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2 Animals Dead At My Zoo


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So I just started ranting about the whole PETA trying to buy Sea World, and then a news report comes on saying that a Crane and an Antelope were killed by 2 Pitbulls and the pitbulls are still on the loose. WTF? I worked at the zoo for 3 years and I can't see a way how 2 pitbulls can get in, dig under an exhibit, and run off during zoo hours.


Loose Pitbulls amd rottweilers are getting really bad over here. What can cities do to prevent dangerous animals from running loose.


I'm not saying those breeds of dogs are all dangerous but there have been a lot of attacks by those dogs lately.


I have a hybrid dog, she is half german shepherd and half wolf and I have special permission to keep her. She's not dangerous in any way but I still secure her and make sure it's impossible for her to get out.


Loose Dogs are just bad over here

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I think these types of stories is what turns a lot of people off from them. I have seen nice pit bulls, it is all how you raise them. You can have Michael Vick Pit Bulls or your can raise them as a pet. If you abuse them, they will be wild. Another thing is stray dogs, I know around here, stray animals are bad. Right after the floods, it got worse because people couldn't keep thier pets and just let them loose. Others put them up in rescue operations saying they would be back, only to adbondon them. I know of one cat at the boarding place where my cat stayed for 3 weeks and it might have to go to the shelter because the owner can not be found. I have petted this cat and it is the sweetest cat and I would take it in a instant if I knew my cat wouldn't mind another and my mom wouldn't mind either. But I think my cat is a one cat household only cat.

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