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Photo TR - East Coast Tour 2008 - The C-Jay Perspective

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I almost pooped myself the whole weekend thinking about going on Skyscraper. But the actual ride was kind of fun. Do you remember if it was $10 or $20 to ride?


haha yah, I felt the same way about the drop tower. Surprisingly, I wasn't as scared on Skyscraper because it didn't have a free fall feeling. But, that's not to say I wasn't poop my pants scared on Skyscraper, especially when it stopped on top to change the people in the second gondola. Just, not as scared as on the drop tower, so you can only imagine how much I love drop towers. The tickets were posted as $20.00 each from what I can remember.


Oh, Jason, that's where you ate GARLIC PASTA... Remember John moaning about your breath for ages ? lol. Oh, by the way, what is the exact name of the dish you shared with us as a starter ?


haha, it was Selwyn complaining, John ate the rest of my plate so we both covered every angle in the breath department. The starter was coconut shrimp...love that stuff


Ben, Eric and WD, thanks for the posts and comments! I'll definitely try and keep the momentum going, otherwise this may never be finished. I totally agree, I also have a whole new level of respect and admiration for those who keep up with their trip reports.

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C-Jay, Great update yet again! It's good to see you back online. I continue to be impressed with everyone doing updates...I haven't even developed all of my pictures, so therefore am very impressed with all trip reports!


I really, really enjoyed Morey's. Great White was so much fun! I was somewhat nervous about the condition of that coaster prior to riding it. But I liked the Hurricane at Myrtle and it was close to the beach, just not on it! In Jersey weather year 'round! I imagined great pain, but we'll leave that for the Hurler. Great White just got better with each ride.


Ok...so I edited my Hurler tirade that was in this part of the post..sorry you missed it, but I thought it would get the thread too off track. Just know that there was one, and that should be enough...for now! (You wacky, shaken up Hurler Fanboys!)


Fantastic trip report...although it did remind me of the garlic situation...that was a bit on the extreme! I'm also still upset that I was a dork and ran off missing the screamin' swing! I didn't know that you two braved the Skyscraper, I wanted to try that one too!! Next TPR trip I'm there, if someone will ride it with me!


Keep up the good work and I'll see you 'round!

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The video I mentioned in my post should hopefully appear here. I tried out my camera’s movie feature, which I hardly ever use. I have so many clips without knowing what to do with them and I’ll let be known that I’ve never made a video before. Consider this a virgin attempt. Go easy…


Clementon Park


So after leaving Morey’s we headed to another small park, Clementon, to spend the evening and have ERT of an S&S woodie. I’ll be honest, I didn’t take many pictures but the two below as many of us were too busy trying to try out as much as possible before the rain came in. This would indeed be another rain out night, but we all managed to get at least one ride on Wild Cat, I think.


Oh, anyone else try out the flume? It was in a lake and they used the fishy smelling lake water in it. You can only imagine the pleasure of being splashed with it and having to smell it on you during the bus trip back to the hotel.


Clementon was an interesting experience. I remember waiting in line for a ride and we were at the front and ready to grab the seats we wanted. The ride op instead let all his other ride op friends on through the exit and they filled up all the best seats. Oh, yes, they were all still in uniform with name tags. But I digress. .


The park was in a nice setting and being small, I was really thinking that it would have a charm to it like Lake Compounce, Morey’s or yes, even Quassy or Playland Park. But, that didn’t seem to be the case. Maybe another try during the day and better weather is on order, if the park is around.


Hope you enjoy!


So, if my camera actually had a sports setting, I could have captured the look of terror in everyone's eyes :)


A bit embarrassed to say, but that's all folks! Shortly thereafter, the skies lit up and the rain started soon after we left the park.


Clementon's Wild Cat ( I think that's what it was called?) It was a wee bit rough..

Morey's Piers 2008.wmv

Morey's Memories - a first attempt at making a video..of some sort.. :)

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Oh, anyone else try out the flume? It was in a lake and they used the fishy smelling lake water in it. You can only imagine the pleasure of being splashed with it and having to smell it on you during the bus trip back to the hotel.


Just be glad you didn't get it in your mouth. Though, apart from that, I seem to recall using Luke as a human shield and avoiding much of the water, hehe.


Fun times. Baaddd park. Good update. Lol.

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So, I'm not the only one who likes Herb Alpert...hehehe.


Good stuff, man!


Wow, I picked a good one! Honestly, without Homer Simpson singing it, I might never have discovered such a fine classic....(fellow band geeks unite?) haha


Ben, I could not imagine tasting that water....so sorry to hear that you had to experience it

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On to the sweetest place on earth, Hershey Park!


Just a great park. Clean and family-type attractions all around that really seemed to fit well into the park, including Fahrenheit. Although, the water park smack dab in the middle was somewhat awkward to navigate. The classic woodie was awesome and not to mention Wildcat and Lightning Racer ERT! Above all, for a chocoholic like me, I was in heaven.


