's counterparts.


After the amazing ERT session, where we got a lot of rides thanks to B&M's 10-seaters, we walked all the way to Germany where we got a behind-the-scenes tour of the Curse of DarKastle, which is a darkride with 3D-screens and other effects. It was very cool to see that with some clever tricks, you can save a whole lot of money in your specail effect departement. After the got a walktrough trough the course of the ride, we all got to ride DarKastle, and even though, we new of all the effects, the ride was still very good. It doesn't beat Spiderman at IOA by any means, but altough a bit short, the ride is very entertaining.


After the backstage tour, Elissa handed out our Quick-Queues and we were set loose in the park. Because the crowds were very light and we had the QQ-passes, we took it very easy. I got all the credits before lunch. So after lunch, our group took it even more easy and we did some shopping, filled Drew with booze, and other stuff.


Apollo's Chariot was a very good ride. On the way back it came close to Nitro, because it had more airtime, but Apollo lacked the intense forces of Nitro. Still it's a B&M, so it rocked.


Most memorable was the water cannons at Roman Rapids, were we totally soaked David, Kerry and Drew. And I got the group soaked by telling them that we wouldn't get wet on Escape from Pompeii. I was partically right. Sitting in the back will get you a bit of moist. The front however nearly drowned you.


Also, very conveineant, our group consisted of 10 at some point and with everybody still having there QQ-passes unused for Griffon, we took over the entire front row. On the drop, everybody held hands and the on-ride-photo was hilarious. (David and Eli, weren't you supposed to put the damn photo online by now ).


When it got dark, every gathered around Big Bad Wolf for the nighttime-ERT. Big Bad Wolf is a crazy ride. But for some reason, I wasn't as fond of it as everybody else, it seemed. Sure, it's cool to drop down the mountain and soar trough the village. But I found out after this trip that if a coaster doesn't have inversions, it should have airtime. Now that doesn't mean I can't have fun on a coaster that doesn't have those qualities, but it's not something I would enjoy riding by myself.


All things considerd, I found this day to be the best of the trip. It may lack a woodie, but the park, the atmosphere and the amazing time we had only could've been better if it didn't had rained that day at Great Adventure.


...and it might get you pissed if you are being soaked by other TPR members.


....very wet....


Roman Rapids is a water ride and might get you wet....


Now you know what Chuck (cfc) changed his avatar.


THE group. Not included in this picture are David, John and me.


Big Bad Wolf. To bad that awesome drop is trimmed down.


Splaaawooosh! (Yes the ride makes that sound)


Escape from Pompeii


In case you were wondering, we didn't get much sleep during the trip.


That is one huge fireplace


The first person who can tell me what is wrong with this pictures gets a cookie.




This guy (forgot his name) explained the entire ride to us.




Next up, DarKastle Backstage


'Uptrain shot'


Death to all branches-that-block-out-coaster-trains!


This picture features 22 different expressions, can you find them all?


artsy shot


This pic just makes me want to scream "wooosh", as that is the sound the trains make when they speed past you.


This picture giving a new meaning to "Riding into the sunset"


Haha, Josh didn't make it on the first train


Yay for Griffon!


If it wasn't for the TPR-crowd, you'd actually think this was a themed section in a themepark.


Apollo's helix greets you as you enter the parking lot.

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Part 2


Yay! Two trains in one shot!


Ooh..sunset. Thank you again for reading and thank you BGE for the awesome day!






Just in case you forgot where we were








Ok, time for some more coasterporn


Themepark, Rollercoasters, & . . .




Boob credit?


No words necessary


Cool captionless Alpengeist shot.


How cool is that. BGE themed the lift hill supports to a skilift!




A lifthill for all you lifthill enthousiasts




Either David had a very good pick-up line or Drew is very drunk.


Since when does Apollo have a 87 degree drop?

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Very interesting update, Bas...I was wondering when the mass boob credit was going to appear. It was dark, I was attacked in line for that freakin' Corkscrew Hill! ...oddly appropriate...Still, great update Bas, minus the drowned rat and boob attack!


BGE was one of the best days of the trip...lots of madness occured!

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hyyyper goes to the USA

East Coast Day 7 - August 12

Kings Dominion


After an exhausting day at the Busch Gardens Europe Park, we were visiting Kings Dominion today. This former Paramount Park has a fair selection of coasters. At least, that's how it looks on the outside.


When we drove up to the parking lot, we were greeting by a very dominating floorless and while we had to dogde the enourmous amount of trash cans, we made our way to the coaster. Time for another wonderfull session of ERT. Dominator is a very cool ride. The loop takes forever to go trough (which is a good thing) and the low turns between the Loop and Cobra is awesome. But then for no apparant reason, the ride looses the flow and gets it back in the interlocking corkscrews. It felt like a blackout. My response when we hit the corkscrews was the feeling of having skipped something. This ride would be one of the best loopers around, if they only managed to get a Zero-G-roll into the layout, it would have given the ride a perfect flow. Don't get me wrong, the ride is big, fast and very fun to do, you just get the strange feeling to have missed something.


