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Where Do You Like To Eat Out?


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I love TGI Friday's, that Jack Daniels sauce could make anything awesome. TGI Friday's would be more than welcome in the land downunder.


I hear good things about Quizno's and Carabba's but I haven't been to either yet, and alas they aren't in Australia either.

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Sit down:

Ruth Chris Steak House

Sam Choys "Kapahulu" no longer there!



Big Island Steak house

Ruby Tuesday

Big City Diner

Shiro's (saimin!!)


L&L Drive In "chicken katsu!!"


*Olive Garden



Fast Food:

Micky D's

Burger King

Taco Bell

*In & Out Burger


I might of missed some. But you get the picture. As you can see I live in Hawaii.


*When we go to the mainland.

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Hog's Breath Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe

Lone Star



Fast Food:


Hungry Jacks (aka Burger King)


Big Chief Burgers


I'm not sure why Hooters hasn't been mentioned? It's not my cup of tea, but hey, I thought the majority of the population was straight?

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Wow.......I like this topic. I'm going to me editing this post over and over adding places.




Sit downs in no particular order:


Some little Japanese place in San Fransisco

Zono Sushi (Glendale or Pasadena, CA)

Katsuya (Glendale or Los Angeles, CA)

La Fontana (No longer open)

Okura (Palm Springs, CA)

Otani (No longer open)

New Moon (Montrose, CA)

Divina Cucina (Montrose, CA)

Tony Romas (Everywhere)

Roy's (Hawaiian Islands and Los Angeles, CA)

Cool Cat Cafe (Maui, Hawaii)

CJ's Bar and Grill (Kauai, Hawaii)

Elephant Bar (Everywhere)

Chili's (Everywhere)

Islands (Everywhere)

Scarantino's (Glendale, CA)

California Pizza Kitchen (Everywhere)


There are a lot more, but I'll move on to....


....Fast Food in no order:

Chick Fil A (Everywhere)

In-N-Out (Everywhere, CA)

Pat and Oscars (Everywhere)

Chipotle (Everywhere)

El Pollo Loco (Everywhere)

Del Taco (Everywhere)

Panda Express (Everywhere)

Shakey's (Everywhere, CA)

Round Table Pizza (Everywhere)

Pizza Cucina (La Canada, CA)

Tortas Mexico (Montrose and Tujunga, CA)

Salsa the Border (Cabazon, CA)

Shaka (Maui, Hawaii)

Maui Tacos (Maui, Hawaii)

Boston Market (Everywhere)

----Antonio"I'll be adding more. I just know it."G.

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