A bit sad at that point of the trip, as of Hershey, only a few days left…


Highlights of the day:


-The chocolate! The Reese’s Pieces and Hershey bars walk around the park!

-Insane shoot the chutes ride…how massive was that splash?

-The water coaster…not riding, but spending a good hour firing water canons and geysers, it just felt awesome, especially when you get people wet from underneath, right under their rain ponchos..whoohoo!

-The chocolate

-Storm Runner!

-Witnessing Oliver’s obsession with Storm Runner to the point where we all could tell he would make sweet lurve to it if he could.

-The chocolate

-Crazy vertical Fahrenheit lift and that first loop!

-The chocolate

-Meeting some cool people who joined us for the day.

-The craziest of all TPR trivia days!

-Oh, did I mention the chocolate?


Enjoy the pics!


That's all folks! Another great day! It was insanely busy but I think we all managed to have a great day. ERT on the two GCI coasters was incredible, not to mention the GCI guys hung out with us on them!


Up next...Dorney.


A bit more Fahrenheit


Yah..uhm..sure...water anyone?


Looks innocent.


High on chocolate after lunch! Ready for more rides gang? :) Thanks for hanging out Cora and Chris!


John has the right idea for dessert here. Obviously, just as good as the Dutch stuff!


Great Bear caught Robb! Not a bad ride at all, except for the slow wait.


Chillin' with Cora and Chris. The park really was in great shape. This was just around from the bbq restaurant. Whatever they were cooking, it smelled amazing! I'm sure that these ducks had nothing to do with it...I don't think. :)


One more go around...


Fehrenheit, definitely a lot of fun! That first hill is a doozy..


Yep, it can!


I think I can, I think I can....


Some new TPR members joining us for the day look excited to be with us?


ERT rocks! I'll be honest, I was thinking about chowing down on some chocolate at that point..those walking chocolate bars best not have come close... lol


Some happy Storm Runner riders! Here, "Newly Happy Storm Runner Riding Adam" approves.


Ah Storm Runner ERT, what an awesome ride! Did I mention Olivier wanted to sleep with it? You might say..he liked it better than Khan :)


Our group was heading to ERT, nicely bypassing the massive crowd already lined up. It would really prove to be an insanely busy day.


Ok, for sure a chocolate lover's paradise!

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To tell you the truth, I wish more videos had music that was less, ummm, rocked out.


I hear ya! Glad I could deliver! I love all music so it doesn't really matter to me as long as it fits. Personally, I always have a goal of finding music that is somewhat awkward and unique but still fits in. I'm thinking that it can be just as hard as picking the clips and pics for it.

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I didn't think it was that crowded on that day at least compared to previous visits. I was there but not with TPR (couldn't get there by 8:00 or else I would have wanted join TPR for the day with that offer they had).


It was just the operations were horrible, 1 train on Storm Runner, 2 trains on Fahrenheit with no single rider line open, 1 train on Sooperdooperlooper, slow loading etc.

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^^That's what I was wondering!! (Wow, Christiana really must be ticked off at that bird)...but birds due tend to bother rodents, so I completely understand!


I have to insert what I think is a funny Robb picture here...sorry to bogart your update Jason, is this way against the rules? This is from our first day/first park of the trip....Sesame Place. (I know the picture isn't exactly what it looks like at first glance, but pretty darn close!)


Welcome to the ECT, now shut the he!! up and get in line for your tickets!!!

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haha, Christiana, why is it that I never notice the interesting contortions your arms or hands do before you tell me?


I think you were just feeding the birds? haha


Kerry, I have no particular rules so not to worry! That pic is too funny! Just don't show my boat video and/ or pics though, you can forward that stuff to me privately when you get a copy haha

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  • 5 weeks later...

I should mention that today was a bit of hangover day from…DRINKING NIGHT 2!! For those of you who were there…an awesome night and man, that bar/ pub/ restaurant was totally happening! Whoever has those pics…they must be destroyed!


Ok, so on to Dorney, another classic park with a proud history but of course done up the CF way.


Four favourites were at this park:

-Hydra: I loved this ride! It was running crazy smooth with awesome floater during almost private ERT while everyone was at Talon

-Talon:Another amazing ride!! It’s tied with Montu for favorite invert

-Laser:Well, it’s Laser, what more needs to be said? Funny, after Superman at SFGA, this is the second ride that I’ve grayed out on.

-Voodoo:I love these rides, especially Wicked Twister.


Anyway, the day at Dorney was a bit sad given that only one more day was left. It was a great park and one of the major highlights was of course the water park with Robb, Elissa and crew! How awesome is a water park that has slides that are “Dark and Dynamic”? I mean, what can touch that? Thanks to all of you for letting me tag along, it was awesome, I’ve never laughed so much! Plus, you really haven’t experienced enthusiasm until you’ve heard Robb go down a waterslide, especially the covered ones!