The second part of our morning ERT was on Volcano: The Blast Coaster. Now, while the launches are fun, the rest is not. The barrelrolls are meh, because the hangtime is cool, but the headbanging takes away all the pleasure. Do not worry about missing out on something if you haven't riddden it.


As a special, the park put up some employees at the exit of the Scooby-Doo-shooting-gallery-darkride to record our scores. The setup was chaotic. We had to do two run during regular park hours and the employees at the exit didn't knew what they were doing and also didn't check for cheating. I'd would have gone so much smoother if this was done before park opening.


Anyways, the park itself isn't all that bad, but it's nothing great either. The coaster collection is well above average, but their operations are bad. They only ran 1 train on every coaster that was supposed to be running two trains. As far as the coasters go I liked Italian Job/Backlot stunt coaster, Dominator and Flight of Fear a lot. Flight of Fear has IMO the best non-Disney/Universal station. Anaconda was rough as an arrow should be. But then the woodies, they are horrible. I stood up during the ride to keep my spine from being jackhammered into pieces and kept my mouth open because I feared that my teeth would fall out if they hit eachother during a jerk.


As lunchedtime approached, I nearly got all my credits and after a rediculus Q&A session, were the park said they were against any from of flash-passes, they handend out "exit-passes". How dumb (yes dumb) is that?


Now, for some reason, half of the group ended up using our exit-passes at the same time at Grizzly. The dude operating had never heard of such passes, and the entire crowd waiting in the station was getting very angry, if not, insane when they saw 40 people walking up the exit ramp and the operator was losing it because he had no idea how to handle the situation.


Overall, I didn't feel like the time at Kings Dominion was wasted at all. There are some good rides and some you only want to ride once, just

because you want to try everything. If it weren't for the crowds and horrible operations, I would've re-rode the coaster I liked a lot more.


Artsy close-up


The volcano is pooping out a train


Next coaster on the list: Volcano: (only) The Blast (is good on this) Coaster


Hmm...some supports are missing here. Does anyone know if they're still at Geauga?


This is what I would call an "UpCobra" shot.


I spot members


Interlocking Corks




The loop's so big it won't fit in my camera!




Dominator, at least that's what the sign says....


Hmmm...B&M Goodness, I can't wait to ride.


Dominator welcomes us to Kings Dominion

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Part 2


Sorry, couldn't resist


Totally forgot to take this picture when we entered the park, so here it is.


But if this ride wasn't bad enough. Grizzly was even worse!


Hurler. Turned out this ride was even worse than the Coney Island Cyclone.


...was closed. So I guess I'll just wait for Riddlers Revenge on the WCT.


Shockwave, my first stand-up coaster...


Nine CF Trash cans. Does anybody know the current record for getting as many trashcans in a row?


The Gaint Drop thing


Nerd shot of premier LIMS


Hey look, at station themed to a weather balloon.


In this highly secured goverment storage building lies a secret waiting to be un-secret-ed.


Car-themed coasters trains are one of the coolest things around, thank you Paramount.


Looked painfull. Turned out to painfull indeed, would could've thought of that?


Time for some Arrow headbanging, Anaconda is up.

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  • 2 weeks later...

hyyyper goes to the USA

East Coast Day 8 - August 13

Morey's Piers and Clementon


Today we started off with Morey's Piers. Morey's is a park that is spread over 3 piers along the Jersey shore. As we got there long before the attractions of the piers would open, we had ERT on a select no. of rides on each pier.


We started off with a filming session for the new restraints of the Great Nor'Easter, an SLC. Altough it still remained an SLC, the restraints reduced the headbanging a lot, and the ride was actually enjoyable. More impressing was how the SLC was build around a water ride, which is very hard, considering how compact an SLC is on it's own. After the filming session and ERT on the Great Nor'Easter we quickly rode the Zamperla mouse and the old Zierer coasters and headed out for pier number two.


The second pier had a Vekoma Boomerang, unfortunalty this one had regular restraints, so there was no escaping the headbanging. Also, there was Pinfare that was broken when we arrived, but thankfully the mechanics got it to work. The ride was funny, yet terrifying because no one believed the track would stay together. Unfortunalty for those with weak stomaches, the pier also had a flatride that consisted of the 'claw' of an inside-facing-floorless-frisbee attatched to two axes. I enjoyed the ride very much, but since nobody was in for a re-ride, we left for the last the 3rd pier.


Before we could enjoy our next ERT session, we took over the local restaurant, and made sure the food coupons were being put to good use. The last pier was the one that had the Great White. It's a CCI which is fun if you know when to brace yourself and don't take a wheel seat. Apart from the fun ride itself, the coasters gives you some nice views of the beach and the Wildwood area. If only those CCI-boys knew what banking was... While we were enjoying the ERT on Great White, is had slowly become noon and the temperature was warm to begin with, and the heat kept increasing. When the ERT was over, everybody was exhausted and looking for a shady spot. After the ERT the 'park' gave us some free rides on the Screaming Swing and after that we were set loose on the piers.


