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Photo TR: Wet N' Wild Water World

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I'm not used to posting photo trip reports so bear with me lol.


So today me and some friends decided to go to Wet N' Wild Water World in Anthony Texas. I won't bore you with a long trip report so I'll just bring up some things.


*Wet N' Wild = Water Park in the mountains.


*It was a cool day with an overcast which meant short lines. It picked up later in the day.


* The 2 main slides at the park are the "Screamer & "Alien Vortex". They are 2 great slides.


*Wet N' Wild is an average water park that gets the job done. Pretty fun but they still have things they need to improve on.


* The floors SUCKED! Anywhere you walk in this park the concrete floor is cracked and bumpy causing for killer foot pain. The Tables are old and dirty. Beer cans are scattered everywhere.


* Now I don't know if this is normal, maybe to an extent, but most of these slide had major leakage. They had trash cans everywhere to catch the falling water.


* The employees were well trained. Can't complain.


Thats pretty much it. If you have any questions let me know. Comments are appreciated!


* Sorry for the low quality pics, I used the camera on my blackberry curve .


This Will Probably Be The Last Time I Ride Screamer =(. I'm 6'1.


One Of The Many Leaking Slides, I Found It To Be A Quite BIt Funny That They Used Trash Cans To Collect The Water On An Already Wet Floor.


These Are The Exits Of The Other 2 Water Slides On The Mountain.


This Is Screamers Pool. I Like The Snake.


Crappy Close Up Of "Screamer"


This is The "Screamer". The 2nd most extreme water slide.


Welcome To Wet N' Wild! The Mountain Water Park.


Wet N' Wild Entrance Sign


I'll Leave You With A Random Sign. Thanks For Reading!


Nope, Just A Crappy Restroom That Needs To Be Upgraded :/.


Do I Dare Enter? Whats Inside? A Rabid Donkey? A Killer Squirrel?


Parking Lot Overview. It Got Packed Later In The Day.


Some Slides Needed Work But Were Still Operationg HaHa


The Cover Up Of An Existing Gum Wall, Didn't Quite Work Cuz It's Starting All Over Again.


Ugly Showers For Guests Outside =/.


Dirty Gold Fish Pond


Moss Covered Waterfall


One Of The Very Few Snack Stands


Tube Graveyard


Water Slide Porn




Cool New Signs For All The Rides =].


Random SlidesIn The Back Of The Park.


Skinny Tube Slide. Very Uncomfortable =[.


One Of My Favs =]


YOu Get Good Floater Airtime On This Thing =].


Random Bad Ass Skid Slide =].


Crappy Wave Pool =/. IMO Wave Pools Suck And Are Pointless.


The Best Pic Of Amazon I Have.



Exit. Hard To Photograph, But Pretty Much A Complete Dark Slide.


My Favorite Ride At The Park! =]


Next Up Is "Alien Vortex". Most Intense Slide At The Park.


A View Of The Kiddie Section From The Mountain.


It's A Terrain Water Slide lol


One Of The Mountain Slides

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Where is this place? It really looks "questionable"


My thoughts exactly!! That first pic makes it look like you're just driving through a bunch of fields and in the middle of nowhere, there's a water park.


Are they for real with this sign? "Lets just write on a board and stick it up here!"

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^^^ It's in Anthony Texas. It does seem rather questionable, but honestly its not TOO bad. They have decent slides, decent employees, and decent prices. All in all it's not that bad of a water park.


^^ And yes, my thoughts exactly. I went up to the signs and indeed it seems that they used marker or paint. It is actually an upgrade from their old school metal signs, they were pretty ugly.

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^^ It is ghetto compared to Orlando parks, But hey it's all we have so we don't complain .


^ I am quite sad that today may have been my last rides on Screamer due to my height .


This pics shows how bad the walkways are at Wet n Wild.


Stupid Walkways Gave My Feet Blisters =/

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Hmm--looks like a good hangout for wolves and bears during the offseason, or a ready-made set for a Friday the 13th flick.

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