Overall, another great day and a fantastic ERT, especially on great coasters like Hydra (debatable I know..) and Talon. Honestly, it was so hard to believe that only one day was left.


Fellow food lovers, you’ll understand this. Following almost ten days of similar food each day (fried chicken, hamburgers, assorted pulled pork sandwiches, mac & cheese, etc) I have to take a moment to talk about a memorable culinary experience. After the waterpark and before ERT, we were all lucky enough to be across the street from the hotel. After resting up a bit, I ran into Scott and Jenn who invited me to tag along to Carrabbas to pick up Robb and Elissa’s gift. Until discovering TPR, I had never heard of the place. I think Olive Garden was in Canada for all of a year or two but that’s as close as we had to Carrabbas, and Olive Garden doesn’t even come close. Speaking as someone who knows that nothing can come close to Mamma and Nonna’s cooking…..the place was just awesome and yes, was as close as a restaurant can get…(but shhh..don’t tell the family). Scott and Jenn, thanks again for the great company and hanging out for some great food…and wine…


There is no doubt that the food on the trip was very generous and of good quality but Carrabbas was definitely a special treat!


So, now that I’m hungry this late, I’ll just stop rambling and get to the pics. Enjoy!


Oh no...another hamburger meal! :)


That's it from Dorney, stay tuned for the one and only Knoebels!


A Li'll Hydra from outside of Club Blood.


A bit more Voodoo.


Cool view along the way to tour Club Blood, I think a common concept between Cedar Fair parks for Huant.


One of the hearses. The drivable hearse (not pictured here) was totally pimped up by Best Buy!


Outside the shop, sorry, no pictures of inside! You'll have to attend the Haunt at Dorney to see what they prepare throughout the summer.


I see you Laser! It's unfortunate that this view may be a bit different now.


Some great views from the staff parking lot.


We had a guided back area tour or the shop and other 'backstage' areas. The highlight of course was seeing all the work that goes into preparing Halloween Haunt...it's definitely no small task.


Nature shot...with coasters of course.


Yes, Voodoo will possess you in 3, 2, 1... .. .... ... etc etc


Across the way, the new to Dorney, Voodoo. Did I mention how much I love these things?


Some said this was like a mini Steel Dragon? It sure looks cool.


In line for some Steel Force ERT! An impressive looking coaster but it was kind of like a scenic railway. It was relaxing and fun nevertheless.

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Great TR, I totally forgot about the tour so it was nice to get a view of that.


Dorney was a lot better than I thought it would be, Talon and Hydra really rocked and I was expecting to ride them once and be off. Steel Force was a lot better than I thought it would be and Thunderhawk was not bad. Though the Wild Mouse queue would have given the Dalai Lama the sh!ts.


When I looked up "glass" in the dictionary it had a section on word uses like "Smooth as glass" and lo and behold it just had a picture of Laser, it was odd but very cool to have that much smoothness and force in the one coaster.

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Here's all I remember of Dorney:


- Wake up late and run my ass to the meeting point.

- Do ERT on Steel Force

- Ride Voodoo, Lazer, and the mouse

- Eat lunch at 11:30

- Run back to the hotel and sleep till 5 pm!

- Go to Carrabbas, back to the park for Night ERT and sleep some more!


Yes, that was my eventful day but totally worth having a hotel right across the street from a crappy park.

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^^ How could you even comment on trying the patience of the DL


But you're right; I think given that queue, only deep meditation and instantaneous self-enlightenment would get anyone through while maintaining moderate blood pressure. Yah, I skipped it lol


^Hey Scott! So I guess a Dorney trip is definitely in your future plans then?


At least over Thanksgiving you're going to be close to some awesome places.

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So, here we are at the last day. It was definitely a day that tugged at the heartstrings, both in terms in how awesome Knoebels was but also in knowing that the trip would be over after ERT and that we’d all be parting ways for the foreseeable future.


Now, we were lucky on the past few bus trips to have Robb join us along with his trivia, bag of ‘not all that mysterious’ mystery items and some of the craziest stories ever. That was of course in addition to how awesome Studio 54 bus was already!


Robb described how different and crazy Knoebels is and that there really is no easy way to describe the park. He was right and it didn’t disappoint! The park was one of the most memorable atmospheres around and certainly a park that I would categorize as a “must return”. You can not go into it expecting a corporate atmosphere whatsoever. They clearly do things differently and their philosophy seems to work. The parking lot was packed by mid-day after all! I have no idea how to describe the place other than it’s simple and works so well on so many levels. It’s like the camping atmosphere was extended right into the park. You can relax, ride on your own terms/ spend what you want, enjoy the setting, enjoy the spontaneous entertainment and enjoy the great home-style food. The park employed a lot of retirees and I thought that it gave it quite a charm. The lunch line reminded me of the high school cafeteria lunch ladies, but serving better food. Ok, you got me, it’s quite often about the food for me.


