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Photo TR: Alton Towers 13/7/05

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13.7.2005 Alton Towers


So the day started off with a two and a half hour drive up north to Alton Towers, we got stuck in commuter traffic for a bit but apart from that it was a smooth run. We got at the park at 9:50, and bought our tickets.


We got into the park at 10:20 and we ran to the new ride Rita: Queen of Speed. By the time we had got there the queue was already quite big, and in the end we waited 1hr 40mins. All I can say about this ride is WOW, the launch feels so intense and the ride is filled with air-time. By the time we got off it was 12:20 so we decided to have a quick spin on corkscrew. One of the only good things I can say about this ride is it was a walk on, it’s quite rough, especially before the corkscrews.


It was now about 12:30, so we decided to have a go on oblivion. When we got into the X-Sector we had the shock of our life. Oblivion had a 60 minute queue. The times I had come before it had only a 15 minutes queue, so we decided to come back.


We then headed over to forbidden valley to ride some of the parks best roller coasters. When we got there we got fastrack for Nemesis and went in the single rider queue for Air. There was only one problem I had with Air. The ride has dual stations but the single rider queue only went into one station. But saying that we got on the ride after only queuing 15 minutes, and I got to sit next to one of my friends. Air is one of my favourite rides. Even though it isn’t that intense you get some good air-time on the first drop.


So after Air, Blade had a short queue so we decided to go on it. This pirate ship isn’t really that intense, but it’s a good ride to go on with your mates. Then we went for a spot of lunch at McDonalds and after that it was time to go on Nemesis with our fastracks. We had only queued 10 minutes when we got on the front. This ride is defiantly better on the front, the views you get of all the valley and the blood waterfalls just adds to the rides experience.


By the time we went back to X-Sector to see if we could ride Oblivion. The queue time had gone up to 70 minutes by now so we decided not to ride. So then because we were in the area, we decided to ride corkscrew again. Again, all I can say about this ride is its rough. After that we only had one hour and a half until the ride queues closed so we decided to go back on Rita. We opted to go in the single riders queue instead of the normal queue. It was now 5:00 and the rides closed at 5:30, so we thought we wouldn’t get another ride. But then they closed the single riders queue and let us all on, 6 at a time. After our second ride on Rita it was 5:15, we had originally thought we were going to go on Air if we had any spare time. But if you know Alton Towers it’s a long way from Ug Land to Forbidden Valley, so we went back on Rita.


We had gotten off Rita at 6:00, and all the rides were closed. So we headed to the souvenir shop and I got a cool Rita t-shirt and then we hoped on the monorail back to our car.


It only took us one and a half hours to get back so the car journey was quite good. We didn’t hit any traffic or anything. Overall it was a great day and I had done out what I had set out to do (to ride Rita), But the only bad thing was Oblivion. I didn’t understand why it had such a large queue. But apart from that I really enjoyed myself a lot.


Here are some pictures:




Main view of Rita


Nemesis on its vertical loop




Spinball Whizzer


Rita again




Air doing it's inline twist




This is Rita's launch section


Rita in the station


Me queuing for Rita


Rita: Queen of Spped of one of its banked turns

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Great TR!


I didn't realize how close Rita really was to Corkscrew until I just saw your one picture of them almost on top of each other!


Did you ride Spinball Whizzer at all? It looks like a lot of fun!


Elissa "Stupid Oblivion having a huge line!" Alvey

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Nah Spinball is quite lame and if you've been on Winjas it'll probably disappoint.


Anyway, glad you liked Rita too, and had a good day all round.

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I personally think Winjas is lame compared to Spinball Whizzer & Dragon's Fury


Spinball is a more intense ride - but not an ideal coaster for Alton Towers - Queues get very long E.G 2.5 HRS ++.


Dragon's Fury is a better overall package & lot more fun - It never gets real long queues



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I was actually blown away by Winjas! I'm sure that part of it was that I was just expecting a pretty standard spinning mouse indoors. That really quickly changed once I rode the darn thing! OMG! I had no idea about all of the effects, track bends, layout, it really blew me away. I thought it was by far the best ride at Phantasialand, and I was bummed we only got to ride each side once (40 minute lines for both!)


Elissa "I still can't decide which one I liked better!" Alvey

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Have they put any bins in the queueline for Rita yet? At the end of the day in april there were cornetto wrappers everywhere!


I don't see how you could even go there on a day like yesterday it's been so hot here recently. Atleast it was good picture weather.


Btw I like the hair

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I always hear about Nemesis, Oblivion and now Rita at Alton Towers but I hardly ever hear about Air. I think Air looks like a ton of fun and it looks to be far more thought out landscape and theme wise as opposed to the Superman Ultimate Flights. Is Air a more thrilling or fun coaster overall, meaning would you rank it like Nemesis or Spinball

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Air I don't think can be ranked with Nemesis and Oblivion because its not really that intense. Yes, i do admit its a very good ride but its more relaxing and fun overall.

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I understand what you mean now, I found an on-ride video of Air and saw what it was like. I would love to take a spin on it, unfortunatly it's too far for me to visit at the moment . Good job on the trip report and thank you for sharing the pictures!

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Great Report, By the photos look like the park was packed to death on a wednesday gussing the holidays are starting soon. Shame about oblivion queue no idea why they so long this year.


Did't you use SRQ on Nemesis? Best SRQ's in the park work's so well.

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