Because we had hit all the 'important' rides, we walked back to the first pier very slowly, enjoying the crazyness that happended on the boardwalk. Among other weird things, we saw a girl because attacked by seagulls, as she appartly had food they also liked. To get the right picture image "The Birds" meets "Finding Nemo".


Our second park of the day was Clementon. The only reason we went was the S&S-woodie that was renamed numerous times. The rest of the park was ghetto, the waveswinger sounded as if it could fall apart, the water in the log flume wasn't very clean and the guests in the park made you feel as if you took a wrong turn in a 'bad neighbourhood'. The coaster itself was a good ride, nothing spectacular, but the speed was nice and it wasn't all the rough. But that's the only good thing in the entire park. Because the forecast predicted heavy weather and lightning, as a matter of fact we could see the storm approaching from across the lake. We took a vote and used the excuse to leave the park, FYI the original plan was to stay till closing and than have ERT on the woodie.


Sea Serpent looks so innocent, so cute, but it's a real monster!


Great White. Altough it is hard to see, the coaster is very happy to see us.


With all the rides, you'd allmost forget there's a beach nextdoor.


TPR Restaurant Takeover




Rollies Coaster, at the moment being repaired...


Sea Serpent, for a Boomerang not all that bad.


Pirates of the Carri.... I mean Ghetto Pier


w00t, costum welcome signs. Makes you feel VIP-ish.


The entrance to Pier 2


Next up: Pier 2


The boardwalk was pretty dead during the morning.


...as David gracefull demonstrates.


Flitzer, a heap of metal that happend to ride-able...


Doo Whopper...a mouse with a 50ties diner theme.


Compact isn't compact enough, so Morey's let Vekoma built their SLC around a waterslide. Impressive.


Coastalar Eclipse


Inline twists, the second one, if you really need to know.


Nor'Eastern's turn into the Inlinetwists


Nerd shot


Not us, we're here to ride coasters!


...or with culture?


How better to start the day than with politics...

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Part 2 of Morey's Piers and Clementon,


for Part 1, see the previous page


Goodbye Clementon, the woodie was nice, the rest certainly not.


I didn't want to wait for a train. You wouldn't be able to see it clearly in the first place.


No this is not the blair witch project. This is Hellcat of Clementon captured by a camera that doesn't like a dark environment.


In the CCI office: "We to make another turnaround for Great White" "Can't we just copy and paste the first one?"


....as do Robb and Phil


Horray for Morey's and their swimg. Looks like Alabama and Belgium agree!


Bench: The Ride!

(why don't we have those cool benches in Toverland?)


An attempt to capture the layout of Great White.


ERT awaits us!


From all the ways to support a coaster, this is one of the oddest.


Revenge of the Ghetto Mummy


More TPR members


Faster drew faster, the Bailey's are catching up on us!


"How do they know what color to wear?" (sorry, Stargate reference)


The aerial shots today were brought to you by the ferris wheel.


Hello down there!


Looking back towards the 1st Pier and Nor'Easter


Who took a dump in the slide?


Another (and I promise the last) view on Sea Serpent.


Elissa's Mom rides something! Bingo Square!


Rollies Coaster: Fixed!


3rd pier lurking in the distance.

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hyyper said:


If only those CCI-boys knew what banking was...


I love underbanked woodies! That's one of the things that made Boulder Dash great for me, and all the proper banking is what made rides like El Toro, Roar, Wildcat and to a lesser extent Lightning Racers not as much fun as they could've been if they had some lateral forces. I dunno, maybe it's just me...but I blame growing up so close to Thunderbolt at KW, where you get Wipeout/ Trabant/ Musik Express levels of lats going past the Potato Patch.


Great pics...and now I know what the top of my head looks like...to a bird...or Yao Ming.

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hyyper said:


If only those CCI-boys knew what banking was...


I love underbanked woodies! That's one of the things that made Boulder Dash great for me, and all the proper banking is what made rides like El Toro, Roar, Wildcat and to a lesser extent Lightning Racers not as much fun as they could've been if they had some lateral forces. I dunno, maybe it's just me...but I blame growing up so close to Thunderbolt at KW, where you get Wipeout/ Trabant/ Musik Express levels of lats going past the Potato Patch.

I totally agree but Great White was not running around those smoothly at all. It was not comfortable for me in the least... Heck my favorite part of the ride was down the stretch along the beach. If it was just an out and back it would have been better IMHO.


I thought that Boulder Dash was amazing because it gave the sideways forces but was super smooth the whole way.

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Nice try on the Photoshop work (I see the contrast lines). Better luck next time.





The last few updates were pretty fun reading to relive everything. It's really too bad Kings Dominion was so bad. It really had a lot of potential ruined by Cedar Fair.


The Morey's Piers trip report was also nice. I hope to get back there sometime in the next few years.

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