You’d be surprised at how much there is to do and a full day is definitely a recommend. Also, there are some classic rides there that I’ve never seen anywhere else.


Highlights of the day:

-Twister and Phoenix ERT!! Especially Phoenix, I’ve never landed half on the lap of the person sitting beside me on any ride before..

-Losing but then finding my camera

-The awesome Haunted Mansion

-Ring grab/ toss on the carousel. BTW, Kim actually bought the Wurlitzer sound track! I would never have known that such a thing existed.

-‘Hamster wheel ride’ and other crazy flats!

-Insane bumper cars and chatting with Mr. Dick Knoebel about the park while waiting for them!

-The Flyers – TPR takeover styles, no need to say more except maybe..snap!

-TPR takeover of the Cosmotron.

-An amazing opportunity to not only tour the Flying Turns site but also walk the track!

-GCII field trip

-Cora and Scott’s 1st annual TPR trip awards. Thanks for all the work you two put into it, it was a lot of fun.

-Birch bark beer, waffle ice cream (Jake/ Texas, thanks for going on that food walk/ hunt with me…what was it that we were looking for again…just popcorn??) haha

-Did I mention Phoenix?



Enjoy the pics and if you’ve made it this far following this TR, thank you! Looking forward to your posts!


Robb and Elissa, thanks again for all that you both do! If anyone out there is looking for a truly unique and fun experience, definitely consider one of the trips.


It goes without saying that it was a pleasure meeting everyone that I had the opportunity to meet. I hope that we all run into each other again on a future trip or in our areas.


Yah I know..finally...the pics


Here we are at the top of the lift hill. Definitely a one-of-a-kind experience! That also tops off my pics! I spent the rest of the day on crazy rides with friends and even TPRers that I hadn't gotten to know yet. Funny how that happens on the last day but I'm glad that it did. GCII tour was great and then there was Phoenix ERT! A perfect ending to a fantastic trip!


Almost at the top of the lift hill.


Among her many talents, Kerry is analysing the structural integrity.


Yah, I had to ride it somehow :)


The build quality and workmanship is incredible.


On our way up.


Now, where else would you be able to do this? Yes, we actually get to climb in!


One of our guides waiting for us on top.


No word yet on when it will open. They're trying to get the train technology just right or at least successfully replicated from the past.


After lunch, it was our flying turns tour! I can't wait to try it out one day.


Mr. Dick Knoebel, owner. He is extremely proud of his park/ family business. It's not hard to see why.


Mr. Knoebel hung out with us for a bit at the bumper cars later in the day. OH, we also met Jill Knoebel.. :)


Given that it was TPR, the rules for nominating and voting vary signifcantly. It was a lot of fun, great job!


Meanwhile, Scott and Cora were prepping for the awards show.


Perogies and bbq chicken!


It was mostly about Jenn and Trent :)


Lunch time! We had some entertainment but it wasn't all about the band that showed up.


The only pic I got of the Huanted mansion. I thought I had more. A great example of traditional concepts done exceptionally well.


Not too wet on this one.


A bit of flume action, a tradition at every park :)


This park just has this old-world charm to it and does a great job of blending in their newer attractions.


Awesome choice of moving it to Knoebels!


A bit difficult to get good pics of Phoenix since it's hidden behind the trees for the most part. This ride is relentless and is everything you'd think a classic coaster would be. You rarely sit on the seat.


On the way to check out...Phoenix!


After ERT, it was free time to explore the park with our tickets ready to go. These next few pics were in the camping area adjacent to the park. Here is the Trading Post, purveyor of all things food and camp-ground related, including glow sticks...


Fly by


How was that? Kerry, were you stapled??


Definitely an impressive looking ride especially the stacked lifts.


The start of ERT. A great way to wake up all the campers..


Mr. Knoebel (Jr.) introduces us to the park and Twister.


Here it is, Twister. As with Flying Turns, this project was all done in-house to make it as authentic to the original ride style that it is based on as possible.


The Flying Turns site, more on that later.


Heading over to Twister, just a random turkey on the way.


Just a beautiful day, very fitting.


So, here we are at Knoebels! Oh, yes it's true, the 'k' is not silent. It took me a long time to get that :)


Just to give you a sense of how big this thing is. Scott is planning the next bite aimed at where no bite has gone before..


Who said bus rides can't be crazy?


From what I remember, the attack was swift, quick and smooth. The bar never knew what was coming.


Never interfere with a chocolate lover and their bar...


Needless to say, we were hungry and someone had their big a$$ Hershey bar available from Hershey Park.

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